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Ch. 16 Shattered Facades

For over a thousand years the Central Forty Six has acted as the soul governing body of the Soul Society. With all the might of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads behind them there had never been a serious threat to their legitimacy. That is until roughly ten years ago when everything seemed to change in the span of a few short days.

A decade ago a masked man rose from the shadows to rally the masses. His words combined with the harsh reality that nearly all of them lived with created a movement calling for revolution. With a surge of momentum and energy the rebels stormed a powerful lord's manor for their own headquarters, several powerful individuals joined their ranks dawning masks to hide their identities, and for the first time in over a thousand years they successfully met the forces of the Seireitei on the battlefield and prevailed.

After the revolutionaries initial victories the Seireitei unleashed the full fury of some of their greatest warriors. In response countless riots broke out throughout Rukongai and the rebels' numbers surged. This naturally triggered an escalation from the Seireitei causing them to unleash their mightiest soldiers. As a result the entire Soul Society was engulfed in the bloody hellfire of war that spread to every corner of Rukongai and dyed the ground red with blood.

*South Rukongai*

A large group or rebels had established a base on top of one of the largest hills in South Rukongai. This allowed the rebels not only a great spot to spy on shinigami movements from miles away, but it also created a highly defensible outpost that was effectively a meat grinder for the shinigami who had to take it in order to open a path to their headquarters.

"WE NEED ARTILLERY NOW!" a female shinigami with short blonde hair and green eyes shouted as she and her other soldiers were pinned down by numerous spells and arrows raining down from the hilltop.

"THEY'RE ALL DEAD MA'AM" another shinigami nursing a bloodied right arm roared from a couple dozen yards down the hill taking cover behind a large stone.

"SHIT" she swore as she turned her gaze towards the enemy stronghold which seemed to sport three different levels of archers and spell slingers "no choice we have to retreat…" her line of thought was cut short when a particularly large blast exploded just in front of their position throwing her and three of her subordinates down the hill.

When she finally stopped the female shinigami looked up to see another volley of attacks soaring towards, thinking it was the end she took a deep breath and closed her eyes but suddenly the temperature began to drop and a large ice dragon soared through the sky intercepting the attacks and saving her life.

"What's the situation?" Lieutenant Toushirou Hitsugaya of Squad Ten asked calmly as he helped the woman to her feet.

"A thousand pardons sir" the woman replied "they're too well fortified and our artillery unit was destroyed…" she wiped a spec of blood from her lip "…I'm afraid we have no choice but to…"

"Gather the wounded and fall back" Toushirou commanded calmly as his eyes began to glow and the temperature fell even further "I'll take care of this."

"He's not going to…" the shinigami thought before turning her attention back to her men and yelling "GET THE WOUNDED AND FALL BACK!"

Coldly, calmly observing the battlefield Toushirou began to walk up the hill towards the enemy base. Sword in hand he walked past over a dozen shinigami who were fleeing the scene, helping their wounded comrades escape from certain death, or providing cover with kidou or their shikai from the enemy barrage.

As the Lieutenant of Squad Ten drew closer and closer to the rebel stronghold and his soldiers fell further and further back, more and more spells and arrows shot towards him. None of this did the rebels any good in the long run as the wind picked up in intensity and snow began falling rapidly causing their attacks to literally freeze in the air before shattering into dust.

The wooden planks which made up the bulk of the improvised fortress began to loudly creak while the stones began to crack from the moisture inside expanding as it rapidly froze. Needless to say the rebels, most of whom were lightly clothed were shivering madly as they tried in vain to stop the approaching shinigami.

"Reign over the frozen heavens, Hyourinmaru" Toushirou chanted calmly as the sound of thunder cracked over the skies and a massive dragon of water and ice lunged from the tip of his sword towards the rebel's stronghold.

Multiple screams roared mixed with the sounds of wooden planks snapping, stone pillars collapsing, and the loud thuds of men, supply containers, and pieces of the once mighty fortress falling to the ground as the massive leviathan tore its way through their precious base. With a loud thunderous roar the dragon exploded into a massive cloud of powdered ice which momentarily hid the scene of devastation from view.

As the wintery cloak faded the shinigami who were both alive and conscious looked in stunned silence at a large pile of wood, stone, and other forms of debris where the rebel encampment had been earlier. The icy particles from the Lieutenant's attack blanketed the scene in a thin layer of snow as the skies cleared, the wind died down, and the temperature began to raise bringing a pleasant warmth in its wake.

"If you're any good at medicinal kidou help treat the wounded until Squad Four arrives" Toushirou ordered calmly as he headed towards the scene of the destruction he has just caused "I want the rest of you to help me secure the area."

Due to the sheer shock of what they had just witnessed it took the numerous shinigami time to realize they had just been given new orders. In spite of this roughly half a dozen shinigami soon joined their Lieutenant in searching through the debris where they pulled out a couple of heavily wounded rebels…and a few civilians who had been hiding in the basements in the nearby houses when Toushirou's attack brought everything crashing down around them.

"Damn it" Toushirou swore as his soldiers quickly and carefully dug the civilians out of the rubble to get them medical attention.

Roughly twenty minutes later the shinigami had set up a temporary encampment with lookouts, medical tents, and other essentials. In the middle was a small camp fire where soldiers were relaxing and attempting to enjoy their rations as the sun began to set. That was the scene which greeted the reinforcements from Squad Ten and the unit of healers from Squad Four they were escorting when they finally arrived.

"What's your report Toushirou?" Shukun asked as his subordinate saluted his arrival and his soldiers took up position.

"By the time I arrived the soldiers had been pinned down by enemy fire and the artillery unit was dead" Toushirou answered as he waved his hand to the surrounding wreckage "I successfully destroyed the fort with Hyourinmaru, but there was…"

"Collateral damage?" Shukun offered as his Lieutenant hesitated momentarily as he showed him the destroyed houses "so how many casualties were there?"

"We lost ten men during the initial climb along with their artillery, in addition we have another seven injured" Toushirou sighed heavily "though we're still digging through the rubble we have twenty four confirmed rebels K.I.A. and six injured prisoners."

"And the civilians?" Shukun asked with an unusually stoic tone.

"Seven dead, five injured" Toushirou answered "by me…"

Shukun sighed at his protégé's distress before placing a comforting hand on his shoulder and saying "you did what you had to do."

"I know that but…" Toushirou replied as his Captain took a seat next to him.

"Remember what I told you once about war?" Shukun asked.

"That it's a special kind of hell you can't imagine until you've seen it" Toushirou answered weakly "or something to that effect" he shook his head and cracked a sardonic smile "after ten years I think I know what you were talking about" he rubbed his eyes with his left thumb and index fingers, the dark bags under them clashed with his normally pale complexion.

"There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but boys, it is all hell" Shukun chuckled weakly as he rubbed his own dark bagged eyes.

"Another quote from that general you told me about?" Toushirou asked calmly.

"Yeah" Shukun replied "just remember you're not alone" his eyes led Toushirou's to their comrades who were sporting similar signs of immense emotional and psychological strain.

"Any advice for dealing with the civilian deaths?" Toushirou asked weakly.

Shukun was silent for several seconds before answering "remember them; let them be your motivation to do better" he stood up and brushed himself off "and try not to blame yourself as much as possible…this kind of thing is unfortunately unavoidable in war" he extended his hand to help his Lieutenant to his feet.

"Well…here's hoping it'll end soon" Toushirou replied weakly.

"With this outpost we're now right on Usotsuki's doorstep, it should be over soon" Shukun stated as the last rays of the sun disappeared over the horizon "get something to eat and whatever rest you can Lieutenant Hitsugaya; we should be getting a visitor soon."

"Yes sir" Toushirou sighed, wearied from all the fighting and destruction he had seen over the years.

War is never kind regardless of which side you fight for. Shinigami, Rebel, and civilian alike had at least witnessed if not taken part in battle where combatants had butchered one another in mass. Regardless if they supported the Seireitei, the Rebels, or held no particular leanings; thousands if not millions of civilians had been killed in the cross fire.

It was particularly trying for Toushirou for two reasons. The first being that as a Lieutenant he would be deployed to far more battles which were far greater in intensity with fewer breaks from the carnage to rest his body and mind. This strain was only compounded by the fact that his power was so destructive by nature.

Whereas most shinigami only had to worry about what was right in front of them, Toushirou had to be careful lest he wipe an entire block off the map with just his shikai. Though he did everything he could to control the damage, with so many battles in so many crowded and highly populated areas, the civilian death toll inevitably grew quite high. A fact which weighed heavily on the youth's heart.

About two hours later the encampment had grown considerably with numerous tents housing weary soldiers. It was then that the visitor Shukun had mentioned earlier had arrived garbed in a long sleeved white haori with a dark orange inlay.

"Yo, Toushirou, Captain Shugyou" the woman called out to the leaders of Squad Ten.

"Good to see you Captain Shihoin" Shukun greeted as the new Captain of Squad Two beckoned them to one of the larger tents which was warded to prevent anyone from hearing what was said on the inside "how did the other units do?"

"Point Delta and Point Epsilon are still in enemy hands, but they've got reinforcements coming in" Yoruichi answered as she pointed to their locations on the map "hopefully we'll be able to launch an assault on the Rebel Base within the next three days."

"What of Usotsuki and his Lieutenants?" Toushirou asked.

"Same M.O. since Faburikku and Shizen" Yoruichi sighed "they come, they go…and unfortunately there appear to be more and more casualties every time they appear…"

"So they've managed to make Ketsueki, Kyuusho, and Koujou stronger" Toushirou stated calmly earning him a nod from his wife "and I'm guessing they've fined tuned their control over my parents and…the Shibas…" his tone grew heavy as he thought to the two additional masked soldiers that appeared shortly after Shizen and Faburikku."

"Can you imagine what it'd do to our troop moral if everyone outside the Captains, Lieutenants, and elite forces?" Shukun sighed heavily.

"I don't even want to think about it" Yoruichi replied as she scratched her temple "oh and before I forget what's the situation with Squad Ten at the moment?" she looked at glanced curiously at Shukun and Toushirou "It's clear that your mission was a success but…"

"Our people have already completed their assignments and Rangiku's distributing our reinforcements in the south" Shukun answered "we've taken casualties and we've already requested some supplies; but we should be battle ready in time for the Head Captain's plans."

"That's a relief" Yoruichi yawned "Squads Five, Six, and Eight are also in position and Squad One is heading South along with Squads Nine and Three" she stretched out her arms to get some relief in her stiff joints "as soon as my people show up I think I'll just send a messenger to the old man if you don't mind."

"Not at all, you'll need your rest Captain Shihoin" Shukun replied.

"Much appreciated" Yoruichi said gratefully before asking "anything else either of you'd like to ask me?"

Toushirou and Shukun shared a glance before the former asked "any new clues on who exactly this Usotsuki is?"

"No, none of my people have gotten close enough to find out" Yoruichi answered "at least none who lived long enough to tell us anything."

"Any news on the barriers they raised around the compound?" Shukun inquired.

"Judging from what my spies have reported and what the…dazzling duo back in the Seireitei have told us…the barriers require a series of intricate incantations and a number of incredibly rare reagents" Yoruichi explained calmly "that's probably why they only bothered with using them for their main base."

"I'm pretty sure you can guess my last question" Toushirou offered.

"Still have Soi Fon leading a team on that but we still haven't found any hard evidence we could use" Yoruichi answered sounding more than a tad frustrated with how difficult the information gathering process was.

"That is unfortunate" Shukun sighed as he let out a small yawn "best case scenario we have three days before we attack the rebels again…I suggest making the upmost of it…" with a lazy stretch the Captain of Squad Ten exited the tent to get some much needed rest.

"As tired as I am" Yoruichi said with a playful tone of voice "I'm inclined to take your Captain's advice, how about you?" the Captain of Squad Two received her answer in the form of a sudden kiss on the lips "my you're breaking from your usual decorum" she chuckled.

"Is that a complaint I'm hearing?" Toushirou asked as he snaked his left arm around Yoruichi's waist and pulled her closer to him.

"Of course not" Yoruichi chuckled as she wrapped her arms around the man's shoulders and kissed him gently.

Gently pushing Toushirou back, Yoruichi unsheathed her arms from her Captain's Haori and laid it on a nearby stool. Smiling as Toushirou smirked slightly the two shinigami removed their sheathed Zanpakutou and gently laid them next to each other on top of Yoruichi's haori before embracing again in another heated kiss.

Toushirou ran his left hand through Yoruichi's beautiful violet hair as his right hand gently held onto her left wrist. Toushirou's plan was to slowly travel up the woman's arm to reach the folds of her kimono just below her collarbone. That plan however was interrupted when he progressed a couple inches before hitting a bulky obstruction.

"What the hell?" Toushirou wondered.

"Sorry about that" Yoruichi chuckled and pulled up her sleeves to reveal what he recognized as a pair of bracers meant for shooting senbon, tiny needles usually dipped in poison at enemies.

Toushirou rolled his eyes as she unstrapped the deadly weapons and placed them on the ground behind the stool. Getting back into their rhythm, Toushirou resumed stroking Yoruichi's hair with his left hand as his right gently made its way down her spine until it made contact with yet another obstruction.

"Seriously?!" Toushirou asked in disbelief as Yoruichi started laughing in obvious amusement as she pulled out a short sword she had hidden the small of her back through a small hole in the back of her uniform "you're armed to the teeth, you know that?"

"Well…I am kind of a spy and assassin" Yoruichi stated in a tone that echoed pure amusement before gently rubbing the younger man's silver haired "tell you what I think I have a better idea."

Taking a couple steps back Yoruichi smirked as a soft pop echoed in the room and a thin veil of smoke surrounded her body and her clothes just fell to the ground with a soft thump. Seconds later a black cat with very familiar eyes emerged from the clothes pile looking up at Toushirou before a second pop and a second smokescreen revealed a now naked Yoruichi standing in front of the Lieutenant of Squad Ten in all her glory.

"I like the way you think sometimes" Toushirou said in approval before locking lips with the dark skinned goddess again.

"Only sometimes?" Yoruichi asked curiously.

"You are a troublemaker" Toushirou stated as attacked her neck with his mouth earning a soft moan from Yoruichi.

"Oh please, you know you like it" Yoruichi chuckled as he made his way down to her shoulder causing her to wrap her slender arms around his torso.

"Guilty as charged" he chuckled softly before grabbing her left breast with his right hand and sucking on the hardened nipple earning him a soft gasp from the nude Captain.

Smirking silently Yoruichi snaked her hands into the folds of Toushirou's robes and peeled open both the black kimono and the white undershirt exposing his well-formed shoulders. Licking her lips in anticipation Yoruichi wrapped her arms around Toushirou's shoulders and her legs around his waist.

Yoruichi's sudden lunge towards Toushirou caused the exact reactions she was hoping for, namely he fell backward so that she had him pinned to the ground. Toushirou rolled his eyes in minor annoyance that he fell for such a cheap trick especially when he saw the highly amused expression in her eyes and face.

Any thoughts of protest were silenced by Yoruichi's right index finger over his lips and traced a path down his neck and chest to his waist where she sat on top of him. Right below her crotch Yoruichi could feel a very familiar hardness pressing up against her, the heat radiating from Toushirou's stiff members sent chills down her spine.

Silently, and without breaking her mischievous grin Yoruichi lifted herself up slightly and went to work on Toushirou's obi freeing his aching manhood. The Lieutenant of Squad Ten let out a soft moan as Yoruichi wrapped the long slender fingers of her right hand around the base in a firm grip and slowly began to rub the length up and down.

Enjoying the subtle feedback she was receiving, Yoruichi quickly decided it was time to up the ante. Using her left hand to hold back her long hair so it wouldn't be in the way, Yoruichi lowered her head to Toushirou's throbbing penis and let out a hot breath on the head as she increased the speed of her right hand. A smirk crossed her face as the silver haired Lieutenant's fingers dug into the ground below him.

Of course it was all nothing compared to what he felt when Yoruichi wrapped her lips around his length and began to bob her head up and down. Each motion sent a wave of mind numbing pleasure up Toushirou's spine, the sensations were amplified a hundred fold when Yoruichi added her tongue into the mix. The Captain of Squad Two mentally patted herself on the back when she felt a familiar pair of hands bury themselves in her hair urging her to increase her pace.

Eventually Yoruichi parted from Toushirou's cock creating a loud popping noise and leaving a thin trail of saliva and pre-cum. In spite of how many times he had seen her naked, Toushirou still couldn't help but marvel at Yoruichi as she positioned herself right over his dick. From her long violet hair and captivating golden eyes, to her ample breasts and silky smooth stomach, to her firm rear and her long curvaceous legs which seemed to go on forever.

"Feeling more relaxed yet?" Yoruichi chuckled noticing how he looked at her with a mixture of love and lust.

"I think you already know the answer to that" Toushirou replied in a loving yet snarky tone which made the dark skinned goddess chuckle again; it was true simply being with Yoruichi helped ease the burdens that he had to bear due to the violence he had witnessed and taken part in. Now he was determined to do the same for her because he knew that she probably had to deal with worse pain and she had to do it from the shadows "I'd say we better do the same for you."

"So thoughtful, good to see that hasn't changed my little ice prince" Yoruichi thought with a smile on her face as she lowered herself onto Toushirou's stiff penis feeling the soaked head easily press in between her folds and causing her to let out a series of soft moans as she felt the heat of his manhood enter the very core of her being "…it's…been too long…" she sighed in relief as she began to move her hips so that she was moving up and down his throbbing member, gripping it like a vice with her pussy.

It didn't take long for Yoruichi's pace to increase along with the tightness of her vagina's grip on Toushirou's dick. No sooner had she impaled herself upon her husband he had his left hand wrapped around her waist while his right reached up to grab her left breast. Not wanting to let her other 'twin' be neglected, Yoruichi quickly began to squeeze and pinch her right breast with her right hand as she used her left hand to help her keep her balance.

"I…heard…you like to…suck…on…Isane's…boobs when you're on bottom…" Yoruichi squeezed out between moans as she continued to ride the silver haired Lieutenant.

"That…only works because…she's so tall…" Toushirou struggled to explain as he continued to thrust up into the violet haired Captain.

"Aaaahhh!" Yoruichi moaned as she had a small climax over Toushirou's dick "…in that case…why…don't you try coming up with something clever for me?"

Closing his eyes momentarily in contemplation an idea struck Toushirou as he pulled out of Yoruichi so he could sit up using a nearby chair as a support "alright come here" he commanded, his eyes betraying a rare moment of mischievous excitement for the usually serious noble.

Yoruichi's heart skipped a beat in excitement as Toushirou spun her around so that her back was facing him. Yoruichi licked her lips in anticipation as she felt his dick press against her ass while it slowly forced its way into her depths earning the Lieutenant a long drawn out moan; though Yoruichi was enjoying the sensations sending toe curling pleasure throughout her body, she couldn't help but be curious about Toushirou's schemes especially since he was still on bottom.

As if to answer the dark skinned Captain's unspoken question she felt her husband's arms wrap around her legs as she descended upon his shaft starting at the base of the hips and slowly working their way down to just below her knees effectively pressing her thighs against her upper body. This was a position that would have most people crying in agony, unless of course they possessed a superhuman level of flexibility like one Yoruichi Shihoin Hitsugaya.

"How do you like this?" Toushirou asked with an unusually playful if vindictive tone of voice as she placed her hands on the back of her head for comfort.

"Not bad" Yoruichi teased as she felt his hands grip her breasts tightly and his fingers pinched her nipples earning him a small gasp causing him to smirk in victory.

With Yoruichi now firmly locked in his grasp, Toushirou began to thrust him hips into the depths of her ass earning him a series of moans which escalated in volume as his speed and force both increased. Each thrust sent powerful waves of pleasure throughout Yoruichi's body causing her breasts to push and pull against Toushirou's hands further stimulating her feelings of arousal while her legs waved around frantically from the knees down.

Words could not describe how truly grateful Toushirou was for the special runes inside the tent which insured that no one outside could hear what was going on within, though he was sure the thought of being seen in such a situation was more amusing than anything for Yoruichi. As he began to thrust deeper and harder into Yoruichi's anus he sent wave after wave of pleasure through her body, each more powerful than the last. In turn Yoruichi ass would squeeze his dick harder and harder as if trying to strangle it, which then increased the pleasure Toushirou was feeling spurring him to thrust even deeper and harder.

This cycle of escalating pleasure naturally had both shinigami moaning in ecstasy. Yoruichi vagina was glimmering in the candle light due to the clear fluids leaking from her folds soaking both of their sexes while a thin layer of sweat covered both of them. Eventually the sheer pleasure Toushirou was experiencing pushed him over the edge and he unleashed a load of his seed deep into Yoruichi's depths. The feeling of hot semen deep within her also caused Yoruichi to experience a massive orgasm which had put the previous ones to shame leaving the two shinigami panting heavily.

Eventually regaining their composure, Yoruichi gently pulled herself and began to put on her clothes and her numerous weapons followed quickly by Toushirou "that was nice" Yoruichi said with clear satisfaction "when this is all over we'll have to catch up" she added with a chuckle as she got to the article of clothing which in spite of its nearly nonexistent weight seemed to be heavier than lead, her Captain's Kimono.

"Rangiku's stationed with the rest of our squad miles away, and I've hardly had any chance to see the rest of you since the war broke out" Toushirou stated solemnly as he fastened his Lieutenant's badge to his left arm before smiling weakly in a bemused fashion "knowing Rangiku she'll probably want to catch up to all the drinking, slacking off, and all round partying she's missed out on immediately."

"And what do you plan to do?" Yoruichi asked curiously.

"I imagine I'll have to reign her in after a month or two at the very least or it'll be impossible for anyone in Squad Ten to get any damn work done" Toushirou replied simply earning him a chuckle from Yoruichi as he fastened Hyourinmaru to his back "all that aside…I must say I'm looking forward to getting used to peace again."

"Yeah, I'd have to agree with that" Yoruichi said softly as she gently wrapped her left arm around his right and rested her head on his shoulder.

In spite of what many legends, folk tales, books and other forms of literature, and even future forms of media such as movies, television, and video games might have you believe; there is no honor or glory in war. While there may be honor and virtue in one's reasons for taking part in war, such as the desire to protect their homes and families or secure a better future for their people; the truth is that war and the battles which comprise it are devoid of any such redeeming qualities.

In times of war good people on both sides are often forced to kill each other in mass simply because they've committed themselves to conflicting causes. Though Toushirou knew and understood that the rebels were his enemies, a part of him couldn't help but sympathize with them. While he held nothing but contempt for Usotsuki and for the two shinigami who were aiding him from the shadows, the fact is that he had also seen the sources of many a grievances which may have caused him to join in their cause had he been less fortunate.

He had seen the poverty, the lawlessness, the corruption, the hopelessness, and the all-round misery which was the day to day reality for far too many souls who lived in Rukongai. While the leadership of the rebellion was undeniably rotten, Toushirou was sure that the vast majority of their warriors were only fighting because they honestly believed they were creating a better future for themselves and their families. A belief that was reinforced every time he heard one of them utter the name of a spouse or child as they drew their last breath, usually by his own hand.

Unfortunately the horrors of their battles could not be contained between the soldiers in spite of the best efforts on both sides. It was a tragic fact that civilian towns tended to form and grow around key resources or strategic locations such as river junctions or particularly high hills were one could see their enemies coming from miles away. As a result countless civilians were often caught in the crossfire of a war they may have prayed to avoid being involved in.

After ten years, the horrors of war weighed heavily on many a shinigami and rebel alike. So many good and innocent people dead, so much destruction and ruin, and not one good thing had been created as a result. And all of it was due to the sins and machinations of a few greedy can unimaginably cruel souls that few knew anything about.

Deep within his heart Toushirou hoped with all his being that the war would end within the next three days as Head Captain Yamamoto planned. But even more than that, he hoped that a time of healing might take its place so that perhaps such tragedy could be avoided for the rest of his lifetime if not longer. Though he knew that was likely wishful thinking, he still couldn't help but hope.

In the sixty hours that followed many of the Seireitei's strongest warriors gathered in Southern Rukongai to lead the full might of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads in a battle aimed at finally crushing the rebellion exactly where it had begun. The most prominent of the warriors were ten of the thirteen captains leaving only the captains of Squads Twelve, Seven, and Four back in the Seireitei.

This of course meant that the shinigami would be lead into battle by the mightiest shinigami in history; the Captain of Squad One and the Head Captain Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto. His mere presence filled the countless shinigami with confidence and determination. After all with the legendary Head Captain leading them directly, how could they possibly lose to a band of rebels?

If one were to look upon their forces from the skies they would be able to practically see how their numbers grew as more and more shinigami arrived to the front bringing with them supplies and weapons. Of particular note were the large mortar like devices which required four people to carry, a recent weapon developed by the department of research and development. With their superior numbers and weapons, the shinigami were certain that the coming battle would bring victory.

*Rebel Headquarters*

"So they've moved into position just like you said they would" Usotsuki stated calmly as he sat across a small table from the male conspirator, his mask and two hot cups of tea laying between them "the two of you have made excellent eyes and ears on the inside, I'm grateful."

"It helps that we're privy to such information" the man replied calmly as he took a sip of his steaming hot beverage "I must admit your plan is as brilliant as it is devious."

"I'm flattered" Usotsuki chuckled weakly as his burns sent a tremor through his body "so they'll attack in the morning?" the man nodded in confirmation "good, they shouldn't find out they've fallen into a trap until it's too late."

"Don't forget you'll only have a couple minutes Usotsuki" the man warned "no matter what happens we need to get the nine of us through along with any more men we can manage, any fewer risks complete failure."

"I know" Usotsuki stated firmly "ideally all nine of us get through along with a healthy number of soldiers; but things rarely play out on the battlefield in an ideal fashion" he lifted up his white mask and gazed into its empty sockets "you'll just have to have faith in us" flipping the mask around before pressing it gently against his scarred face, Usotsuki stood up and turned to the man before saying "we'd best prepare ourselves."

*The following Morning*

The former estate which had been turned into a main base for the rebels and the surrounding areas had changed drastically over ten years. The homes, brothels, pubs, and various other structures surrounding the dome within one hundred yards had been torn down, replaced with the occasional outpost which were linked to each other with walls made of stone and lumber. The streets which would normally be overflowing with beggars, drug dealers, thieves, whores, and other lost souls were deathly quiet and empty as shinigami took their places.

From his position on top of a nearby hill Toushirou could tell that even more radical changes had occurred behind the dome. What was once a wide open estate of flat plains adorned with the occasional mine or farm was now a series of extremely steep slopes which featured only a few small paths that would allow even remotely easy access to the higher sections of the compound.

Though he was no farmer, miner, tiller, or anything of the sort; Toushirou couldn't help but admire the rebels' ability to move so much earth around and rearrange it into such a highly defensible position. But at the same time the soldier and the officer within him knew that those few paths would be major choke points where a lot of blood would have to be spilled in order for their forces to advance. A fact that was only made clearer by the presence of thick stone walls, gates, towers, and canons throughout the area making it obvious that there would likely be far more shinigami casualties than rebels at each point.

Thankfully most of the shinigami either didn't recognize or chose not to recognize the grim implications of the enemy's fortifications. After all if they spent too much time focusing on what was going to be an inevitable blood bath then there was little hope that they'd have the sheer force of will to do what needed to be done. That aside the air amongst them was thick with nervousness and anticipation.

Though their numbers paled in comparison to the shinigami that had come to crush them, the rebels were clearly stationed in their headquarters in force forming what seemed to be a sea of the Soul Society's castaways. Though lacking the thorough training and experience of many of their enemies, the rebel soldiers were prepared to lay down their lives for the future that Usotsuki had promised them. Grasping their weapons tightly the rebels readied themselves as Usotsuki stood at the very front of his men calm, composed, and ready to lead them to victory.

With a series of dull flashing light images of Usotsuki's face appeared in the sky above his soldiers as the battle to determine the war drew ever closer. Taking a moment to draw a deep breath Usotsuki began what for many of them would be the last speech they ever heard.

"Brothers, Sisters" Usotsuki called out to his followers "as you all know the Seireitei have gathered outside our doors in force; in fact they're lead here today by none other than the Head Captain himself."

Precious few rebels were able to stop themselves from gulping audibly and licking their lips in fear not only at the sheer numbers of their enemies, but by the man leading them whose brutality in the past was the stuff of legends.

"But do not give in to despair" Usotsuki commanded his tone becoming much more forceful and confident as if he was glad for it all "instead ask yourselves; why has he seen the need to come here himself instead of letting one of his little lap dogs handle it?" the rebels looked up at the image of their leader curiously "I'll tell you why, it's because they know!"

They didn't need Usotsuki to remove his mask to know that he was smiling, but the question on everyone's mind of course was what he was smiling about.

"Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto is here today because they know!" Usotsuki declared his volume and his tempo increasing "they know that we have the true support of the people on our side! They know that what they fight is not a man or even an army, but an idea which cannot and will not be silenced! They know that our hearts forged by hardship and tempered by ten years of bloody struggle cannot be enslaved through fear, nor can we bought, and we will persevere until the war is won and we bring about the one absolute truth that all people are equal and all are accountable for their crimes!" his hands served to amplify his statements "they know and they are afraid!"

The rebels felt their collective spirits rise as Usotsuki rallied them as he done so many times in the past decade through victory and set back.

"Today is the day that we make the final stand of this war!" Usotsuki continued "Today is the day that the Central Forty Six's reign comes to an end and the aristocracy crumbles! Today is the day that we win a future for every soul who ever had the audacity to dream of a better tomorrow" loud chants of 'Usotsuki' began to echo amongst the rebels "Brothers, Sisters I am proud of each and every one of you! I know that you will fight with courage, tenacity, and heart the likes of which haven't been seen in centuries! I know that with your strength will cast off the shackles of oppression and usher in a new era for all!" with his words a thunderous roar filled the domed fortress.

Overlooking the shinigami army on top of a large hill just outside the barren zone between Usotsuki's base and his forces stood Head Captain Yamamoto flanked by his loyal Lieutenant Sasakibe Choujirou and his two former students Shunsui Kyouraku and Jyushiro Ukitake.

"Are the preparations complete Sasakibe?" Yamamoto asked calmly.

"Yes sir" Sasakibe replied his arms covered in black ink in a root like patter "I've established a link between the Captains, Lieutenants, and a few others as you requested via Tenteikura (if you need a reminder this is the kidou spell Isane used in canon to broadcast Aizen's betrayal to the Soul Society; so basically there's a psychic link between the Captains, Lieutenants, and a few others with Sasakibe acting as a hub)."

"Alright time to rally the troops" Yamamoto thought to himself as he took a couple steps forward and looked out to the countless shinigami before planting his staff into the ground before him "Attention soldiers of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads!" his voice boomed across the fields of shinigami "for ten years you have fought and bled on the battlefield against these rebels…"

"So it begins…" Toushirou thought as he stood on top of a hill towards the front and center of the gathered army, his Captain about twenty yards away "…they should be making their move soon…whatever that may be."

"…today your efforts pay off!" Yamamoto continued "today you stand before the very heart of the rebellion!" countless shinigami began to flex their fingers on their dominant hands preparing to draw their weapons "once we win this last battle peace, justice, and order will return to the Soul Society!"

"You really get into this old man" Shunsui thought in amusement "though of course you're most interested in the 'order' part than anything else."

"I expect you all to give every last measure of strength and devotion you possess to this end!" Yamamoto declared "even if the flesh should fall from your bones or your blood should paint the ground beneath you; so long as there is breath in your lungs…YOU ARE TO KEEP FIGHTING!" his eyes opened "ARTILLERY TEAMS PREPARE!"

At the old man's command countless teams of shinigami lowered their mortars to the ground pointing them towards the dome. As soon as the heavy tools of war were secured four rods rose from the corner which the shinigami rested their palms on top of to power the large weapons.

"Let's get ready Toushirou" Shukun's voice echoed in his Lieutenant's mind as both Captain and Lieutenant drew their swords and he chanted "Send them to Hell Mikonhonoo!" the area surrounding the Captain of Squad Ten was immediately engulfed in flames so intense people could see and feel them from miles away.

"Reign over the frozen heavens Hyourinmaru!" Toushirou chanted calmly as his eyes began to glow and the skies above turned dark before suddenly it was snowing lightly and his sword gained a chain with a crescent blade on the end.

"These things had better work Kurotsuchi" Yamamoto thought before yelling "FIRE!"

As soon as the Head Captain gave the command a series of loud booms echoed throughout the area followed quickly by hundreds of balls of light which lit up the sky. Seconds later the shots crashed into the large orange dome which had protected the rebel stronghold for a decade creating a large number of small holes in the shield. Within a matter of moments a second wave of shots followed creating even more holes and a series of large cracks. This was quickly followed by a third series hit their marks and caused the whole barrier to shatter as if it were made of glass followed quickly by the mysterious gems which supported it.

"ATTACK!" Yamamoto yelled causing virtually every shinigami to draw their blades and ran towards the enemy base.

No sooner had they crossed into the barren middle ground when another series of booms came from the other side as they entered the firing range of the rebels' canons. Though they lacked the sheer range and firepower of the shinigami's mortars; the half dozen or so corpses that flew through the air each time one of them exploded was proof they were still more than lethal.

"We have our targets now!" Shukun declared as he thrust his Zanpakutou sending a huge ball of fire shooting towards the enemy base which was followed quickly by another barrage of artillery.

"Roger that!" Toushirou replied as he thrust his blade just as his Captain before him sending a large serpentine dragon made of ice flying towards the rebels.

With a series of loud yells and explosions numerous rebel soldiers and cannons were blown to bits either by the artillery strikes or by the explosive attacks from the officers of Squad Ten, though there was still plenty more where they came from. In addition a number of the walls and towers they had built had been hit resulting in a couple collapsing while the rest suffered mere structural damage or was feeding a small fire.

"Get more archers on the ledges!" A rebel commander demanded as another wave of mortar shells, flames, and ice dragons came raining down upon the land around them "water teams get to work on extinguishing those fires, anyone who can make a barrier reinforce the…"

The man was cut off as someone standing behind him suddenly pressed one hand to his lips and used the other to slit his throat. Many rebels were startled by the sudden appearance of what they suspected was a shinigami agent disguised as one of them. But what scarred them even more was how the person seemed to vanish as quickly as he had appeared. This was happening at numerous spots across the battlefield. Though she was considerably nobler than her father, Yoruichi knew how to fight ruthlessly; knowledge she made a point of sharing with her soldiers.

In the fields below the rebel and shinigami foot soldiers finally clashed face to face; the clang of swords, the crunching of bones, the tearing of fabric and flesh, and the explosions created by rebel canon fire and shinigami kidou sung the terrible song of war. In a matter of minutes the sea of combatants began to paint the ground beneath them red with blood.

"Fall back steadily!" Usotsuki commanded as he withdrew his sword from the torso of a now dead shinigami, as he ordered the sea of his men began to retreat at a slow and steady pace making sure to focus on staying alive as their allies picked them off from above "Good…if this keeps up…"

Usotsuki's train of thought was brought to a sudden halt as an immense spiritual pressure erupted from the Shinigami's flank as the weaker soldiers did the only intelligent thing and made way as it came rushing towards the Rebels' leader. Focusing his might into gripping his sword as tightly as possible, Usotsuki quickly raised his blade and dug in his heels as an explosive force came crashing down upon him causing everyone nearby be they shinigami or rebels to be blown away.

The mere fact that Usotsuki survived such an attack was a testament to his strength and skill. Just above his head his sword had locked blades with a long jagged sword wielded by an enormous bear of a man with long black hair worn into a few large spikes with bells attached to the ends, a simple black eye patch over his right eye while his left sported a long vertical scar. In addition to the standard black shinigami robes he wore a tattered, sleeveless, white haori with the kanji for eleven on the back.

"Good" Kenpachi chuckled as he grinned in delight as applied more pressure to Usotsuki but the man didn't budge "looks like you can do more than run your mouth."

An unsettling and childlike giggle came from Kenpachi's back as a small child like shinigami with bubblegum pink hair emerged from his collar "you excited Kenney?"

"We'll have to see" Kenpachi replied as he licked his lips in anticipation "don't disappoint me."

"Captain Kenpachi Zaraki of Squad Eleven" Usotsuki stated calmly as they separated "it would seem your blood lust is not exaggerated."

Kenpachi smiled in a manner that was more befitting a feral beast as he raised his sword over his shoulder and Yachiru leapt off of him to find a good spot to watch the coming battle as her foster father rushed towards Usotsuki and the two warriors clashed once again.


As time passed, Toushirou noticed that fewer and fewer mortar shots lit up the sky. Evidently the weapons drew too much spirit energy for them to be used continuously. Thankfully though, they had served their primary function of destroying the barrier which shielded the rebel strong hold. And judging by the sheer number of craters, fires, and debris piles Toushirou spotted in the distance; they had done a decent job of serving their secondary function of softening the enemy's defenses.

"There isn't much more we can do from back here" Shukun stated as he willed his flames to die down a bit but not extinguish "it's time we joined the front line."

"Yes sir" Toushirou replied as his own freezing aura died down slightly before the Captain and Lieutenant of Squad Ten vanished with their skilled and practiced shunpo.

In less than a minute the two officers spotted their subordinates struggling to push forward against the wall of rebels that seemed hell bent to hold them at bay while the canons and arrows from above rained death upon them. Nearly half a mile away they felt the familiar spiritual pressure of Kenpachi Zaraki as he clashed with Usotsuki.

Turning their attention back towards their soldiers, they quickly spotted Rangiku leading from just behind the very front as she used her Haineko to provide some shielding from the canons and arrows being fired upon them. The two shinigami nodded in understanding to one another as Shukun took point and appeared between his men and the rebels so suddenly that both sides needed a moment to register the fact that the Captain had appeared before them.

A moment Shukun was not going to let the rebels have. No sooner had he finished his shunpo, he swung his sword in a wide horizontal arc sending a large wave of inferno crashing into the rebels' defensive line. The more fortunate among the rebels had their vital organs utterly destroyed before they knew what had happened to them; the less fortunate rebels however, quickly found themselves on the ground nursing horrid burns on their bodies or screaming in agony as the flames had literally destroyed part of their bodies.

The sound of men and women screaming in pain filled the ears of everyone present with horrid cries of pain in agony, most of which were silenced quickly by the blades of the now advancing members of Squad Ten. However even when the victims fell silent it did nothing to change the horrific smell of seared flesh which permeated the air and filled the lungs of all nearby shinigami and rebel alike. If not for the sheer adrenaline everyone present was experiencing at that moment; the sights, sounds, and smell of what a single swing of Shukun's destructive power had wrought would likely have caused anyone present who was fortunate enough not to be struck to vomit or faint from the hellish experience.

As soon as Shukun's attack hit its mark, Toushirou appeared in air above his Captain half way up the nearby slope with dark storm clouds forming in the sky above as the wind picked up in velocity and the temperature plummeted. Now that he was closer to the action Toushirou had an easier time making out individual archers, towers, and most of all canon teams which had been hard at work striking his soldiers with a constant stream of death. Focusing on his targets intently Toushirou thrust his sword forward creating not one, but more than a dozen dragons of water and ice the size of a small desk.

Though they lacked the power of the larger single dragons Toushirou usually used, they still had more than enough power to cause towers to collapse, canons to explode into a mess of wooden and metallic shrapnel, and of course to crush and freeze a lowly foot soldier who could only fight thanks to the weapons supplied by Usotsuki. As the Lieutenant of Squad Ten descended upon the ground below; the sounds of collapsing buildings, exploding weapons, and the screams of the dying echoed right behind him.

As soon as he landed on the ground next to his Captain, Toushirou and Shukun immediately turned their attention towards a nearby wooden gate which blocked their advance which was unguarded thanks to Shukun's horrific but effective attack. Without a single word between them the two men used a shunpo to close the distance between themselves and the enemy obstruction as they thrust their blades into the middle, the Captain's radiating an intense heat while the Lieutenant's seemed to be engulfed in a mix of snow and ice.

As soon as they buried their weapons into the gat it shattered into an untold number of pieces as a pair of massive blasts of fire and ice shot through the large trench killing anyone unlucky enough to be in the way effectively clearing a stretch for the invading shinigami.

"SQUAD TEN ADVANCE!" Shukun ordered earning a quick cheer from his men as they rushed push the enemy further back "how are we holding up Rangiku?"

"Sir we've suffered numerous casualties but we've held together" Rangiku reported her breath heavy as she tried to form words while experiencing so much raw adrenaline from the battle thus far.

"So far so good then" Toushirou stated when suddenly a large number of arrows, spells, and the occasional bomb fell into the trench from the artificial cliffs above.

"Take them out Toushirou!" Shukun commanded as he swung his sword diagonally creating a literal wall of flames above his soldier to shield them from the assault from above.

Wasting no time, Toushirou began to run forward and thrust his blade in an upward angle creating a large serpentine ice dragon which he leapt onto. Taking a deep breath, Toushirou focused his Tenso Jurin to provide himself and the ice dragon he was riding a thick layer of ice and snow to act as a shield as they passed through Shukun's flames. Before the rebels knew it, a large ice dragon emerged from the hell fire below them and flew into the skies over their heads.

Taking a moment of pick as many targets as possible, Toushirou's eyes glowed with a snowy white aura before he swung Hyourinmaru horizontally causing the ice dragon he was riding to literally shatter into numerous smaller dragons which proceeded to rain down on the enemies below. The impact from the dragons crushed men and tools alike ending their deadly assault on the shinigami below with their own barrage of wintery death.

As Toushirou landed back in the trench among his men he looked back at his Captain and Rangiku and nodded. Without saying a word, the Captain and the Third Seat began to make their way forward. They had successfully penetrated the first layer of the enemies defenses, however there were many more ahead. And even with all their power and skill, the fact of the matter was that the rebels had the better positioning and many of the shinigami who entered the enemy's compound, wouldn't be leaving it alive.

With a heavy sigh the two shinigami resolved to see the battle through to the end. Knowing full well it was going to be a truly bloody and terrible battle, especially for the countless pathways that didn't have a Captain or Lieutenant to provide cover.


In a dark, cramped room in the Department of Research and Development; Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi of Squad Twelve gazed at the contents on a large steel table with eager curiosity. Just behind him stood Captain Tejina Majo of Squad Seven with a devilish smirk of her own.

"I must say this Usotsuki man has made the most interesting toys" Mayuri chuckled as he looked over a recent shipment of gems that allowed even normal souls to mold and wield spirit particles in the forms of weapons such as sword and bows that had recently been liberated from captured rebels "this reminds me of the Quincies…"

"Perhaps he was familiar with them" Tejina quipped with an amused tone of voice.

Mayuri's face relaxed to a much more calm and composed; yet still chilling expression "I must say I'm curious about you Majo."

"Pardon?" Tejina asked curiously.

"We've been studying the tools used by these rebels for ten years" Mayuri stated "though they're clearly sophisticated, I noticed an unusual number of…hitches as my people have tried to figure them out."

"No one is perfect Captain Kurotsuchi" Tejina said simply.

"True, but still…I couldn't help but wonder…" Mayuri continued "…so I started to look into the problems…" he turned his gaze towards the blonde haired shinigami "…it seemed that someone was deliberately sabotaging their research…this person appeared to be going to great lengths to cover-up their activities…" Tejina's eyes lost their usual playfulness "…tell me, why would such a wealthy noble like you develop such lovely toys for Usotsuki and his little band of riffraff?"

Silence fell between the Captains for what seemed like an eternity before Tejina finally answered "that's bit of a long story and I doubt it would really interest you" she batted her eyes to her fellow Captain before continuing "however I do have something I think you will find interesting."

"Anyone else and I'd simply kill you where you stand" Mayuri said with a disturbingly jovial tone "you better not disappoint me."

"Stop, you'll make a girl blush" Tejina chuckled as she lead her fellow Captain out the door.

Silently the two Captains made their away across the rooftops of the Seireitei until eventually arriving in front of Squad Seven's main administration building. No sooner had they exited their shunpo then two of Tejina's soldiers approached them.

"Captain Majo, Captain Kurotsuchi, what brings you here?" one asked in near alarm annoying the latter.

"Have we received orders to mobilize?" the second asked with grave concern.

Tejina simply smiled softly and gently placed her hands on their shoulders, little did either of them know that she had her index and middle fingers pointed straight at their throats before she chanted "Hadou 4: Byakurai" causing them both to fall to the ground after a thin blast of pure energy shout right through their necks "follow me please" she proceeded into the building, paying her two latest victims no heed whatsoever.

"Using two kidou attacks simultaneously and without the incantation; even if it one of the most basic spells it's not a half bad display" Mayuri thought in approval as he casually stepped right over the bodies following the woman who fascinated him.

Eventually Tejina led Mayuri to a large vault like door that was easily ten feet high and twice that length in width deep in the basement of Squad Seven's main office building. The path to the door had been concealed with a plethora of highly complex runes and spells designed to create illusions and block out any sound. The Captain of Squad Twelve licked his lips in anticipation as the doors slid open.

Once the doors opened Mayuri quickly found himself standing with Tejina in a massive underground bunker which was more than a hundred yards wide and deep, and with a ceiling roughly twenty feet above their heads. The walls of the bunker were covered in various charts, notes, and experiments for kidou based trinkets Tejina was developing. The floor was divided into aisles filled to the brim with the very same gems Mayuri had been studying, specimens used to resurrect Usotsuki's officers, and various other implements.

But what truly caught Mayuri's eyes was the large semi-circle like gate in the back with stood roughly fifteen feet high and had a series of cords the diameter of a large man's arms stretching out connected to a series of large energy tanks which were more than twice the size of a normal person.

"What is this?" Mayuri asked in astonishment.

"I trust you're familiar with Jikanteishi and Kukanten'i" Tejina said calmly earning her a nod from the man who simply smiled maniacally "think of this as a gateway, or rather half a gateway; my partner is standing by at the other end."

"So it utilizes two forbidden kidou which freezes the time in a given area and transports a space to another location" Mayuri noted earning him an approving nod from Tejina "so these gates allow…"

"Instant teleportation across time and space between the gates" Tejina finished for him causing Mayuri to flash a freakishly wide and toothy grin "tell me how would you like to study them?"

"Don't tease me girl" Mayuri warned as he turned his gaze back to the traitorous Captain.

"Oh I would never tease a fellow scientist" Tejina reassured him "once government's been overthrown I'm going to be busy with my new seat of power, once that happens we could definitely use someone of your intellect and skills" she smiled as she closed her eyes momentarily to congratulate her own cunning "besides my creations are perfect I have no use for such…hobbies."

When Tejina opened her eyes she witnessed something that was the complete opposite of what she expected from her fellow reprobate. She thought the…man or whatever the hell Mayuri was would be ecstatic at her offer and jumping at the opportunity, at the very worst she feared he would be apathetic to the whole matter. Instead Mayuri was shaking as if his entire body was suffering from severe tremors; his right hand with the freakishly long fingernails seemed to contort unnaturally making it particularly unnerving. And his eyes expressed deeply homicidal thoughts which would be alien to any semi descent being.

"Did you just refer to research as a hobby?!" Mayuri asked in disgust "Did you just say you were giving up research and development for political schemes?!" his teeth seemed to scrape against one another as he took a step towards Tejina "And did you just claim to have created perfection while calling yourself a scientist?!"

"What has gotten into you May…" Tejina began but was cut off.

"SILENCE!" Mayuri yelled as he drew his sword in outrage over the woman's sheer audacity and released a massive amount of spirit energy "you better make a descent dissection if nothing else!" he hissed.

"Idiot" Tejina thought in annoyance as she quickly drew her Zanpakutou and locked blades with the enraged Captain of Squad Twelve "I'll have to end this quickly" she coldly and calmly locked gaze with her opponent before chanting "conjure…"

*Back at the battle for the Rebel Headquarters*

Dozens of bodies surrounded Usotsuki and Kenpachi Zaraki as their swords clashed repeatedly creating a powerful shockwave with each strike and counter. Kenpachi who lived to fight was smiling and laughing with a very maniacal tone as the thrill of combat coursed throughout his body making him feel truly alive and neither warrior had managed to harm the other.

"You are good" Kenpachi said in delight as he licked his lips with his unusually pointed tongue.

"The rumors don't do your strength justice Captain Zaraki" Usotsuki politely complimented "my arms are still shaking from that last attack of yours" surveying the battlefield Usotsuki quickly realized that his men were being pushed back and staying so far out was too dangerous.

"And to think the fun's just getting started" Kenpachi chuckled eagerly as he prepared to lunge towards the masked man only to have him appear right in front of him with his left hand buried in the folds of his robe.

"My apologies, maybe some other time" Usotsuki replied as he pulled out a small paper talisman and slammed it onto Kenpachi's chest before slamming it with a right roundhouse kick.

As soon as Usotsuki's foot made contact with the talisman it glowed brightly and Kenpachi was literally sent shooting backwards like a rocket. Though it obviously wasn't enough to kill him or even seriously injure him, it did separate him from the rebel leader long enough for him to take back command of his troops.

"FALL BACK TO THE 2ND DEFENSIVE LINE!" Usotsuki ordered as he made his way back amongst his subordinates killing the occasional shinigami to give his men some breathing room "we need to draw them in deeper, the timing will be key."

*Seireitei-Two Hours Later-Squad Seven Bunker*

Tejina's bunker had been utterly trashed by the battle between the Captains of Squads Seven and Twelve. Broken machines, shards of glass, vials of various fluids, and other miscellaneous objects laid strewn about the floor; though luckily for Tejina her gate was still perfectly intact thanks to the extra shielding she had put around it just in case Mayuri didn't play along.

Near the center of the bunker Tejina stood calmly, her hair ruffled, her clothes torn in several spots, and he skin marked by a couple bruises and minor burns but otherwise in good condition. Just two feet away from her stood Mayuri whose whole body seemed to shake involuntarily and appeared to have been thoroughly burned from head to toe, his robes and his haori a charred and shredded remnant of what they had been mere hours ago, his hat had been utterly destroyed leaving his hair standing high on end, and his sword had been broken leaving only a few inches of blade above the hilt.

"What a pity" Tejina sighed "we could have used you."

Mayuri's face contorted in rage before hissing "this isn't over yet!" much to Tejina's surprise he pressed the tip of his now broken sword just underneath his soft palate and thrust it upwards, even more surprising was the fact that instead of slumping forward and dying, Mayuri's body seemed to explode into a strange green goo.

"What the hell?" Tejina asked in stunned curiosity as the goo began to flow away from her towards the exit.

"Don't bother" Mayuri's voice echoed as Tejina raised her weapon preparing to strike at the strange substance "while in this form I'm unable to attack you, but I also can't be harmed" the Captain of Squad Seven smirked at his explanation "it'll take me a few days to regain my strength, but once I do…" his voice became much more venomous "…you'll know the terror of having crossed a true scientist!"

"Good thing this bunker is so far underground and he's too vindictive to alert that Retsu girl…" Tejina thought as she sealed her Zanpakutou and sheathed it "…I'll have to rest while I can…Usotsuki…the two of you had better do your jobs!"

*Rebel Stronghold-Three Hours Later*

The rebels' efforts over the past ten years to build a fortified base of operations had clearly born fruit. From the very outskirts of their territory to the shinigami's front lines, the bodies of countless soldiers from the Thirteen Court Guard Squads laid strewn about, their blood dying the dirt beneath them a very dark shade of red.

That being said, there was only so much their tactics could do for them. Throughout the battlefield and particularly on top of the artificial cliffs overlooking the trenches, many rebel corpses dotted the landscape. And in spite of the significantly higher casualties suffered by the shinigami, the sheer loss of life suffered by the rebels had virtually extinguished their fighting power.

At the very top of their compound; a virtual sea of shinigami were pressing against the last line of rebel soldiers. Their defense was well organized but it simply didn't have the strength to hold back certain powerful shinigami who forced their way through.

One of these shinigami was the Captain of Squad Six Ginrei Kuchiki, upon exiting his shunpo he turned his gaze back towards the rebel lines and thought "this is Squad Six Captain Ginrei Kuchiki…I've breached the line, still no sign of Usotsuki or his Lieutenants…" his thoughts broadcasted through Sasakibe to his fellow officers.

"Very well" Yamamoto's voice echoed in Ginrei's mind "proceed into the manor and find them, leave the foot soldiers to our men."

A series of voices echoed 'understood' along with Ginrei's as he stood up to survey his position. He found he was in front end of the courtyard, the past ten years had taken a toll on its decadence through salvaging and vandalism from the rebels combined with disrepair. As he quietly made his way to the front door he found a large pit had been dug right in the center, at the bottom he could see the form of a young, dirty, naked, and slightly emaciated woman; her black hair was matted and torn and unevenly cut.

But what disturbed the seasoned Captain the most were her eyes. Though brown like many souls in the Soul Society they lacked any sense of life when he looked into them. Though her heart and other organs were still functioning, the sheer emptiness in her eyes was more akin to a dead person's than a live person's.

"She must be Shitsui Zetsubou's wife…" Ginrei thought in contained disgust "…even times of war should demand some decency…"

Calming his emotions Ginrei turned his focus towards the stairway leading to the front door of the manor. Right now he and the rest of the shinigami who made it through the enemy lines had to focus on the objective of finding and eliminating the rebel leaders to finally bring the war to an end. Only then could they afford the time to find help for Shitsui's wife.

*On top of a hill just outside the compound*

As the shinigami who breached the enemy's defenses made their way through the manor's hall they sent mental reports through Sasakibe which then fed directly into the mind of Head Captain Yamamoto. The ancient Captain of Squad One and leader of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads took note as some of his most skilled and powerful subordinates covered more and more of the once opulent mansion's floor space searching for their man. Little did he know that Usotsuki had one last trick up his sleeve, and this one was the greatest of them all.

In the distance Yamamoto spotted what was undeniably another barrier wall just like the ones that had shielded the entire compound for a decade. A quick report from the recently promoted Lieutenant Rukia of Squad Thirteen told him that it effectively blocked the bulk of their forces from entering the manner. In other words that small band of soldiers was now trapped alone with eight; perhaps nine of the most dangerous people in the Soul Society and it would be hours before the mortar teams would regain enough energy to use their weapons and at least one additional hour to move them into range so they could break the barrier.

As if to torment the old man further a familiar orange cone appeared in the sky above the decrepit manor and an even more familiar masked face appeared though it now had a small crack above the left eye.

"Well done brave soldiers of the rebellion Usotsuki" called out in a tone that suggested he was on the verge of victory "through hell and death you have carried out your duty in this battle."

"He must be going mad" Yamamoto thought to himself "he's only bought time for himself…"

"I imagine our shinigami friends believe they have won" Usotsuki stated "but that couldn't be further from the truth; you see killing large numbers of shinigami as you try to take our base was only one of our objectives in this battle and a secondary one at that."

"A secondary objective?" Shunsui asked in slight confusion "what is he up to?"

"I dare say we're about to find out" Ukitake answered.

"Our primary objective for this battle was to draw the bulk of the Seireitei's fighting power here where we could chip away at it" Usotsuki continued "killing as many shinigami as we could and exhausting the ones that we couldn't…but our ultimate goal is something much bigger…I'll let my friend explain it to you."

"And here I thought he loved the spot light" Shunsui chuckled when suddenly a familiar figure came into view.

He was a large and extremely well built man; his arms seemed to be the diameter of liquor kegs, his arms and face was covered with callouses and small burns, his eyes were a cold steel colored grey, and his hair was so short he was nearly bald. But what stood out most was his shinigami robes and the badge draped around his left arm which identified him as Lieutenant Kokuzoku Meikou of Squad Seven.

"But…he's supposed to be in the Seireitei…" Ukitake said in disbelief the expressions of Sasakibe, Shunsui, and even Yamamoto himself showed they shared his surprise as the view seemed to zoom out revealing Usotsuki standing behind him and seven familiar masked figures behind him with a large half circle like object standing in the very back.

"I'm not one for big speeches like Usotsuki here is so I'll make this brief" Kokuzoku said calmly "the gate behind us acts as one half of a two way 'portal' of sorts; once we activate it and walk through the portal we'll emerge from the other end which with my Captain Tejina Majo in the Seireitei!"

Countless shinigami eyes opened in sheer shock and terror as they realized what they were planning. Kokuzoku walked towards a small pedestal which stood in the center just in front of the portal and reached his hand over a small green crystal.

"From there we will eliminate not only the meager forces you left in the Seireitei, but the Central Forty Six itself!" Kokuzoku continued his thirst for power and domination evident in each word he spoke "afterwards we'll garrison the city with our sleeper forces we positioned at the four gates…"

"Master Yamamoto it'll be hours before we can break the barrier and the Seireitei is at least two days away for even the fasted Captains" Ukitake said in a worried tone of voice "if they manage to secure the four gate we'll never be able to take back the Seireitei…not to mention…"

"With the death of the old government a new one will emerge" Kokuzoku stated as he pressed his hand to the crystal causing what appeared to be a film of light blue energy to start swirling within the gateway "farewell" without saying a word the rebel leaders walked through the gate to conquest.

*Back in the Seireitei*

"Glad to see the nine of you made it" Tejina offered cheerfully as they emerged from the gate.

"This place is a mess, what in the world happened?" Kokuzoku asked.

"Me and Mayuri had a…disagreement of sorts" Tejina replied as she looked over her nine subordinates with anticipation "well then let's get going" they walked through the bunker doors not noticing that in spite of the fact that Kokuzoku had only poured in enough energy to keep the portal up for a minute, it was still glowing.

*Back at the manor*

"This is Squad Six Captain Ginrei Kuchiki" Ginrei thought communicating with his fellow shinigami "I located their gateway…I'm keeping it open with my spirit energy…" his hand was rested upon the same gem that Kokuzoku had used earlier "…I'm not sure how long I can hold it though…"

No sooner had he finished his thought when he heard Yamamoto's voice "You are all ordered to converge on Captain Kuchiki's location and pursue the enemy through the portal, no matter what we cannot lose the Seireitei or the Central Forty Six!"

"I'll hold it open as long as we can…" Ginrei thought when suddenly one of his colleagues appeared before him "go" he command calmly the red headed Captain pursued the enemy through their own contraption.

As the minutes dragged on more and more shinigami appeared before Ginrei and pursued their enemies through the portal. When the last pair aside from Ginrei himself made it through he fell on the ground causing the portal to vanish instantly.

"We're all counting you" Ginrei said softly as the sheer loss of energy caught up with him "don't…let them…" his vision faded as exhaustion took over.

*Back in the Seireitei*

Shukun quickly climbed his way up a series of tunnels and stair ways until he finally sensed ten familiar beings who had just made it to the surface. Steering himself and knowing that there was simply no way in hell he could take on all ten of them he focused on the familiar spiritual pressure of his predecessor and with a skillful shunpo appeared right before her momentarily before grabbing her by the scruff of the neck and using a second shunpo to take them both to the air just above Sokyoku hill causing them to both fall gently to the ground.

"A wise choice" Yuki said gratefully as she drew her sword and her mask fell off before facing her old friend.

"This is where we can fight while risking the fewest outside deaths" Shukun stated solemnly as he readied his own blade.

"This won't be like last time…" Yuki warned as their spiritual powers began to rapidly spike "…I can't hold myself back like I did then…Tejina…altered this body…"

"I understand…I won't hold back either" Shukun replied acknowledging what he had to do and what it entailed.

Both the current and the former Captain of Squad Ten's spiritual pressure skyrocketed to the point that the average shinigami wouldn't be able to get close to them without risking being crushed to death under the sheer weight of their combined might. The raw display of power was amplified more than a hundred fold when both combatants uttered the word "Bankai."

Within a matter of moments the skies surrounding Sokyoku hill were painted by a strange mixture of red hot flames and ice cold snow and winds. Every few seconds one would take the other's place in specific sections of the sky. The opposing extreme temperatures created an enormous amount of steam and the fierce winds from Yuki's Bankai were amplified a hundred fold as the two combatants prepared for a deadly clash.

*With Tejina*

"Shugyou, damn him!" Tejina thought in fury as she turned her attention back to her party "no time to fool around!" she turned her focus to her masked soldiers "Ketsueki secure the east gate, Kyuusho you've got the South, Kaein and Miyako are on the West, and Nagoyaka will take the North!" the five figures vanished with a series of skilled shunpo with the last three trying in vain to defy her orders "Koujou it's time for that revenge I promised you, go take care of that Retsu bitch" beneath her mask Koujou smirked viciously as she headed for Squad Four "well Usotsuki it's time for the three of us to take care of the Central Forty Six."

"It's been a long war" Usotsuki replied eager to accomplish the goal he had devoted his very existence to.

*Squad Four Main Medical Facility*

"What the hell is going on out there?!" a young black haired male shinigami asked as he looked out the window to see a swirling tower of flames and ice coming from Sokyoku hill "is the world coming to an end or something?!"

"Calm down" Retsu commanded as she seemed to materialize right next to her subordinate scaring him slightly "that's Captain Shugyou's spiritual pressure right there in the middle along with one I don't recognize but it's very similar to Toushirou's..." she closed her eyes momentarily to focus on sensing less explosive spiritual pressures that the two goliaths might hide form detection otherwise "…there are a pair of spiritual pressures I don't recognize and three that I do heading for the four gates…and…" her eyes opened as she recognized the approaching threat "I want everyone brought inside now!"

"Captain Unohana?" the young medic asked.

"No one is allowed outside until I give the word" Retsu continued as she grabbed her sword and headed for the exit "tell third seat Iemura he's in charge while I'm out" the boy nodded in understanding as he rushed to find the blonde third seat "I wish Isane wasn't in the front lines right now…"

Roughly a minute passed as Retsu sped through the halls of her squad's headquarters, she bobbed her way through dozens of her subordinates repeating her earlier orders. Upon reaching the front door she unsheathed her Zanpakutou and tossed the sheath aside before vanishing with a skillful shunpo.

"So you've stolen my station" Koujou chuckled darkly as she removed her dark green mask and drew her sword before clashing with her former Lieutenant.

"I didn't steal anything from you" Retsu replied coldly as they separated and she immediately leapt towards her predecessor and swung her sword vertically with both hands.

The undead woman quickly raised her own blade above her head and braced for impact. The force of Retsu's sword falling upon her sent a cloud of dust rushing out in all directions and the concrete tiles beneath their feet cracked and crumbled into dust.

Koujou smiled wickedly as she parried Retsu's sword and thrust her blade towards the younger woman who leapt backwards to avoid having her throat cut open "careful girl, I'm much stronger now than when I was alive…" Koujou taunted while Retsu's braid came undone and her black hair began to blow in the wind "…and I want you to last long enough for me to truly enjoy my revenge!"

"I went through a lot to be free of you" Retsu said calmly as she shot the older woman a glare which was loaded with murderous intent "I'll make sure you don't come back after this" her voice was disturbingly cold and calm giving the usually gentle and nurturing Captain of Squad Four a truly terrifying aura.

*With Tejina, Kokuzoku, and Usotsuki*

"We're nearing the entrance to the Central Forty Six" Tejina stated calmly as she and her two male companions carved their way through the honor guards charged with protecting the highest governmental body in the Soul Society.

"Excellent" Usotsuki replied as he cut down the last man and continued towards their goal only for a twenty story tall clear white barrier to materialize in front of him.

"It would seem the Central Forty Six has some defenses we were never made privy too" Kokuzoku noted calmly as Tejina placed her hand upon the shield.

"Not too shabby at all" Tejina stated honestly impressed with the power behind the defensive spell "it'll take some time but I should be able to…" she was cut off by a sudden eruption of immense and destructive spiritual pressure "…shit!"

No sooner had Tejina cursed when the large almost demonic form of Kenpachi Zaraki came crashing through the walls and lunged for Usotsuki prompting the rebel leader o swing his sword in a counter attack. The sheer force created when their blades clashed sent all matter of dust and debris along with the bodies of the fallen shinigami flying away from them as Tejina and Kokuzoku dug in their heels to avoid being blown away.

"You didn't think you'd get away that easily did you?" Kenpachi asked in clear amusement as he locked gazes with the masked man.

"You're persistent Captain Zaraki" Usotsuki sighed as he turned his attention towards Tejina and Kokuzoku "I'll keep him busy" earning him a nod from the Captain of Squad Seven before turning back to Kenpachi "I suppose you want to pick up from where we left off?"

Kenpachi licked his lips in anticipation as Yachiru took a seat on top of what little was left of one of the walls he had run through to watch the approaching carnage. The two swords parted from one another only to quickly clash again countless times in a seemingly endless barrage of slashes, swings, and thrusts. Each time the two blades struck one another they created nearly blinding flashes of light and the loud clangs could be heard from miles away.

Seeing an opening due to Kenpachi's lack of technique, Usotsuki thrust his sword forward cutting into the large man's left shoulder drawing blood from the battle crazed Captain. Not wanting to waste his opportunity, Usotsuki flicked his left wrist revealing a hidden dagger which he immediately drove into Kenpachi's abdomen.

"That's rather unbecoming of you" Kenpachi stated in a tone which showed more annoyance than anything else as he swung his sword down vertically forcing the small man to leap backwards to avoid being split like a log "someone as strong as you shouldn't need cheap tricks like this" he continued pulling the dagger free from his body and tossing it aside.

"I don't fight for enjoyment Captain Zaraki, I fight for the future" Usotsuki declared a definite line running down the middle of his mask causing it to crack and then suddenly shatter into countless little pieces as he removed his hood "I'm sorry but I have to kill you now that you're standing between me and Central Forty Six."

Kenpachi raised an eyebrow at the sight before him. Usotsuki's face could barely be recognized as human due to the dark red and black hues his seemingly cracking skin was colored. Half of his top lip looked as if it had been burned off, his left eye in particular was burned so badly it looked to be about a third the size of his right, and his nose seemed to have been shriveled up so badly due to a lack of moisture that it seemed miraculous he could breathe. With the exception of a small patch just above the top of his neck which sported a small amount of black fuzz, he was bald due to burn marks.

"I admit, while I don't condone your little tricks, I have to admire your spirit if nothing else" Kenpachi said calmly as his green eye locked with Usotsuki's misshapen brown eyes "not too many guys out there who could still prove so entertaining after being burned so badly."

Kenpachi immediately dashed towards the rebel commander and swung his sword down vertically. Usotsuki responded quickly and side stepped to his left to avoid the devastatingly powerful attack. Kenpachi countered by swinging his sword to his right putting his blade on a crash course with Usotsuki's waist. Sensing the approaching danger, Usotsuki leapt backwards to avoid be bifurcated, however due to the sheer speed and power of Kenpachi's swing the stomach portion of his robes began to quickly turn a distinct dark red from soaking up the blood from a fresh wound.

Accustomed to being in near constant pain, Usotsuki was hardly affected from the wound much like his opponent. Without missing a beat he lunged back towards Kenpachi veering slightly to his left in order to attack Kenpachi from his right side, in other words his blind side thanks to the eye patch. Kenpachi smirked inwardly that he had finally found an opponent who was smart enough to use that to his advantage.

Usotsuki thrust his blade towards Kenpachi's neck intending to slice his throat open when the massive Captain thrust his sword towards the burned husk of a man. Seeing his chance Usotsuki leapt up on top of Kenpachi's right hand burying his blade into the ground before slashing Kenpachi across his massive chest spilling even more of the battle crazed man's blood.

The sheer ferocity of Kenpachi's smile was unnerving, even to a hardened warrior like Usotsuki. It was moments like this which proved that all of the tales of Kenpachi Zaraki's seemingly demonic love of fighting were gross understatements of the highest caliber.

"Very nice, I thought I had you there" Kenpachi chuckled as he swung his right arm upward propelling Usotsuki into the air.

Saying nothing as he landed gracefully on his feet Usotsuki again raced towards Kenpachi determined to inflict a wound that even he couldn't survive. Once again Usotsuki veered slightly to his left to attack Kenpachi from his blind side prompting the Captain of Squad Eleven to swing his sword to his left. Knowing that he had less than a second to respond Usotsuki ducked as close to the ground as he could causing Kenpachi's blade to his nothing but air creating a strong breeze in its wake.

Usotsuki smiled in victory thrust his sword towards Kenpachi's head, planning to run his blade through the right side of the man's skull and skewer his brain. What he didn't count on however, was for Kenpachi to instinctively jerk his neck back so that instead of piercing his skull just above the ear, it scraped along the side of his head leaving a shallow diagonal cut from just in front of his ear to his temple.

"Damn it" Kenpachi swore in annoyance as his now shredded eye patch fell to the ground unceremoniously.

A part of Usotsuki wanted to ask Kenpachi what he was swearing over given the fact this wound was by far the least serious of the ones he had suffered. However his natural instinct caused him to turn his sword ninety degrees so the edge of his blade was right in front of Kenpachi's face in an attempt to diagonally split his entire head. This plan was obviously foiled however when Kenpachi's spiritual power exploded so violently, it literally threw Usotsuki back a couple dozen yards causing him to crash into a nearby wall.

Gritting his teeth Usotsuki picked himself up only to gasp in horror at the sight of what appeared to be a bright yellow mountain of raw power radiating from the Captain of Squad Eleven. The sheer ferocity of the display sent tremors running through his arms as the very ground beneath them seemed to shake from the raw display of pure power.

"What…what the hell are you?!" Usotsuki asked in stunned disbelief.

"That eye patch served two purposes" Kenpachi sighed "the first was to limit my vision to give my opponents an edge, and the second was to take the edge off my power so I couldn't attack with all my strength" he turned his gaze towards Usotsuki "the whole point was to make fights more difficult so they'd last longer, but now you've ruined it" he pinched the bridge of his nose with left thumb and index finger "looks like this fight is as good as over" his monologue was cut off when Usotsuki appeared in front of him with his right hand just above his left should preparing for a horizontal swing.

"Over for you apparently" Usotsuki thought as he swung his sword.

Letting out a soft sigh Kenpachi swung his sword vertically down upon Usotsuki with an almost godlike level of speed. Before Usotsuki knew what hit him; Kenpachi's sword had sliced through the center of his forearm causing his sword along with roughly a quarter of his right arm to fall to the ground. Then it began to dig its way into the man's shoulder and into his body until finally stopping at the base of his chest.

"Well it was fun while it lasted" Kenpachi chuckled softly as he removed his blade from Usotsuki's body causing him to fall into a shallow pool of his own blood when he noticed what seemed to be weak breathing coming from his fallen foe "still alive? That's impressive…maybe we can do this again sometime soon" Kenpachi smiled at the prospect of fighting Usotsuki again.

No sooner had Kenpachi finished his sentence then Tejina appeared in front of him and scattered three scrolls before chanting "Infinito Negacion (Infinite Negation)" causing Kenpachi to be consumed in a large black box before vanishing into thin air.

"Kenny, where'd you go?!" Yachiru asked in shock at the disappearance of her foster father.

"To another dimension little girl" Tejina chuckled in delight "and he'll stay there for at least an hour or two, by then Central Forty Six will be demolished!"

"Oh" Yachiru replied since in truth she never really cared about their attempt on Central Forty Six "well I guess I'll go find some sweets until Kenny gets back" both Tejina and Kokuzoku were left bewildered as the small pink haired shinigami ran off in search of candy.

"The barrier's coming down" Kokuzoku stated as the protective wall shielding Central Forty Six began to crack and sections began to disintegrate "what about him?" he pointed towards the twitching form of Usotsuki.

Tejina knelt down next to him and rolled her eyes at the sight "his heart wasn't completely destroyed, but with that kind of damage he won't last long even with that body I gave him."

"Body…you…gave me?" Usotsuki asked weakly as he raised his head slightly to look upon Tejina "…what are you…talking about?!"

"Strange I didn't see him damage your ears or your brain" Tejina replied calmly as she began to examine the man's head, her finger caused him immense pain as they pressed against his burnt flesh "didn't you hear me? I said '…with that kind of damage he won't last long even with that body I gave him'…or something to that effect."

"I don't understand…" Usotsuki said weakly as more of the barrier began to crumble and fade away.

"Fine" Tejina sighed "tell me where were you born?"

"Rukongai" Usotsuki answered "what does…"

"What district?" Tejina followed up causing the man to pause "what squad were you in before your comrades burned you for insubordination?" again Usotsuki said nothing "tell me, what's your given name?"

"I…I…don't know…" Usotsuki answered weakly.

"The name 'Usotsuki' means liar, I felt it was…poetic" Tejina informed the bleeding man "you see I had been planning to overthrow the government for years because I wanted become the new ruler of the Soul Society…to that end I applied myself to various…studies…spells for utilizing hollow like abilities, the reanimation and forced subjugation, items to allow even normal souls to wield spirit energy, the dimensional gateways, and so on."

"But there was only so much she could accomplish without an army" Kokuzoku added earning a nod from the small woman.

"Indeed, even with all these toys I still needed an army to do my bidding and I couldn't find someone either living or dead who could rally and lead such a movement" Tejina continued "so I decided to make one" Usotsuki's eyes shot open in shock at her words "it was easy really, all I had to do was make gigai, enhance it to be harder to kill and more adept at combat, and then animate it with an artificial soul with a preprogrammed personality and memories that suited my needs."

"It…it can't be…" Usotsuki said weakly.

"I chose to name this simple piece of artistry 'Usotsuki' after all everything about him is a lie" Tejina chuckled as most of the barrier separating her from Central Forty Six fell "of course I had to…alter its appearance to fit his tragic memories" Usotsuki tensed at the feeling of her fingers just above the top of his neck were his last bits of hair located "all that work roasting you over an open flame and we still never managed to get that spot…oh well" the last sections of the barrier came crashing down clearing the way for the woman and her cohort "don't worry I'll have another you up and running in three or four days, I'm sure it'll make an even better figure head for me than you would have."

Before Tejina and Kokuzoku could head towards their final goal they sensed a number of strong spiritual pressures throughout the Seireitei causing the form to scowl in annoyance that so many had apparently followed her people through the gate.

*East Gate*

Ketsueki licked his lips eagerly as he slammed a bloodied and screaming female shinigami with green eyes brown hair who was half his size onto the ground as all her comrades were either dead or too injured help her. Eager to claim his conquest he tore open her robes revealing her small but ample breasts causing her to scream and cry out in terror. His right hand reached for her bosom only for his entire arm to be cut off just below he shoulder by a large crescent blade that came flying through with a cloth attached to the handle freeing the girl from his grip.

"Even in death you're still one sick fuck" Ichigo said in disgust as the female shinigami made her escape and his constantly released Zangetsu returned to his hand.

"So we meet again, eh kid" Ketsueki chuckled as he picked up his own sword "you're going to pay for interrupting my fun."

*South Gate*

"You vicious little…" Kyuusho hissed as he was held to the ground by Yoruichi who had the blade of her Shikakuken buried in his throat.

"Didn't you always tell me the throat was an even better target than the heart or brain? No rib cage or skull to get in the way?" Yoruichi asked sarcastically as he rolled over and attempted to slash her only for her to leap away "a pity that body of yours doesn't follow the same rules."

*West Gate*

"Listen whatever happens, you must stop us" Miyako pleaded from behind her yellow mask as the conditioning forced her to ready her blade.

"I'm afraid that traitor won't let us hold back, so you guys better not let your guards down" Kaein warned.

"Understood" Shuhei replied as he took his stance and turned to the Lieutenant of Squad Three "ready Izuru?"

"Yeah" was all the blonde shinigami said as they prepared to fight their old colleagues.

*North Gate*

"So you're a Captain now" Nagoyaka noted as his younger brother calmly approached him with his sword drawn "while I'm happy to see you again Sosuke, it still pains me to see that you still have that same look in your eyes."

"I'll end this quickly Nagoyaka" Aizen assured his brother "then Tejina and Kokuzoku are going to pay dearly for this…depending on how lucky they are…"

*Back with Tejina and Kokuzoku*

A pair of shinigami stood before the renegade Captain and Lieutenant of Squad Seven. Both were males and both had badges draped around their left arms marking them as Lieutenants, but that's where the similarities ended. The taller of the two had long, well-kept jet black hair with three kenseiken in front, his eyes were a cold shade of grey which game a very composed and focused appearance.

The shorter man had short but wild silver hair which seemed to spike off in about half a dozen different directions. His eyes were an unusual blue green color and his face was that of a person who was doing their upmost to remain calm and focused, but underneath it was completely and utterly enraged with the people in front of him.

They didn't need to say anything to each other. Both Lieutenant Byakuya Kuchiki of Squad Six and Lieutenant Toushirou Hitsugaya of Squad Ten had found their enemy. And if they had anything to say on the matter, they would both fall before the day was through.

And so it was that the fate of the Soul Society fell into the hands of several extraordinary shinigami, almost all of them little more than children by the stands of the Soul Society. Shukun Shugyou, Sosuke Aizen, Ichigo Kurosaki, Yoruichi Shihoin Hitsugaya, Izuru Kira, Shuhei Hisagi, Retsu Unohana Hitsugaya, Byakuya Kuchiki, and Toushirou Hitsugaya. These were names that were now fated to leave their marks in history as the outcome of the war relied on them.

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