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Chapter 18

Harry tucked the letter into his robes, casting an eye around the common room. He was tired, but couldn't rest. He sighed, getting to his feet

"something on your mind Brother?" Pugsley asked, not looking up from his essay

"its nothing" he replied "I'm going to bed"

"its early..." his brother raised an eyebrow

"I have things to do" Harry told him "give me an hour?"

"of course" Pugsley nodded, watching as his brother disappeared down the stairs to the bedrooms.

Draco appeared with Hermione a few minutes later, the latter looking exasperated

"...i will never understand it" she threw her hands in the air

"understand what?" asked Pugsley

"Quidditch" Hermione glared at Draco "hes been trying to explain the rules for the last half an hour...why do you have a bottle of arsenic?" she eyed him

Pugsley grinned

"how'd you know?" he presented a bottle from the inside of his book bag

"the smell.." Hermione said slowly "er..."

Draco and Pugsley shared a look

"What?" she demanded

"I'm sure its nothing" Draco assured her "anyway, back to what I was saying... the Chudley Cannons are the worst team in the league..."

Morticia folded the letter in one hand, She crossed the landing and down into the bowels of the house, she made her way to the kitchen where she knew Grandmama would be brewing potions

"Maman?" she knocked once on the door

"come in Morticia" the elderly voice replied

Grandmama eyed her from the table, a cauldron sat bubbling in front of her

"something on your mind my dear?" she asked

Morticia nodded

"I can't but feel we got off lightly, Dumbledore is up to something, I just wish I knew what it was" she crossed to the table and picked up a large knife, she began dissecting a large rat with deadly precision "he managed to avoid Azkaban, how I'm not sure, but he is being watched"

"well" said Grandmama "we have prepared the children as best we can, Harry knows what he is doing." she added, dumping a large toads heart into the cauldron, it hissed. "Besides" she went on "didn't you say Severus is now deputy headmaster? He will have some sway over situations?"

Morticia stopped skinning the rat in front of her, she exhaled

"you're right" she said "maybe I am being too cautious" she pulled out the rats spine "I have to learn to let the children handle things their way..."

Grandmama smiled
"they'll make the family proud" She grinned

As the next few days passed slowly. Hermione began to regain some control over her wayward powers. She received a message from Morticia a week later, requesting a meeting at Gringotts on the following Saturday for an inheritance test. The letter stipulated to discuss this matter with the headmistress and to hand her the enclosed sealed letter.

She ascended the staircase to speak to the Headmistress and was about to knock on the slightly ajar door when she heard a voice in the hall

"...come in Miss Granger" Minerva gestured

She crossed the threshold and withdrew the letter from her robes

"how can I help you?" Minerva asked with a calm smile

"I... I need permission to leave school on Saturday" Hermione began "Mrs Addams has organised a meeting with Gringotts and I am to attend" she handed her the missive "She asked me to deliver this letter to you"

Minerva took the letter and opened the black parchment, her eyes lingered on the wax seal for a moment before she scanned the letter with interest

"...very well" she nodded "I shall make arrangements, Professor Snape will accompany you.. as he is your head of house"

"thank you Headmistress" Hermione nodded "I wont take up any more of your time-" she began to walk to the door

"Hermione..." Minerva stopped her

she turned on her heel


"Are you well...? Professor Snape mentioned to me you have still been suffering from outbursts of magick-"

Hermione nodded

"I...apparently have had a block on my magick from when I was a child, placed by Dumbledore" she said quietly "Harry has been very helpful with it...and I haven't had an outburst in class for over a week..the last time it happened I incinerated a feather in Charms"

Minerva chuckled

"yes Professor Flitwick did mention it" she said "well I am glad you are having help with adjusting"

"Oh yes" Hermione nodded "...May I be excused?"

"yes yes" Minerva smiled "I shall keep you no longer"

The door shut behind her, Minerva looked down at the letter again


Excuse the secrecy, however I feel it prudent considering the trying times we currently live in. It has come to the attention of some of my associates regarding Hermione's parentage which will be revealed soon. Please ensure she is given a pass to visit Gringotts on Saturday as this is a matter of urgency.

Morticia Addams.

Minerva put the letter down on her table and sighed, she rubbed her eyes with tired hands and wondered if she would ever get to the bottom of Albus' deceptions.

Saturday morning found Severus escorting Hermione to Gringotts for 11AM. They arrived in Diagon Alley via Portkey and made their way to the bank.

"...Professor..." Hermione began
"Miss Granger?" Severus turned

"who am I here to meet?" she asked "Morticia's letter was quite vague" she winced at how her voice wobbled

"I assure you no harm will come to you" he told her "We are to meet with some friends of the Addamses" he walked up to one of the free Goblins and had a short conversation before they were ushered into a back room

Morticia stood as they entered
"Hermione...my dear" she approached her "are you well?"
"yes...forgive me for asking but why am I here?" she asked

Morticia smiled and Hermione took a step back nervously

"We are waiting on some friends of mine before we can fully explain, but I know my daughter has told you what I believe, regarding your parentage"

Hermione nodded

"you believe I am Helena Alucard" she said

The door opened once more and a couple walked in

Hermione looked at them silently, her mouth suddenly dry

"Gabriel, Lucinda" Morticia was speaking "it is good to see you"

"Morticia Addams!" the male, Gabriel embraced her "we need to see you at the Meetings more my dear. You look positively deadly"

"Maybe you will" a delicate eyebrow raised "may I present Ms Hermione Granger" she beckoned her forward "Hermione, meet Gabriel and Lucinda Alucard"

"A pleasure" Hermione put a her hand out

Lucinda took her hand in hers

"Hermione you say...?" she eyed her "you look remarkably like my mother Helena"

"she does doesn't she? How is Helena?" Morticia asked

"still causing hell in her own circles" Lucinda smiled, showing a set of pointed fangs, Hemione's eyes widened "is there something wrong dear?" Lucinda asked

"...no" she flounded "i-"

"I believe" Severus spoke up "Miss Granger has been brought up in the Muggle world. She may have some...superstitions regarding vampires"

Gabriel sighed

"well thats nothing we cant overcome... now shall we get the test done?"

Morticia nodded

"Hermione dear?" she steered her from the Alucards "all I need you to do, is take this needle and prick your finger enough for three drops of blood to land in this bowl...nothing more nothing less"

Hermione swallowed

"very well" she exhaled, picking up the needle she jabbed her middle finger hard enough to drop blood into the bowl.

Once done, she was sat on a chair whilst Gabriel and Lucinda repeated the action. Morticia muttered some words too quiet for her to hear over the bowl..

Hermione watched as a large cloud of smoke rose from the bowl twisting into what looked like a large dragon shape, before disappearing without a trace. Morticia reached a hand into the bowl once all the smoke was gone and unfolded the parchment inside

"Well?" asked Gabriel "whats the answer?"

Morticia nodded silently
"Gabriel, Lucinda, meet your granddaughter Helena Lucinda Alucard, formally known as Hermione Jean Granger"