Authors Note: I was re-reading the manga for Immortal Rain and got to the part where Sharem rips the earrings YS gave her out of her ears, and I got the idea to write a drabble for it. Hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Immortal Rain, Ozaki Kaori does. (:

Once there was a mother who before loved a child, a child that she bred. Once there was a father, who was the husband of the mother, he adored the sight of his child. But he also bore the guilt of accidental homicide. There once was a child, who lost his innocent life. Such a precious love was so simply shattered.

The mother felt no remorse. She found no apathy to mourn for her loss. She hid behind the lie of believing that one didn't need to be scorned emotionally over a death. She was wrong. She cried in her sleep, she dreamed of her lost little boy. On the outside, she appeared to be poised, while inside she was aching for an escape.

The father bared the feeling of guilt, and bitterness. He felt dismal over what he did, and over what he didn't realize. The fault was his to accept. But he felt no acceptance toward his wife, who cruelly mocked him for his incautious mistake. Split in two by his own emotions and actions, he searches for a way to atone.

The innocent child adrift in the after-life --watching intently over his beloved parents in peril-- is deeply saddened by what is shown before him. His mother losing hope in all she used to know and his father agitated over an appalling mishap. He witnesses as the two grow farther and farther apart, out of each others grasp. What was once love, is now loath. There is no returning…and there is no hope…is there? The poor innocent child severely blames himself.

There's no end to the chain of emotional torment.