Apologies for the longest time ever between postings. My laptop was stolen when we were broken into so I lost ALL my work. It took me a while to get back into writing when I got a replacement laptop, which is okay but the typing takes longer due to mouse issues making it difficult. It's a short one, but it's a chapter nevertheless

Chapter Sixteen

Severus stared at the sight in front of him. James and Lily's spectral forms looked exactly as they did the day they died, Harry stood in front of them, staring a little open-mouthed, the look of a child realising that his wish had been granted, Severus realised that Harry had probably not known that it would actually work, a child who didn't realise the strength of his powers.

"…Harry?" James stared at his son
"Father, Mother" he smiled after a long pause "Blessed Samhain"

Lily chuckled little at her son's reaction

"Merry Samhain my little one, you have grown up well" She smiled "it is a shame we could not spend more time together"
"Indeed Lils." James nodded, linking a spectral arm around his wife's shoulders "Son…" he smiled down at him "By look of your robes you're in Slytherin?"
"Of course Father" Harry nodded "does that displease you?"
"Who's your head of House? It can't still be Slughorn?" Lily asked, cutting off her husband's response

"That would be me" Severus coughed with a smirk on his face

James span on his feet

"SNAPE?" his jaw dropped
"James" Severus nodded
"bloody hell" James cawed dramatically "at least something good came of us dying then"
"Pardon?" Harry queried
"Your father means its clear Voldemort was killed, Severus isn't in Azkaban, so I'm thinking he got away with it?"

"Got away with what?" Wednesday queried

"You haven't told him?"

Severus sighed

"I think Harry needs to explain something, Dumbledore sent him to Petunia and Vernon"
"WHAT?" Lily's enraged yell shook the walls of the dungeon

"I only stayed for a week" Harry spoke up, placating his mother's spirit. "I was picked up by some relatives that wished to bring me up properly. Morticia and Gomez Addams"

James breathed a sigh of relief at the fact his son hadn't stayed that too long.

"And by the looks of things, your Tisha's children?"
"Wednesday and Pugsley Addams Master Potter" Wednesday replied formally
"I'd know those eyes anywhere" Lily chuckled, her voice trailing off "what's become of Dumbledore?"
"He tried to have me put in Gryffindor, he's been removed as headmaster, pending a full trial into certain events "
"I'll be damned" James ran a hand over his eyes "I just don't know why I didn't see it before"
"You were under his manipulations James, it couldn't be helped" Lily told him in a voice that sounded like they'd had this conversation time and again.

Severus chuckled a little, drawing the attention of James

"Severus" he corrected

"Very well, Severus" James looked at him "I am sorry for how I treated you at school. I should have grown up well before I did"

"Water under the bridge James" Severus replied, his voice oddly tight "I accept your apology, it takes a great man to apologise for his past sins, I grew out of my hatred for you long ago."
"Thank you" James smiled in relief

"Well" Harry chuckled "Now that's out of the way…" his eyes dancing in mischief "I do need your advice to deal with Dumbledore"
"we don't believe he will leave Harry alone" Draco shook his head
"Whoa since when did Lucius breed?" James stared at Draco
"Since he married my mother!" Draco replied waspishly, affronted.

"He looks a little….no way….. Lucy married Narcissa Black?" James blinked
"Does that surprise you?" Harry smirked

"Well last time we were alive she couldn't stand him, he was quite the peacock at school" Lily laughed

"Meaning?" Draco's face was a little flushed in embarrassment

"She means your father spent too much time in front of the mirror and not enough attention to his girlfriend" Hermione replied from her circle.

Draco spluttered in indignation, Wednesday chuckled from the corner.

When the evening had drawn to an end and the ritual had been finished, saying goodbye to the Potters had been emotional for all invloved. Severus retreated to his rooms feeling a strong sense of elation and closure; he had missed the way he felt after a ritual, his magick danced along his skin, humming with his heightened mood. He slid into his rooms and closed the doors, peeling off his clothing and reapplying his glamour's, Severus turned to put the clothes in the hamper for the house elves. He took a moment, standing shirtless in his rooms to think about what he had just witnessed. Severus smiled broadly, he hadn't realised how much he had needed to hear that apology from James Potter, something he never thought that he would get, seen as the man had been dead for over ten years now. Severus chuckled, shaking his head and tying up his long hair out of his eyes, he was brought of his stupor by a knock on his door. Shrugging on a robe over a black shirt, Severus opened the door to Minerva.

"How can I help you tonight Minerva?" he asked slowly, still feeling the high from the ritual although his magick was now tightly curled around him again, like a comfort blanket.

"Oh Severus, I'm glad you're still awake" She began "May I come in?" she asked, if she sensed anything off, then she didn't mention it.
"Of course" he slid out of the doorway to let the headmistress inside. She turned to him, studying his face

"Are you alright Minerva?" he asked

"Very well thank you, I have come to a decision about the Deputy Head position"
"I see" he replied

"I hope that this will not come as a surprise, I would like to offer it to you" She replied

Severus looked at her for a long moment

"Thank you; I am honoured" He said to her "When would you like me to begin?"
"As soon as possible" said the animagus, "I will announce it at breakfast to make it formal, however we will need to have a meeting tomorrow to bring you up to speed on what needs to be done"

"Of course, I have the seventh year class first then I have a free period if that suits?" he answered slowly

"That will be fine, if you will come to my office? The password is Sugared Mice"
"as you wish Minerva, if you don't mind, I would like to get some rest, my snakes kept me up and about rather a lot this evening" he shook his head with a small fond smile, Minerva chuckled

"It seems to be the way of things on Samhain, does it not? Goodnight Severus" she made her way towards the door and walked through it, closing it behind her.

He watched her go, a smirk appearing on his face
"so it seems Minerva, so it seems" he murmured to himself.

The next morning, Harry and his siblings appeared to breakfast promptly, although with slightly tired expressions on their faces. Harry found himself supressing a yawn over his morning pumpkin juice as he settled into his chair, taking breakfast almost automatically. Last night's ritual had exhausted him and as much as he had wanted to sleep in, appearances were everything to the Slytherin house, meaning everyone must be at the table every morning, they moved as a unit and the school knew it.
"Lucky for us it's a Saturday" Pugsley grinned over the table
"Lucky for you, you mean" Harry glared tiredly "do you mind if i-"

"Of course not brother Mine" Wednesday cut in "You take your rest once you have eaten" she added, watching as McGonagall stood up and called for silence

"Students, as your headmistress, I have been given the task of appointing another in the position of Deputy, in order to fulfil certain tasks, I have handed this position to Professor Snape. I do hope, as your headmistress, you will respect this decision and any other changes that we deem fit." She watched the student body's reaction for a long moment, some students nodded in agreement, others looked horrified.

Her eyes swept the room and landed on the Slytherin table, where the students looked very happy with the news, guarded, but some of the first years did let their glee through their masks for a long moment before being nudged by the upper years, She looked at the calculating looks from the Addamses and knew that there would be letters home going that afternoon to certain families. Minerva sighed; she hoped she hadn't made the wrong decision…