The Kitsune of Gakuen: Unleashed


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Author's Note


Romez has given me permission to use several of his themes for my story. If you want an order for my series check my Profile. THIS IS A NEW CHAPTER 1. And yes things will be vastly different in comparison to the old version so don't just ignore this and think you'll be able to follow what's going on.


Story Start


The early morning air gently breezed against his skin as he took in his surroundings. It would be his first day at Youkai Academy a school for monsters. Was it convenient that Kitsune were among the most feared monster in this world? He didn't know or really care for all that matter.

Looking down at his uniform Naruto wondered who chose the design or color? Picking up his duffel bag he exited out the bus and began walking down the dirt path. He stopped to look around the area taking in the serene and peacefulness of it all. That was soon interrupted when he heard a feminine scream. Before he could even turn a Bike collided into him, sending him and the figure that was riding it to earth.

It didn't hurt him really hurt him so to say, but it didn't say that it didn't piss him off. He then noticed a weight on his chest. There, with her resting on his chest, was a girl around his age long pin hair flowing down her back. She had deep green eyes and wore a green of an eye-sore blazer over a white blouse with a plaid skirt that parted enough to show her undergarments which only serve to make her look all the more arousing. Around her neck was a rosary with a red jewel in the center of it.

The pink haired girl pushed herself up while shaking her head. She just had to get dizzy and bump into someone. What were the chances of gaining a new friend now? She was in a hurry to meet him, but she got dizzy and the results were her crashing into him. She felt the ground some only to find it warm and soft. Last time she checked, the ground around Yokai Academy was cold and hard. She aloud her gaze to travel to the ground only to find that she was touching a body. A rather nice body if she had to admit. She traveled the body up to find the head of it only to blush furiously at the sight. The body she was on top of was a blond boy with whisker marks on his cheeks and with dazzling cerulean eyes.

''Well hello there why can't more girls be like you and be forward with what they want?'' He asked her in a deep seductive tone. He like teasing young girls as they were always so innocent.

The poor vampire jumped off him so fast, sputtering out apologies like mad.

Naruto shook his head, trying to wave the girl down. "It's okay, look I'm fine," he told her. The blond tried to get up, only to find a slim, slender hand in front of his face. He traveled the hand upwards and smiled at the pink haired girl. The girl was offering him a hand up. He smiled and took it before hefting himself up. He dusted his pants and clothes before looking at the pink haired girl. "Thanks for the help up."

"Oh, I am sorry," she said. "I'm anemic; I get a little dizzy sometimes.'' she explained with a faint look marring her beautiful features.

Naruto smiled kindly at her, trying "It's okay I understand! We all have our little conditions that tend to affect us.''

The pink haired girl smiled at him before looking on the blond's cheek. There was a slight cut with some blood oozing out of it slightly. "Oh, you're bleeding!" she softly exclaimed as her eyes trained upon his cut with a faint, longing if not hungry look.

Naruto looked at her funny before bringing his hand to his neck and wiping away some of the blood and inspecting it. "Huh, I guess I am.I?" he smiled back at the pink haired girl before dropping before dropping his hand to his side. The girl then suddenly fell over slightly, in fact on top of him causing the blond to chuckle slightly, enjoying the warmth of her form.

Despite being smeared slightly by the stranger's hand the pink haired girl found the crimson liquid looked scent of blood became overpowering and her need to feed awoke. The girl's green eyes flared and slitted for a moment as she went and licked the blood from the blond's neck.

Pure ecstasy flooded her blood was beyond like anything she tasted. The richness and texture was hard to describe. It was abundant and lively what one would expect from human blood, but powerful and unbelievably addicted. ''You know Vampire-chan, I also have a taste for a certain something,'' He said as his hand slid down her back giving her pert behind a squeeze. Moka jumped up with a shriek and blushed feverishly. ''What's wrong? A second ago you had me pinned.'' he teased her as he softly massaged where her fangs pierced his neck.

'' was just your blood...I couldn't help myself.'' she answered, her cheeks still a faint pink.

The blond chuckle. ''I apologize for being fresh then. I thought you were interested in a bit of something else. The name is Uzumaki Naruto. I actually have several names you can consider a last name, but I feel like the original one is best suited for now.''

'' don't hate Vampires? Right?'' She asked hopefully, gauging his reaction to see if he would be truthful to her.

''No I don't, in fact I was very much involved with one before we separated. I had somewhere to go and by the time I got back she was gone.''

'' sad. What kind of monster are you?'' she asked, curious about what this mysterious man was.

''Me...we'll I'm a Kitsune.'' He said holding out his hand as he let his fox ears and nine tails show himself. It was the demonic form he was the most comfortable in along with bearing nine tails.

Moka looked at him with wide eyes. Here was a kitsune, a legendary breed of monster that was said to almost be extinct. They were said to be powerful masters of a certain type of fired named after them. There were many legends and stories about them being tricksters, most being women. Her mind finally clicked before she pounced on the blond almost dropping him to the ground. She was scratching his ears, making the blond purr heavily and loudly. She smiled at his purr before squealing. "KKKAAAWWWAAAIII!"

When she was finally able to pry herself from him Naruto put back up the illusion and started to walk along side of her. She was walking her bike, making sure that she was by his side and not he bike. "I never got to introduce myself did I? My name is Moka."

Naruto froze when he heard that name. ''M-Moka?'' he echoed back, startled as the name triggered something in the deep aspect of his mind.

As the name came to him a flash, a vision of the past. The woman before him was in all aspects beautiful. She seemed eighteen to twenty years old, but her expression and figure made her seem older. Bright, silver locks ran down to her lower back, and her own Vampire eyes stared into Naruto's one eye. She wore simple white blouse and beige skirt, that seductively ended only to her upper thigh. Somehow or some way he found herself fighting her.

''Moka…is your last name…Akashiya?'' He asked her names eyes in surprise.

''How did you know?'' She asked him curiously.

It couldn't be…it just couldn't be. He thought as he reached up to his neck and his mind drifted back to a memory of the past.

Morning came and he woke up to see much to his shock that the cold-hearted and cruel yes seductive vampire on his chest. One minute they were fighting and now they were in this compromising position. That was a little over six months ago if he was remembering right. Her eyes had light red outlines, like she had been previously crying all night. The boy also noticed one other thing. His shirt was...missing?

When he saw Moka begin to stir, he gently rubbed her smooth hair. 'Man am I getting my ass kicked when she wakes up.' He once again looked down and saw that Moka had been inching her way towards him.

"Moka?" He quietly said. No response she just kept getting closer, causing Naruto to feel uncomfortable. "M-Moka.."

"Mmm, smells good..." She started sniffing his chest. That's when he noticed blood was leaking out of his chest. Four long cut like incisions were on his chest. He remembered they were sparring and he figured that's why he was in the position he was now. That she was most likely worried about him.

It was like a trance as she sniffed him then poke her tongue out as she trailed her tongue upwards across his torso until she was up to his face.

Naruto's eyes shot open before he realized she had driven her fangs into the flesh of his neck, sucking his blood out. But it was more than just that, he could feel that her fangs were digging into poking into the flesh. She pulled up and bit down again a little lower this time. It was more than just feasted for a meal, Moka had just marked him.

"Moka!" He shouted.

The female vampire's eyes snapped open and pulled her fangs out of the boy. She sat up, with a shocked expression on her face. Naruto jumped out of the bed, holding his neck in discomfort. Moka raced out of room realizing what she had done.

During the course of that memory Naruto had walked Moka to the Academy and already situated himself in his home room. He more or less danced around the question until the sound of the school bell thankfully distracted the pink haired girl.

"Hello everyone, welcome to Youkai Academy, I'm your Form Room teacher, Nekonome Shizuka," stated a very attractive women, she had a pair of cat ears on her head, though you'd have to look closely to tell.

Naruto was smiling happily as he listened on, 'The teacher is really friendly, and cute to boot, I think I'm gonna like it here.'

Shizuka continued, "I'm sure everyone here already knows, but Youkai Academy is a school for monsters". Naruto nodded, 'Right…huh what? Kuso! Why the hell can't I ever go to a normal school?'

"As of know, the world is ruled my humans, so, this school was most likely built to teach monsters like us to co-exist with humans."

Shizuka walked, more like skipped, over to the words on the board and pointed at them with her pointer.

''In order for us monsters to continue to survive, we have no choice but to continue to peacefully coexist with the humans. The Earth has already come under the control of the humans! At this academy, you will be studying 'How to coexist with humans! So for that reason, as a school rule you will all live your lives at this academy in human form! Do you understand? It's a matter of being able to disguise yourself well as a human! This is the foundation of coexistence. You are never to allow any of your fellow students to know your 'true form' understand!''

''Hey Teacher, would it not be better for us to eat those puny humans and in the case of beautiful girls, better to molest them.'' Some scruffy looking guy with lips piercing asked.''Humans are nothing more than trash for us monster. If you're weak then you're life means nothing more than being playthings for the strong.''

Naruto let out a snarl at him as his demonic energy threaten to spill. He hated beasts like that, those who didn't feel remorse for anyone and treated people like objects. He could feel the uneasiness of many male and female students alike. It was obvious that these students made up the weaker monsters and were part of the endless cycle that has been endlessly shitted on by the strong and élite as they were called.

''You're nothing more then a filthy beast.'' Naruto coldly remarked.

''What did you say punk?'' the punk monster teen with piercings demanded.

''You're a filthy beast and beings like you disgust me.'' he responded again as several students gasped. Saizou Komiya was well-known among several students as a delinquent who had several run-ins with the law and was currently serving probation.

''Why you little shit.'' Saizou got out of his seat and kicked it to the side.'I'm going to pound you into mush.''

''P-Please! This is the first day!'' it was obvious by Nekonome's demeanor she was not a violent monster by nature. Nervousness was rolling off of her and fear was not something a monster should show as it was a sign of weakness.

''Oi! Quite you spineless pussy! We're about to get some action.'' one boisterous student commented which quickly followed with the room being drowned in an intense, murderous aura. Before anyone knew what happened the student went flying into a window, half his body crashing through the window and hanging out of it.

The female half of the class couldn't help but feel visibly uncomfortable in their seats. If by the way they squirmed was a visible sign of what they were thinking. Even Nekonome fidgeted uncomfortably where she stood. Sexual harassment and lewd comments were as common as the very students that inhabited the school. Tensions remained high as everyone waited for the blond or Saizou to make the first move. The pierced monster took a glance at the monster hanging out the window, one of his crew and calculated his chances on winning; especially if a member of the safety commission got involved and Koyou got involved. Saizou might have been a thug, but he wasn't a brainless fool and reluctantly backed down, mentally promising to cause harm to the blond later.

''Scuse me!'' A familiar voice said from the hallway. ''Sorry I'm late…'' Moka said as she entered the doorway. The tensions that was filling the room earlier had come to a stop as everyone began focusing on the pretty newcomer.

''Oh that's fine just take a seat,'' Nekonome said. 'Well, what a cute one.'

''Ok!'' Moka replied with a friendly smile as she stepped in and looked around for a place she could sit.

Of course when she entered the class the guys starting drooling like idiots and commented on her beauty.

"That girl is hot..."

"She's totally cute..."

"I agree..."

When Naruto finally saw who it was he smiled and waved, "Hey, Moka-chan!" Moka turned to see who was calling her, when she saw her friend waving at her resulting in her eyes lighting up with complete and utter joy as she found the owner of it. Without a moment's hesitance she moved at him in a rapid pace and pulled the blond out of his seat, squeezing him affectionately against her body. "Naruto-kun, we're in the same class, oh I'm so happy." she said with a squeal. Things continued on without much incident. Naruto promised to hang out with Moka later but first he wanted to talk with their teacher.

''Nekonome-sensei a word,'' he called out to the woman, startling her. He could hear her heartbeat quicken and notice how stiff her body went. ''Nekonome-sensei I hope you can forgive me for my actions earlier. I took notice of the comfort of my fellow students and let my own emotional behavior override what my mind was telling me. I hope you don't think I was trying to dismiss your authority, but it looked like you needed a little help.''

Nekonome's nerves began to unwind as that biting terror she felt from before melt away. The threatening aura from before that nearly left her paralyzed was now nothing more then a fading memory as standing before her was a gentle warmth that sent tingles down her spine. Seeing as it was her first year as a teacher Nekonome was plenty worried about her performance and that shown. Considering how incomplete her disguise was and that she wasn't exactly the brightest monster her job prospects were rather limited.

And when Naruto took her hand and kiss it, Nekonome couldn't help but flush. ''It's okay Naruto-kun, please don't let it happen again.'' she commented as she hoped he didn't catch the sight of her wagging tail, betraying the effect he was having on her. Nekonome resisted the urge to pout as the blond drew back his hand.

''Okay sensei,'' he said before biding her farewell and went to join Moka. With class over Naruto and Moka began traveling the halls as they tried to find a bending machine to get something to drink. During it all Moka closed the distance between them as she took notice of the looks everyone, especially the boys were giving her. While she was in human school most kids made fun of her; not only because of her help that monsters were real, but the fact that her bubblegum pink hair was not natural among humans so it made her stick out. So of course because of this, being an outcast among humans she never really considered herself beautiful enough to draw the fuss she was recieving today with ogling eyes and lustful looks.

Though Naruto's rather possessive gaze and threatening looks made most of the students to think twice about approaching them. Finally they walked outside and went over by some tables with umbrellas with a nice view of the forest surrounding the school. Finally they came across a bending machine that served hot drinks.

Moka took a sip of her drink and smiled, "It's delicious, isn't it?" she asked. Naruto looked to the side, "Um, yeah," when he looked back at her, she was giving him a sad look. Not wanting to make her cry or anything, he took a gulp. Naruto looked upon the now smiling face of his friend, 'Even with a different face and personality…She's still Moka.'

"You're Akashiya Moka, correct?" Naruto turned abruptly to the sound of the same smug voice from that morning. The same bastard who talked about molesting girls and looked down at the weak.

''I'm your classmate Saizou Komiya! Salutations!" he arrogantly introduced himself as if he was important. ''Please tell me why a beautiful woman like yourself is hanging out with this loser?" he gestured to the blond whose eyes flew open at the insult and he bared his teeth.

''Apparently you didn't learn the first time. Leave now before I hurt you!" Naruto spat out with contempt. He wanted to keep his anger in check, but ever since a few years ago the strong emotional hold he had on his emotions had lessened.

''What'd you say to me…nevermind I don't have time to deal with you now. I came for the girl…'' He said reaching out for Moka.

His arm never made it as Naruto caught it and with a swift kick sent him flying into the vending machine. ''So much for the strong. Looks like you fit in that weak group. '' Naruto mocked cocking his head to the side.

"You little shit! I'll kill you for that!" Saizou said standing up with anger clear in his eyes, as he snarled like a wild animal.

''N-Naruto-kun!'' Moka cried out to Naruto in concern and was about to go to his side when the blond held up his hand.

''I'll be okay Moka-san, just let me handle this.'' he said as Saizou charged him only for Naruto to twist and easily avoid Saizou and jammed his elbow into the monster's back causing him to double over. Before the brown-haired thug could recover Naruto jammed his foot into Saizou's back and forced him into the ground.

''What are you punks waiting for!'' Saizou shouted as he struggled against Naruto's foot. Out from around the corner several monsters appeared around the corner. They all either had eye or nose piercings. The first was rather short and slightly beefy with arms that looked to large for his body. The second was the tallest of them with beady little eyes and a shaved head, and the last of them had black eye-lashes, but badly died blond hair. They all charged the blond at once only for an invisible force to send them flying into the walls of the school with a bone crushing thud.

''I hate thugs like yourself. Preying on those who can't defend themselves and would force themselves on women.'' he dug his foot harder into Saizou's struggling back. ''Rumor has it you were sent here to be straighten out and that you raped several human women.''

''Bah! So what...humans are traaaaaah.'' Saizou was cut off as Naruto lifted his foot and stomped down on his back.

''The only trash I see is you,'' he coldly remarked.''How does it feel to be so weak and helpless? Not even able to raise a finger to protect yourself. Hurts...doesn't it? The same terror your victims felt I bet?'' Naruto spat down on him. ''Let this be a lesson to all of you,'' he shouted out, well aware of all the students who were attracted tot he commotion not so subtlety watching what was going on. ''If any of you even think of approaching Moka or anyone else I consider with impure intentions I will break you.'' he remarked, the last part he emphasized while looking down on Saizou, removing his food. He began making his way over to Moka when Saizou pushed himself to his knees.

''You bastard...I'll...I'll make you pay!'' His muscles started bulging and he grew taller and taller. He was a hideous being, his skin was an ugly pale beige, he had spikes growing out of his shoulders, and his finger became plated and clawed. His eyes had turned a dark green with slits, "I hoped I wouldn't be able to do this, but you've left me no choice, this is my real form, a monstrel Orc!" His tongue zipped out of his mouth and towards Naruto's throat with the intent to snap his neck only for the blond to quickly spin and yank out a kunai ramming it up at the tip of the tongue, causing a cut and Saizou to howl in pain. ''Bastard! Die!" the monstrel Orc charged him only for Naruto to disappear. ''What the?'' Saizou looked around only for the sound of chirping birds to fill his ears and then a hand plunged through his back and through his stomach.

''Cry...of one thousand!'' and with that a powerful electric current erupted and sent several thousand volts of lightning energy coursed through the monster.

''Holy hell Mizura. Did you see that?'' one monster asked another sea-foam green haired monster.

''This Uzumaki is rather interesting.''

Naruto removed his hand and shook off the blood that coated his arm. ''Normally I'm not so messy, don't deserve a quick defeat. Just stay down, you can't win.'' at this point it was all pointless.

''N-Naruto-kun,'' Moka softly stated as she met eyes with the blond. A mixture of emotions was building up inside of her. Some small part of her was frightened at the brutality of what she just witness, another part was filled with curiosity as she couldn't help but wonder what the blond was, and even another part was attracted to the powerful, confident, yet kind-hearted young man who seemed intent on caring about those who were weak, which considering how vampires or most monsters with power treated those beneath them was a mystery that piqued her interest.

''Stop this nonsense at once!'' an older classmen said as he came upon the sight. He was an bespectacled young man who smelled like a dog, had sharp eyes and a vaguely canine look about him.

Some of the students began whispering in fear and words like safety commission and Kuyo were brought up at once. ''Komiya I am not surprised.'' he said before looking around at all the witnesses. It was the first day of a new semester and Inugado didn't feel like dealing with endless reports. ''Who is the one who started this incident?'' numerous students immediately answered and blamed Saizou.

''Komiya Saizou will be brought in to discipline measures. Be warned, those caught engaging in rule breaking will be severely dealt with.'' Inugado said as he turned a stern gaze to Naruto and used his palm to adjust his glasses. Saizou apparently wasn't one to give up easy tried to get up, covering his torso where he was injured only to have his face struck by Inugado's palm with enough force it would dislocate the neck of a normal human's head.

''Naruto-kun, let's go,'' Moka urged the blond away, pulling at his arm to which the blond reluctantly agreed. With Saizou dealt with he didn't see a reason to stay around. Managing to lose the students the two of them came a stop in front of the school's greenhouse.

''Moka-chan, I hope you don't think of any less of me...because of my actions.'' he added as he looked down, flexing his fingers and calming his breathing.

''O-Of course not Naruto-kun you were defending me and...'' she trailed off, biting her bottom lip. ''You were really cool.'' she said as her face went red.

'' felt uncomfortable. All those looks and glances,'' he said as Moka paused for a moment before realizing what Naruto was referring too. ''You didn't deserve that. They had to know.'

''Naruto-kun, thank you.'' she softly said. For a moment she hesitated before following her instinct and wrapped her arms around Naruto's as her head nestled under his chin.

Naruto smiled and wrapped his arms around her. ''You're welcome.'' he said as even though her body temperature was slightly lower then that of a human's temperature, her aura made up for it as the warmth was quite calming. Soon the hug ended and the two of them went back to chatting, trying to bring a more positive mood to the situation.

Then, a thought came upon her, "Oh, Naruto-san, what kind of Kitsune are you?" So that brought upon anotherthought, "Oh, right, I forgot, revealing your identity is against school rules, I take back my question".

Naruto raised his eyebrow, "But, you already revealed to me that you're a vampire and I told you that I'm a Kitsune...I don't see what's the problem in revealing types now?'' he said, pointing out the technical loop-hole in the rules.

Moka put both of her hands on the sides of her face, blushing in embarrassment, "I didn't know that was a rule back then." she said in a super cute way.

"You don't really look like a vampire to me," Naruto commented in complete honesty. Quite frankly the thought of a supposed night walker blood thirsty monster had a cute and genki girl sort of pink haired member running around almost made him burst out in a fit of chuckles. "Only now", Moka responded to his statement, putting her hands on her shirt spread it slightly apart, revealing a bit more cleavage, "Look" Naruto did, and immediately blushed, "Yes, indeed magnificent.''

To Naruto's statement Moka nodded, "Yes, the rosary on my chest, once the rosary has been removed, I turn into a terrifying, true vampire." she explained to the dazed blond.

''Oh the rosary not your breas...wait...True...vampire...", Naruto said softly. I see…so that's what happened…Does that mean if it comes off…Moka will be Moka again.

Moka put her shirt back to normal and grabbed her rosary, "That's why this is a protective seal, even I can't take it off."

There was a few seconds of silence... ''Even if that is the case…you're my friend Moka-chan…even if your true form would be scary…I'll never run away.'' he answered, silently adding unless she was trying to choke the life out of him for his usual antics.

Moka smiled widely and hugged Naruto. It felt right for her in his arms so he hugged her back. "Thank goodness, you're my first friend, Naruto...and, when I'm around you I get this feeling in my stomach like butterflies…and my heart starts pounding…I never felt that way before…''

Naruto looked in her eyes and could see the conflicting emotions…the sorrow she held and he wanted to make it go away…like he did before…he leaned over and kissed her causing her eyes to widen. He wrapped her arms around her pulling her closer as she melted into the kiss. When they broke the kiss Moka found herself furiously blushing.

''Hey Moka-chan there is something I'm curious about. You sealed your powers right? Did you ever attend a human school? How do you feel about humans?''

She whispered softly, "I hate humans.'' Naruto looked at her, surprised and somewhat hurt, she continued, "I went to a human school for junior high, I was lonely because nobody believed in monsters, I felt different from anyone, I kept thinking that it would probably be better if I didn't exist". She looked up at him, a smile on her face, "But then you told me it was alright, even though I'm a vampire," tears started to run down her face, "For the first time, I didn't feel alone."

''I understand your pain...You know, I was once human."

Moka stopped completely upon hearing those words. ''I had a demon sealed inside of me. For years I was ridiculed and treated like a plague. People called me a monster and even once or twice people attempted to kill me in a drunken rampage. Hated for the burden my father stow upon me to save my village. Eventually I gain acceptance, and learned that life wasn't just going to end with me there. Through a long and complicated series of events I started to change. I'm no longer just a human I'm a hybrid of sorts. Mostly Kitsune if anything.''

''Naruto-san..." she softly murmured.

''None of that Naruto-san stuff...if I want a suffix I prefer Kun or Naruto-sama. Now I do have one question? Are you a screamer or a moaner? For the life of me I can't tell?'' he asked her with a cheeky grin.

For fifteen minutes Moka chased after her new friends launching a series of serious threats she was going to do on when she caught him. Regardless of her sweet nature she was still a teenage girl and was wired to dish out righteous fury on perverts. Soon she found herself was out of breath trying to catch up to him. She would have given up a long time ago if he didn't seem every so often saying 'Naruto is a good boy!' and goosing her. After about half an hour Naruto finally gave up as the two of them were sitting on a bench by a small pond.

''A-Are you sure?'' Moka stammered out as Naruto nodded.

''I really want to, have to see it for my own eyes. You trust me right?'' he asked as Moka nodded.

Naruto reached out and grabbed the rosary. They at least had to test to see if he was capable of removing it and sure enough with a small clink it was removed. The chain which the rosary hung from started to glow bright pink. The pink glow got larger and brighter, it covered the ground they were on and the river behind them. Naruto looked a the girl in awe.

Her bright pink hair had turned silver and her dazzling green eyes turned red with slits and even her chest grew slightly causing the button at the top of her uniform to pop open.

''Moka…'' He said only to narrowly avoid a vicious punch. ''Damn…can't say I didn't deserve that…'' He said as Moka looked towards the ground.

''How dare you!" She growled. ''How dare you show yourself after all this time!" She screamed lifting him off the ground.

''Moka-chan wait…before you man handle me let me…'' He didn't get to finish as she launched him with all her strength into the sky. Luckily enough he used chakra to stick to the air currents. ''I know your upset but I didn't intend to leave you. Something happens and now my memories are in a bit of haze.'' he said as she dropped him down and looked into his eyes for any deception. ''Moka-chan I wouldn't lie. I know me don't you.''

''You left me,'' she whispered. ''You promised you never would.'' the pain could be heard in her voice which was a stark difference then the cold fury in her eyes.

''And I wouldn't had, not intentionally. If you'll have me for your mate still I swear to you that I'll do everything in my power to make it up to you.'' he said as he reached out to caress her cheek and to his relief she didn't pull away.

''Make no mistake Uzumaki Naruto this doesn't mean I haven't completely forgiven you. It's just that after all this time you happen to qualify as the best prospect that's all.'' that was the Moka he remembered. Prideful to the end. ''And trust will make it up to me.'' she said as she wrapped a hand around the back of his head and gave him a predatory look. She leaned over, about to press her lips against his but instead sunk her fangs into his neck for a meal.

''Son of a...'' Naruto gritted his teeth as the silver-haired temptress fed from him before taking the Rosario from his hand.

''Take care of my other self Uzumaki Naruto. She is a rather simple girl at time.'' Inner Moka said as she placed it back on and the pink haired Moka returned.

Moka didn't waste any time and starting fawning over him, "Are you alright Naruto? Does it hurt anywhere?" She gave him a quick look over.

''Yeah… I'm fine…other Moka just caught me off guard.'' he answered her with a wheeze. He was feeling kind of woozy.

''G-Gomen…I didn't mean too…'' she began, flustered, trying to apologize for her otherself. Naruto placed a finger on her lips.

''It's ok Moka-hime…I still love her…and you two are the same so I guess that means I love you too…'' He said as Moka's eyes widen and she began to blush.

''N-Naruto-K-kun I-I…''

''It's ok…we can take it slow…'' he said as Moka's stomach began to growl and causing her to blush even darker.

''Go ahead,'' He said cocking his head to show his neck.

''Arigatou Naruto-kun,'' She said cheerfully sinking her fangs into his neck and started drinking,"Kapuchuuuuuu" She said satisfied.

Next day, early morning Naruto was brought before the Head Master. Probably because he beat up one of the students. Go figure?

''Aah yes Aono-san its a pleasure to meet you.''

''Aono? Sorry guy but you got the wrong person.'' Naruto corrected the headmaster.

The person in the chair turned around. For a second Naruto thought he was a priest or an exorcist. While his face was visibly hidden he wore an all white outfit. ''...And you are?''

''Uzumaki Naruto.''

Naruto thought he saw a frown, or wells something. ''So Uzumaki Naruto how did you come upon...this establishment?''

''A mix-up. You see I was tutor to Tsukune Aono, nice guy, dumbass when it comes to Math and definitely girls. We attended the same class last year. If I were honest, I agreed to tutor him to be able to spend some time around his cute cousin. Not the brightest girl I ever met if I werehonest. He got a letter of acceptance, I did too, brought it with me since I intercepted the mail, but I doubt you want to hear about human problems and all. There was a mix-up and here I am? Though about why a human was sent a letter? A bit curious considering the rules.''

''It was a simple mistake. If you were in fact Aono-san I would have gladly cleared up this little misunderstanding and have him sent on his way.''

'Lie!' It flashed so quickly Naruto almost didn't catch it. ''Well it's a good thing someone with demonic heritage instead of human got the letter didn't they?''

''Indeed...I don't believe I heard of your name or seen your face in our community Uzumaki-san.''

''Well I come from a completely different dimension. I'm here on...'' Vacation? Nah used that too many times, but then again it's not like I ever had an real vacation. Visiting relatives? Too boring! ''An assignment for my people. My clan, the clan of Kitsune were considering moving to this dimension and they sent me to gather information and set up relations.''

''Interesting...well I'll be sure to contact you in the future then Uzumaki-san if I have any more problems that are connected to you.''

''Right, ok!'' Naruto walked away, unsure on just how much he should trust this man.

'This changes everything. My plan has gone array! Though just maybe...yes a few alterations would be necessary.' The Head Master thought as he figured the new development a minor inconvenience.


Chapter End


I hope you guys like the new and improved chapter one. If you can't tell how much more awesome this rewrite is going to be then get of the computer, go sit in the corner, and think long and hard about your life. Like I said I will focus solely on remaking all these chapters up until a new chapter.




1. Inu-Gado. Both are separate translations for Dog and Guard respectively. Inu-Gado is the name of one of the unnamed Safety commission members I am adapting and making into a slightly minor character.