Petunia Dursley was a woman who resented anything that was not normal. She was stubborn and thought highly of herself yet Petunia hated her family. She was unhappy with the secrets that littered it, she resented that she had not been 'gifted' like her sister Lily and became distant with the family as she grew up. Petunia usually forced herself to ignore that she had a family outside her husband and son. Petunia had seen her family for the last time when her Father had died, two years after her mother, and refused to see or speak to any of them again. Choosing instead, a ''normal'' family with Vernon Dursley, a large man who was from a wealthy family. He knew somewhat of Petunia's family history, and like her, resented the lot of the Evans' line for their abnomalities. The Evans' were a well-known Pure family in the Wizarding World, or they had been, way before the silly Ministry became corrupt and against most of the Families, if not all of them for their 'darker' gifts, which pushed many of the Families into hiding.

However, Petunia was content to occasionally hear from her younger sister, Lily, as long as she didn't mention the 'M' word, or anything to do with her abnormality. The sisters were close as they could be. They didn't see each other often, but they phoned once a month. Petunia felt that was enough.


One bright sunny morning, the phone rang at 4 Privet Drive. Petunia had just settled Dudley with his bottle and hurried to answer the phone.
"Hello? Petunia Dursley speaking"
"Petunia.. its Lily"a shaky female voice answered

"Hello sister dear" She smiled slightly "How are you?"
"Terrible" Lily replied
"Why? Whatever is wrong?" She asked, there was a pause on the line
"Petunia, someone is after me, James and Harry. We've had to go into hiding so I'm afraid this will be the last time I phone you for a long while. I won't tell you the details but I wish to know if, god forbid, anything happens to James and I, that you would take Harry in?" Lily replied, Petunia frowned for a moment, a feeling of dread settled in her stomach
"well.... I couldn't turn him away could I?" She said slowly "but wouldn't he be better off with one of Your Lot?" she couldn't keep the tone from her voice, Lily sighed

"We've made arrangements if one of Our Lot can take him in then they will, but otherwise...." Lily trailed off "Tunia. I don't know anyone else who would keep the family secret....and make sure Harry knows...That he knows the problems if it were known....."
"I see...." She sighed "Very well...."

"Thank you Petunia, I will hopefully speak to you again....but I'm not sure"


On the other side of the Atlantic, a storm raged through a suburban town. Lightening flashing throughout the sky, brighting it up for the briefest of moments. To the occupants of the largest house on the block, this didn't seem to matter. The Lady of the house was currently poring over her Tarot deck. She had done several spreads, yet still the same conclusion was given. The woman frowned, She would do her best to see that the conclusion worked in their favour. She smiled, a cold chilling look upon her marble features, her dark eyes dancing with emerald black fire.