Aladdin and the Mystery of love

Summary: It has been two years since Aladdin married Jasmine and they are throwing a two year anniversary party. A young woman named Sandra gets wind of the anniversary and decides to crash the party, hoping to reunite with her once lover Aladdin. However, Aladdin, deeply in love with Jasmine decides to tell Jasmine the truth and together the couple must fight Sandra and save Agrabah.

Chapter One: the return of Sandra

Aladdin strolled cheerfully down the hallway of the palace, when he was tackled from behind. Together he and Jasmine tumbled to the floor laughing. Jasmine was wearing a beautiful purple outfit and her hair was in a braid down her back.

"Hey handsome" She said, kissing him deeply. Aladdin laughed and kissed her back.

"Are the invitations sent yet?" He asked. Jasmine nodded.

"Genie sent them two days ago" She reminded him. She frowned. "I wish Genie would take some sort of payment. He doesn't have to stay here you know" Aladdin smiled.

"Genie loves helping us" Aladdin said. "He's taken lots of vacations, but he always comes back because he likes being here" Jasmine smiled.

"Come on" She said. "Let's get ready" Aladdin smiled. He still couldn't believe she had chosen him.

Meanwhile, in the cities of Agrabah, a young woman with long black hair was dodging the palace guards. Once she made it to her hideout and was sure that the guards were gone, she looked at the piece of paper she had taken from one of the guards. It was rolled up and tied with purple ribbon. She untied it and read the scroll.

You are invited to attend a grand party in honor of the two year anniversary of the Sultan Aladdin and his Queen Jasmine.

There will be food and drink and the Sultan will tell tales of his adventures in Agrabah and beyond.

The woman blinked for a few seconds. Aladdin was married, and was the Sultan and had been for two years. Where had she been? She wondered if he ever thought of her at all. She crumbled up the invitation. How dare he marry someone else? They were destined to be together, he had said so once. Sandra decided that she would go to the palace and see for herself. He couldn't have forgotten her. It was impossible.

Aladdin and Jasmine were just finishing getting ready when Razoul knocked on the door.

"Your majesties" He bowed. "A young street rat is here. She says she knows the sultan" Jasmine turned to face Aladdin. He shrugged and they went to the throne room. In the throne room, two guards had the woman in chains and she was fighting them.

"What is going on here?" Aladdin asked. The woman looked up to face him. "Sandra" He said coldly staring at her.

"Hello Aladdin" She said, smiling sweetly. Aladdin stared at her stonily.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I came to see you" Sandra said simply. Aladdin sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"Ok, you've seen me, you can go now" He said. Sandra stared at him.

"I thought you loved me" She snapped. "That's why I came"

"Let me get this straight" Aladdin said in a low voice. "You came all the way to the palace in hope that you could get me back. I am married Sandra. I love Jasmine and I will always love her" Jasmine smiled at this.

"You used to love me" Sandra shot back.

"That was a long time ago." Aladdin said slowly. "Guards, take her back to the village and make sure she doesn't come near the palace again" The guards nodded and dragged her away. Jasmine placed a hand on Aladdin's shoulder.

"Who was she Al?" Jasmine asked, sitting in her throne. Aladdin sighed.

"It was two years before I met you" He said. "I was fifteen and she was fourteen, too young to actually be in love, but we were, I guess. I saved her much the same way I saved you and from the same vendor"

"Is that why you fell for me?" Jasmine asked. "Because I reminded you of her"

"No" Aladdin said firmly. "I fell for you because of your kind heart. You took the apple for the little boy, Sandra was stealing for herself. That was one of the main arguments that always came up. Sandra was only concerned for herself, me and Abu. When Abu and I would share our food with other hungry street rats, Sandra would yell and scream and say that we needed to think about ourselves and no one else"

"I see" Jasmine said quietly. "Is that the reason you broke up?"

"Maybe that was part of it. But we suddenly started having money. I didn't know where it was coming from and Sandra wouldn't tell me. She wanted us to leave Agrabah as quickly as possible and start a new life elsewhere. She told me we wouldn't be street rats anymore. I refused, because I was certain she had stolen the money. I stole food to survive, because I needed to eat. Sandra told me to sleep on it and that I'd come around. One night, when she thought I was asleep, she snuck out and I followed her. It was then that I discovered that she going from house to house stealing money and her last stop was the palace. I caught up with her and stopped her from climbing the wall. I told her that this had to stop. We weren't thieves; we were people just trying to get by. She told me that it was the only way to survive. I told her that I had been orphaned at 6 and I had survived. She told me that if I didn't approve than we could end it right then and there. I knew she thought I would just allow it because I loved her but I told her it was over and that she could move out of the hideout that night. I never saw her again until just now" Aladdin looked up at Jasmine who was staring at him in a new light.

"I love you Aladdin" She said kissing him. "You never really told me what you went through, living on the streets" Aladdin sighed.

"It's not something I like to remember" He said softly.