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Ch.1 The Lone Heir

Deep within the mountains of Northern Rukongai there lies a large castle within a small village surrounded by stone walls like a fortress. The ground was pure white due to the nearly constant snowfall year round and throughout the village smoke spewed forth from the chimneys at a constant rate. Snow was falling from the heavens as it was blown in all direction by the fierce mountain wind, despite the chilly weather dozens of villagers walked about the streets while the children played in the alley ways, many of these villagers had striking silver hair.

At the front gates of the castle stood a woman who appeared to be in her early to mid twenties, she had long silver hair which stretched half way down her torso, and her gentle eyes were a deep turquoise. She wore the a black kimono like all the other shinigami, she also wore her Zanpakutou above her left leg just like most of them, however there were two aspects of her attire that set her apart from all the other shinigami in the Soul Society; the first was a long turquoise scarf with silver linings and a white dragon sewn into both ends, the second was the long sleeved white haori she wore with the kanji for Ten resting on her back.

"I'm home" she called out cheerfully "please open the gates."

"My deepest apologies" a servant replied nervously as he and several of his colleagues opened the gates to allow the Captain passage "please forgive us…" he kneeled on the ground "…we all thought you'd be gone much longer than this…we clearly jumped to conclusions, I'm sorry lady Yuki(Snow)."

Yuki smiled softly in clear amusement before patting the man gently on the hand "take it easy, I'm not mad at you or anybody for that matter."

"You're too kind my lady" the servant stated in relief.

"Although" Yuki began returning the servant to a state of fear "it should've been obvious that I wouldn't have been away for more than a week, after all tonight's the Winter Festival and there was nothing being discussed at the Captain's meeting that I hadn't expected; so there's really no reason I would stay away for long…" she smiled in clear joy as she turned to the man gently "…I may be a Captain but I'm also a mother now, so I want to be with my husband and my baby boy as much as possible."

"Of course my lady, let me take you to them" The servant offered.

"That won't be necessary" Yuki replied "why don't you take the rest of the afternoon off? You're a nervous wreck, go somewhere nice and relax a little; I recommended getting drunk, you really need to loosen up" she walked off without waiting for a reply.

*A couple minutes later*

"Welcome back Cap…" a male shinigami with short messy brown hair and gentle brown eyes, wearing a badge with the Kanji for Ten next to the image of a daffodil began as Yuki entered the room.

"Come on Nagoyaka(gentle)" Yuki sighed "we're married, you know? So it's Yuki now…no 'Captain', no 'lady', no 'master', or any other title got it?"

"My apologies Yuki" Nagoyaka replied with a gentle smile as he walked up to his wife and kissed her on the cheek getting her to smile "I guess the fact that I married into one of the Four Great Noble families a little over a year ago still hasn't sunk in yet…plus normally the wife adopts the husband's name, not the other way around."

"But then again, you did marry the Head of the family so it's to be expected" Yuki said lightly as she stretched out her arms and legs "after all some of the old farts would go into an uproar if I changed my family name" she began to walk to a nearby crib next to a large window.

"I'll try my best to get it down as soon as possible" Nagoyaka stood in next to his wife.

"That's good to hear…" Yuki replied as she kneeled down to peek into the small crib, inside was her one month old baby boy; he had messy hair like his father's except it was silver like his mother's, as she looked in he opened his turquoise eyes before a smile crept across his chubby cheeks "we'll just have to keep on him until he understands that he's a member of the Hitsugaya House now, won't we Toushirou?"

"That's not fair, gaining up on me like that" Nagoyaka chuckled.

"Life isn't fair, isn't that right Toushirou?" Yuki asked in clear amusement, moments later she found herself saying "hey now, cut that out…"

"What's wrong?" Nagoyaka inquired as he looked closer before he burst out laughing as he watched Toushirou pulling on Yuki's long hair "looks like your plan has some flaws."

"Quite the grip you've got there Toushirou" Yuki stated in clear amusement as he pulled more on her hair "sorry kiddo but I need it back" she reached in and tickled the boy with one finger causing him to loosen his grip, the child could only smile happily at his mother.

Yuki felt a familiar pair of arms wrap around her shoulders before Nagoyaka said calmly "I'm the luckiest man alive."

"You're damn right" Yuki replied softly before kissing him on the lips, when she broke away she noticed a concerned look in his eyes "Is something wrong?"

"Did you notice anything regarding my brother's behavior?" Nagoyaka asked causing his wife's eyes to open in shock "I'm concerned Yuki, he always was the secretive type, but recently I can't help but get this feeling that my little brother is up to something dangerous."

"Let's worry about that later" Yuki stated in a commanding tone "I just got back okay?"

"Whatever you say, Yuki" Nagoyaka replied.

"As if I didn't have enough on my plate with Toushirou, the festival, and that other matter" Yuki thought as she watched her son fall into a deep sleep "but now I have to worry about that damn brother in law of mine…what a pain in the ass!!!"

"I'm sorry Yuki" Nagoyaka said solemnly as he placed a hand on his wife's right shoulder "you and your family were already caught up in your own ventures and now you've been drawn into my family pro…" he was silenced by a single finger over his lips.

"Don't be ridiculous" Yuki chuckled "you're a part of the family "it's only natural that we help each other through our problems."

"Thank you" Nagoyaka replied gratefully as Yuki walked towards the large window overlooking the town with a smile across her face.

"We are the Hitsugaya household…" Yuki thought proudly as she looked down to the village below them and all the people carrying on with their lives "…one of the Four Great Noble Families rivaled only by the Kuchki, Shihouin, and Shiba clans…" a pair of children with silver hair were throwing snowballs at one another with mischievous grins across their faces as their parents watched in amusement "…those born into our clan share the same silver head of hair, but an even greater difference separates us from all other noble households; for unlike the rest of the Soul Society's noble families we believe that each individual family member is precious, as a result it is forbidden for us to use each other as a means to an end by attempting to arrange our children's marriages or to attempt to control our kin against their will. We band together to help one another through our troubles thanks to the bonds forged in blood and love, and yet each and every one of us is able to choose our own destiny…most of the other nobles and the Central Forty Six despises and envy's us for our power and wealth…" images of the looks of bitterness and hatred from some lower nobles she had encountered earlier flashed through her mind "…but the truth is that we don't give a fuck; Hell I'd say we find it amusing…we're a clan of simple people with a shared belief that all people are equal and that no one should be directly or indirectly exempt from the law. We may be a noble household but were not a bunch of over privileged parasites like some families. For we are the Hitsugaya House, a house that I am proud to be the leader of…" Toushirou yawned loudly as he stretched a bit in his crib "…and as my eldest child, you shall one day lead. Our future looks bright in you Toushirou, my son."

"On a much lighter note, preparations for the Winter Festival appear to be moving along smoothly" Nagoyaka said cheerfully.

"Huh?" Yuki replied as his comment broke her train of thought.

"Come on now you know" Nagoyaka teased "The Winter Festival, when all members of the Hitsugaya Clan gather here in the village towards the end of January; it's a pretty big deal in this family as I understand it."

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot" Yuki replied "believe it or not I was able to get old man Ginrei to attend."

"Ca…Captain Kuchki's going to be here?" Nagoyaka asked dumbfounded.

"Yeah 'as a gesture of good will from one Captain and Head of one the Four Great Noble Families to another' was his response" Yuki answered with a chuckle "I tell you, old man Ginrei likes to act all cold and stoic, but the truth is he's nothing but a big softy underneath…" she looked at her son before smirking mischievously "…now that I think about it that's probably going to rub off on that grandson of his."

"Who knows?" Nagoyaka replied as he looked in towards his son who was sleeping soundly "rest up son, you're going to need it for tonight" Yuki wrapped her left arm around Nagoyaka's neck "it'll be fun."

*Later that night*

The village was brightly lit by countless torches as a snow storm gently fell on its citizens. There were game stands were children most of whom had silver hair were playing and laughing happily, countless tables and booths were filled with food that many members of the family had discovered in their travels through both the World of the Living and the Soul Society, crowds were gathered around various silver haired men and women who were telling stories of their latest exploits to the eager listeners; the greatest party of all was taking place in front of the castle where Yuki and Nagoyaka watched with Toushirou as dozens of people dancing in a number of strange outfits and styles from all over both worlds. The one thing everyone had in common, regardless if they were adults or children, whether the clothing they were wearing was Eastern or Western, and never mind if their hair was silver or some other color, each and every person in the village was smiling in joy.

"A truly lovely occasion" Nagoyaka noted cheerfully.

"Damn right, it's my favorite time of the year" Yuki replied with a smile on her face "our clan is just so large and spread out, this is the only time we're able to get everyone together."

"It's a shame Captain Kuchki hasn't gotten here yet" Nagoyaka stated.

"Yeah, I'm going to give him all kinds of grief for this" Yuki swore as she took a somewhat vengeful expression which only lasted for a moment when a silver haired woman she recognized approached them "well I'll be damned if it isn't my little sister" she gave her sibling a hug.

"You haven't changed a bit you old bat" she replied only to feel a strong pain in her back "sheesh you still show no mercy."

"It's called 'sibling rivalry' for a reason" Yuki stated smugly.

"Yeah, yeah, in any case I'd like to meet my new nephew if you don't mind Captain Yuki Hitsugaya" she said rudely with a grin as Yuki gestured her towards Toushirou, the boy looked at his aunt curiously, his expression changed to annoyance when his aunt began to pinch his cheek "I can already tell, you're going to be a real lady's man when your older" she chuckled in clear amusement before pulling her hand back out, to her shock there were ice-sickles hanging from her fingertips leaving everyone who was watching in shock "Yuki, were any of our powers this strong when were infants?!"

"No, no they weren't" Yuki replied in amazement as she took a glance at her son who now had a smug expression on his face "why do I get the feeling I'm in for a lot of laughs?" many people began to chuckle at her comment "Lieutenant Hitsugaya, what do you intend to do about this?"

"Well, maybe this is the year I finally turn to drinking" Nagoyaka answered with a chuckle causing everyone to burst out laughing.

Sadly the good times were destined not to survive the night, in less than an hour Yuki heard a loud scream as a young man who seemed to be in his late teens with silver hair was running towards her, panic covered his face; but what alarmed everyone the most was the large cut over his forehead which was spilling blood across his face.

"LADY YUKI!!!" he shouted.

"What the hell's going on?!" Yuki asked as the crowd cleared a path for him.

"WE HAVE TO HURRY, THERE'S A FUCKING ARMY OF THEM COMING THIS WAY!!!" he declared in a panicked tone.

Yuki was about to ask him what he was talking about but didn't get the chance due the fact that a large slash suddenly appeared across his back sending a stream of blood shooting into the air, the poor child was dead before he hit the ground.

"Yuki that was!!!" Nagoyaka stated as he unsheathed his Zanpakutou and most of the crowd burst out into a panic as everyone with a weapon drew it.

"No doubt about it!!!" Yuki hissed angrily as she drew her sword and dozens of people fell to the ground from similar injuries to the boy from earlier "these bastards were waiting for our whole clan to gather in one spot!!!"

"I'll handle the situation here and watch Toushirou" Nagoyaka assured his wife as he grabbed one of the attackers by his arm and slashed his chest "go help the others before it's too late!"

"Are you sure?" Yuki asked as she beheaded a pair of the invaders.

"Don't worry, I won't anyone touch Toushirou" Nagoyaka answered.

"Don't die, Nagoyaka" Yuki commanded before disappearing with a shunpo.

"You don't make things easy" Nagoyaka sighed as he locked blades with another attacker as he saw numerous skirmishes occurring between members of the Hitsugaya house and the invaders while the sounds of screams and clashing blades filled the air "please be careful Yuki."

*With Yuki*

Yuki rushed through the streets slashing dozens of enemies without so much as a hint of mercy, her eyes were cold as ice as her spiritual pressure reflected her blood lust, she managed to save pockets of her family members whom she instructed to flee the village, but no matter how many men she slew more seemed to be just around the corner.

"Damn it" Yuki swore in her mind as she ran another one through his chest, out of the corner of her eye she saw a dozen enemies racing towards her "freeze them to the core, Fuyuaibu (Winter Caress)!!!"

Her sword changed from a katana to what appeared to be a pair of snow white paper fans tied together by a silver cloth which ran from the bottoms of both fans and behind her back, she spun around sending a rush of snow towards her enemies, moments later they shattered into countless frozen chunks. Yuki quickly found herself surrounded but she showed no fear as she killed them all with a few simple swings of her fans.

"Good that seems to be the last of them in this area" Yuki thought before she suddenly felt a familiar spiritual pressure beginning to fade causing her eyes to open in terror before she disappeared with a shunpo.


Yuki appeared in front of the castle which was now slowly being engulfed in flames, the sight of her home being burnt to the ground alone was heart breaking; but what truly filled Yuki's heart with terror was the sight of the bodies of dozens of her kinsmen and the sight of three enemies pulling their blades from Nagoyaka as he fell to the ground into a puddle of his own blood. Yuki's face contorted with rage as she swung the fan in her right hand freezing them from the waist down before their frozen sections froze over leaving them to die painfully on the ground as Yuki kneeled down to her husband.

"Yu…Yuki…" Nagoyaka managed to squeeze out at he tried to lift himself up with his right arm "I'm sorry…"

"Don't talk Nagoyaka…" Yuki choked as tears began to fall from her eyes "…you're going to be fine" she continued trying to ignore the stab wounds which pierced him clear through his torso.

"I guess I'm a pretty sorry excuse for a man" Nagoyaka stated weakly as his breathing became heavier "because of my negligence my own little brother may have fallen into depravity and then just tonight I told you to leave it to me, but in the end I couldn't save even one of your siblings or cousins…but at least…" he pulled out a bundle of blankets with their son inside "…I was able to save Toushirou…" Yuki quickly picked him up with her left arm "…Yuki…I…" he was cut off as new cut suddenly appeared across his back spraying blood across Yuki's face.

For what seemed like an eternity Yuki remained silent and motionless, but in reality it was for only a moment as her tears began to fall at a quicker pace and her face contorted with rage, her spiritual pressure quickly climaxed and was so strong that several of the approaching attackers felt their limbs beginning to freeze over. The woman stood up with her son in her left hand and her weapon in her right as she chanted "Bankai!!!" she was surrounded in what appeared to be a tornado of snow as the skies darkened and the snow began to fall faster before it cleared revealing the angry Captain holding a single fan the size of her body in her right hand, she was now wearing a pure white mantle on top of her kimono, and ice had formed on top of her head in the form of a tiara "Shirokaze (White Wind) Fuyuaibu!!!"

Dozens of the invaders surrounded Yuki with their blades drawn only to literally be frozen in place without Yuki having to move a muscle. Moments later they disintegrated into the winter wind in the form of a solid white dust.

"You're all going to pay dearly for this!!!" Yuki hissed as more enemies surrounded her "and that goes double for the bastards that sent you here, I'll make you all suffer for the blood you've spilt tonight!!!"

Yuki eyed the remaining foes with murderous intent, even the most seasoned of these cold blooded killers found themselves shaking in fear at the Captain's rage.

"Stand back, you're no match for her" a familiar voice commanded as he stepped forth from the crowd of assailants "leave her to me."

"YOU!!!" Yuki replied angrily "so you knew of this?!" suddenly Yuki was hit with realization "they put you up to this didn't they?!

"That should be obvious, eliminating an entire clan is no easy task; the fact that you're a Captain made it essential that I be placed in command of this operation" he answered "once you and the child are dealt with our mission will be complete" Yuki smirked in response "don't mistake me for fool Captain Hitsugaya, before the raid began we surrounded this village with our soldiers to kill anyone who tried to run for escape" Yuki's eyes opened in shocked horror "believe me when I say that you and that child are the last of the Hitsugaya Clan" he cocked his head in order to dodge an ice-sickle which flew past his face "drop the child, you have little hope of beating me with both hands free, holding onto the boy will only guarantee your demise."

Yuki spat to her side as she eyed her opponent without fear and replied "Go fuck yourself!" he only eyed her coldly "I'm going to rip off your head and tear out your spine, after that I'll take my revenge on everyone involved!!!"

Unfortunately for Yuki the man turned out be correct about the difference between their powers. After half an hour of fighting against him, Yuki was kneeling on the ground in front of him covered in cuts across her torso, to make her matters worse her Bankai had disappeared due to exhaustion from using too much spirit energy leaving her with nothing but a simple katana, however she still had Toushirou nestled away safely under her left shoulder, and she still looked at her assailant with eyes filled with an intense hatred.

"You should've listened to me" he stated without a hint of remorse at what he was about to do as Yuki only glared in response "your eyes show me that you still have your pride…"

"WHAT THE HELL WOULD YOU KNOW ABOUT PRIDE, YOU BASTARD!!!"Yuki shouted in rage "LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!! YOU AND YOUR FILTH DID ALL THIS!!! YOU KILLED EVERYONE, YOU DIDN'T EVEN CARE IF THEY COULD FIGHT BACK OR NOT, YOU EVEN KILLED THE CHILDREN AND INFANTS!!! AND FOR WHAT?! BECAUSE YOU THEY ORDERED YOU TOO?! YOU DAMN MONSTER…" Yuki was cut off as a blade pierced her throat, it didn't kill her but she lost her ability to speak and it left her close to death.

"That mouth of yours is what caused this" he explained to her as he raised his blade to finish her off, he suddenly stopped when he felt another familiar spiritual pressure quickly approaching "this is…"

"…Old man Ginrei" Yuki thought in relief.

"Sir" one assailant began as he appeared in front of Yuki's killer.

"I'm well aware" he cut his underling off "if he see's us our cover will likely be blown no matter what happens, what of our fallen comrades?"

"All remains have been collected" he answered.

"Good, we can't let anyone find out what happened here, we're leaving" he declared as he and the remaining invaders vanished with a Shunpo.

*Ten minutes later*

"What happened here?" Captain Ginrei Kuchki of Squad Six asked unable to hide his horror as he walked past another street laced with bloody corpses, many of which were children no older than ten when he felt a familiar spiritual pressure fading away "it can't be!!!" he thought as he vanished in a shunpo only to reappear in front of his colleague who was lying in a pool of her own blood only a dozen yards away from her husband "Yuki!!!"

Yuki stirred slightly as she looked up to her fellow Captain and tried to speak but her voice was gone.

"There's nothing I can do!" Ginrei thought angrily to himself as Yuki revealed her son who was still wrapped in blankets, the child started crying softly; Ginrei immediately understood what she wanted as he picked up the child and said "don't worry he's not hurt. I promise I'll take care of him."

Yuki smiled as she thought "thanks you're the best old man…" she then fell to the ground for the last time "…please my son, you must live on!!!" her life then faded from her body as her soul returned to the cycle of rebirth.

*In a dark meeting place 48 hours later*

"What is the meaning of this?!" one of the men responsible for the massacre asked in rage of the person they had placed in charge of carrying out the deed "you were instructed to annihilate the entire family, so how did that brat escape with his life?"

"As I was about to finish off his mother I sensed that Ginrei Kuchki was quickly approaching, it was of the upmost importance that our involvement be kept a secret so we had no choice but to flee the scene" the man answered "even we wouldn't be able to cover up what really happened if we had also caused the death of the head of the Kuchki Family along with the entire Hitsugaya Clan…" his superiors seemed to calm down at his explanation "…though I will admit it was wrong of me to assume that he had died due to the spiritual pressures he must of experienced because of the fight, I was careless."

"No matter" a female voice replied "the boy is only an infant, and who knows it may be better this way."

"What do you mean?" another woman asked.

"If we play our cards right, the boy may become an asset to us" she explained.

"I doubt it, his entire damn family was never anything but a thorn in our side" another man stated.

"But then again, I don't think we can afford an Assassination on the Kuchki grounds" yet another conspirator noted "we may as well wait and see how this all plays out, after all this little hiccup in our plans could be quite beneficial to us and if not we can always get together to rig an accident" the others involved seemed to voice agreement.

*Years later*

"News of the massacre spread to all corners of the Soul Society within a matter of days" Ginrei thought as he sipped a cup of tea quietly as he observed a pair of teenage boys practicing their Zangutsu with wooden swords in one of his mansion's many gardens "the Central Forty Six declared it was the result of a massive hollow attack..." one of the boys had jet black hair which he wore in a ponytail with a few long bangs hanging over the left side of his face and he had teal grey eyes focused on his sparring partner "…though the truth is that no one knows what really happened; the Hitsugaya Clan had many enemies who wanted them destroyed down to every last man, woman, and child…" the other boy appeared to be maybe a year younger with silver hair which spiked out wildly, his turquoise eyes were just as wild and they were locked on his opponent "…which is one of the reasons why I took the lone heir to their clan into my household, one of the few places where he would be safe, and he has grown" the two boys slammed their swords together so hard they both snapped sending their ends flying into the air before digging into the ground when they landed.

"Damn it another draw" the black haired boy cursed as he his breathing became heavy almost instantly "you're a pain in ass you know that, Toushirou?!"

"Tch, I could say the same thing about you Byakuya" Toushirou replied calmly as he wiped some sweat from his forehead "let's go again."

"Fine this time I'll…" Byakuya began only to stop immediately when Ginrei appeared between the two.

"Impressive, the two of you have improved tremendously" Ginrei stated calmly "I need you both to wrap things up early this evening."

"But grandfather, we start the academy in two weeks and I have to be on the top of my game, otherwise I'll be disgracing our house" Byakuya replied.

"While I appreciate your enthusiasm Byakuya, I'm afraid tomorrow is an important day" Ginrei explained to his ever eager grandson.

"Why? Do I have something coming up tomorrow?" Byakuya asked afraid he had forgotten something.

"No it has nothing to do with you Byakuya, but rather…" Ginrei answered before turning towards the other child "…with you Toushirou."

"With me, Lord Ginrei?" Toushirou inquired seemingly un-phased by the old noble's comment though he was really curious and eager as to what he had to say.

"When you were a child I told you that when you were old enough I would tell you about your family and why you were raised here in the Kuchki manor instead of your uncle" Ginrei continued causing Toushirou's eyes to open in anticipation "well tomorrow, you shall have your answers."

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