[Fata Morgana: Webisode(s) # 5 8]

~Ouch~ Helen thought to herself as she slid off the gurney, putting a hand to her side then dropped as she saw the others looking at her, Im fine.

Oh yeah mom Ashley Magnus insisted, Just like were fine.

Cheeky Ashley her mother insisted heading toward her manservant who was unconscious hooked up to various equipment, The rest of you are well enough to return to your rooms, well start the formal clean up tomorrowpatients are storing the bodies and such for now gently cupping the hairy cheek, he had again saved her life and she only hoped that she could return the favor. Im going to remain here for a few hours to monitor him, I will be by to check on the rest of you.

Stepping up beside his new boss as Ashley and Henry nodded Will Zimmerman saw her glance his way, Magnus, Im hurt the leastIll stay with him, why dont you go have a cup of tea and relax for a little while?

Surprised considering the mans first reaction to the big man Helen merely gave him a nod and made him understand he better be planning to rest as well before she left, it spoke a lot to his ability to conform and adapt to this world if he was asking to be alone with the man. For now she went to check on her daughter and then made a cup of tea heading toward her room and settled in the sitting area where she carefully got a fire going and laid pen to paper, her ribs protesting a bit and her headache present but not too bad.

Checking on the staff or the children as she thought of them, her staff technically Helen Magnus headed toward her rooms. After retiring to her chambers once she made herself a cup of tea the woman got a fire going fairly quickly, she was a bit out of practice having come to depend on Victor who always even after this relatively short period of time anticipated her needs and had things ready no matter what room she was due to arrive in. Settling on the end of the sofa and taking a few moments to simply enjoy the warmth and the firelight with a few sips of tea the woman carefully opened the leather bound book and settled it on her lap laying pen softly to the paper.

Ive seen and dealt with a great many threats over my time, many I thought insurmountable at first but have often been proven wrong and I find myself again hoping this is one of those times. The organization that call themselves the Cabal I fear are destined to be the biggest challenge to not only my work and the Sanctuary in all the time since I took over for my father but to my kids and me personally. They are unlike any other rogue organization I have ever known, their soldiers are as deadly and powerful as those within my own reach and though their goals are different the truth is that this network and their organization have many of the same battles together. I am positive no matter what that we have not seen nor heard the last from the Cabal again.

This past battle left all of my staff injured from my newest to one of my oldest and dearest friends. Why I am confident that all will recover I must confess that I am troubled with just how far they may recover. Though Henry, Ashley and Victor have been with me a great many years and have learned to work as a team young Dr. Zimmerman is still finding his footing in this world and I do have a few concerns, Im confidant in his abilities and his desire to overcome any issues and I believe given enough time that he will become a fine warrior and asset to the network I am afraid that the situations may not give him the time he requires and that may force him into his own baptism in fire so to speak. Ive made it clear to him that should he ever need to talk that my door is always open and I simply must trust him to come to me should he have the need.

On another level I must express my pride as well at how far my young son has come since I brought him to the Sanctuary not so very long ago. While at the moment he wants to deny what he is that is a battle for the future I fear, yet this past situation with the Cabal has shown me just how far young Mr. Henry Foss has come. Not just as a technology expert, an area in which he excels, but also as an up and coming field operative that must more times than not react under stress. Though there are a few issues I need to bring up with him when we speak I was overall very impressed with his conduct and his abilities, his desires even during this latest crisis.

Ashleys performance during this past crisis with the Cabal was perfect from a field operative standpoint, Ive never been proud of her and her skillsshe is truly a warrior and the greatest asset I have. Yet as her mother I must confess I am concerned, on the island when we first went to retrieve the Morrigan I saw the internal struggle going on within her. Though I tried to speak with her more than once I was shut out, not that I blame her of course, however her actions as a result worry me even more. Her hesitation during the fight on the island is completely understandable and I wish that I could impart to her that it does not in anyway mean that she is loosing a skill or that she must feel nothing in order to be able to do this work. However as uncomfortable as Ashley is discussing her feelings with me I fear that is as much my fault as anything else. I was so much the same way growing up, trying to prove myself in what was a mans world did not leave me a great deal of time to sink into arms and confide in someone I was scared or confused.

My daughter and I have a great deal to work through and I have even more to make up, not just the news about her father but about how I have always made her second in my life to my work. At the time I believed it was for the best, that it was so Ashley could eventually have a normal life and yet I still kept her at arms length even after she decided to dedicate her life to this work. Shes never had many friends outside the Sanctuary; the work did not allow for sleepovers, slumber or birthday parties, as she was in school in the conventional sense. Her short time in a community college to obtain a BA degree was more my desire than mine I fear. Weve traveled most of the countries of the world together for our work and yet Ashley and I rarely spend any real time together, that is more my fault than hers Im confidant of. As I stated previously I have a great deal to make up for with my daughter, I only wish I knew how to ask her for that chance.

Pausing in her writing to take a moment and think about Ashley, think about the things she had to make up for and think about all the mistakes she made Helen took a deep breath then another sip of tea before setting the cup carefully aside to resume what she had been doing.

Being alive over 150 years has seen many colleagues, friends, lovers, even family come and go and it is never easy to make a friend even for a normal person. Ive treated and established relationships with almost every species of abnormal Ive ever come across and yet there are a few that are closer than even I realize at the time. Victor is one such person, others look at him and see a monster, a beast that should be caged or put down and yet he has become my closest confidant and friend in the last fifty or so years since I met him. Hes changed so much and come so far in only the short time weve been acquainted, grown so much and I would trust him and have trusted him with my life as he has done for me. This latest attack left him the most severely injured and mainly because he was defending me, not that I ever ask him to but he feels that he owes me despite my trying to reassure him for the past several decades that he has not. I confess I feel a bit unworthy of his trust and respect and yet I am more grateful for it than I can ever express. He is family, my family and I love him just as much as I do any of the others on my staff or Ashley.

A beeping on her radio nearby brought her out of her thoughts and she leaned forward picking it up, Yes?

Magnus came Zimmermans voice, Big guy is waking up, hes asking about you and if youre ok. If you dont get down here hes threatening to

~Leave Im sure~ Helen thought closing her journal and sat it aside pressing the button and already was on her feet, Im on my way Will, tell him I said to stay put if you pleaseI do not wish to go chasing him through the Sanctuary this evening and let the button up. Taking a moment to look out a window she spoke to the winds, The next time you attack us and our work, well be readyI shall not underestimate you again and then she left to head back to the infirmary.