A/N: Hey, this is my interpretation of the A Nightmare on Elm Street series, after the events of the original. Just sorta ignore the rest of the series after the first one and then you should be alright. I'm not bringing anyone back to life or anything but you may see some familiar faces and some new ones. Well, I hope you enjoy this!!


17 year old Nancy Thompson knew everyone thought she was crazy. Well, who could blame them really? Two years ago she had been raving about a dream demon killing her friends and mother and, even after the killings stop, she wouldn't back down.

Nancy's father had decided after putting up with her ravings for six months before sending her to Westin Hills. She had been there for a year and a half now with improvements. She'd stopped having the dreams. Well, thats what the doctors thought anyway...

She hadn't told them about her nightmares, not even Dr Gordon, the only doctor she trusted at the Hills. They didn't know that the medication made the dreams more frequent. How could she tell them? What would they do? Just give her more medication and sedate her. They would practically be giving her to him.

They never heard her screaming, never saw her silent tears. She got rid of any evidence of what he had done. She had tried to fight back at first. But eventually she broke down. She had nothing now, what could he do to her anyway? Nothing worse than anything she had already experienced. Still, occasionally she fought back. Those attempts were always in vain.

He made sure that she never screamed...