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"Hello class, I'm Mr. Carlisle Cullen. As most of you know, Ms. Stuart moved so I will be taking her place for the rest of the year." I repeated my speech as I stood before one of my smaller English writing classes, which was right before lunch, in the University of New York. Nearly everyone was listening tentatively as I began that day's lesson, we were looking into fiction writing for the first time this year.

I was able to easily pick out the students who were willing to learn and wanted to go somewhere in life, and the ones that were here for who knows what reason. There was this one kid, Edward Masen I think was his name, he really got on my last nerve. Questioning everything I did like he was the teacher. It took every ounce of my self-control to keep myself rooted to the floor as he talked back and disrupted the class.

Then, there was Isabella Swan, who had politely asked me to call her Bella, she had her own category. She was beautiful, sweet, so smart, knew the answer to every question, hard working, her writing is the most beautiful thing I've ever had the pleasure of reading, and far too many more endearing qualities to even name. She was also a very strong person, not in the sense of weight-lifting but just on the inside. I remember her telling Edward to 'Fuck off' then blushing and saying she was sorry. I didn't mind it one bit, because Edward shut right up.

Then, all to soon, the lunch bell rang and everyone filed out quickly, except Bella. She hesitated by the door like she didn't really want to leave.

"Is there something you wanted Bella?" I asked, looking up from my papers and she turned around to face me. Her luscious, long brown hair flowed behind her with her every movement, her chocolate brown eyes filled with warmth... and I can't believe I was thinking this way about a student!

She walked slowly and hesitantly down the steps to my desk. "Well, no, not really." she admitted with a blush as she stopped right in front of my desk. "I was just going to say sorry again for using that kind of language in class." she added with another blush.

"It's perfectly fine..." I trailed off as she unconsciously moved a stray piece of her hair behind her ear. Her hand was bandaged and looked to be swollen, or perhaps it was just the amount of wrapping. I caught her hand gently as she moved it back down to her side. "What happened?"


I can't believe all of those girls, batting their eyelashes and unbuttoning their shirts slightly at the new teacher. It was just disgusting. Yes, he was very nice looking but this was just a bit over the top. He didn't seem to notice it though, he was focusing on me, I do hope he didn't see the bruises that I had tried so hard to cover. But then Edward started being his usual douche-self and I got really irritated, even though I knew I would pay for it later.

"Fuck off," I said out loud and immediately blushed and said I'm sorry to Mr. Cullen. He didn't seem to mind but Edward gave one of those glares that reminded me of the saying 'If looks could kill', I get them a lot, from Edward and my father, Charlie.

Charlie has been abusing me ever since my mother left us six years ago. I'm eighteen now, and in college, I skipped several grades and graduated high school at seventeen. You'd like to think I could get away from it all, but it doesn't work like that. Every time I try and escape, he finds me.

Last night, he had crushed nearly every bone in my left hand because I didn't get off the ground fast enough after he threw me down and kicked my ribs till he broke one.

All too soon, the bell rang and I was broken from my reverie. Everyone quickly filed out and Edward stopped by my desk for one short second.

"What the hell was that? Meet me after class you little bitch." Edward whispered with one painful boob grab and I whimpered. He chuckled and walked away.

I looked up and Mr. Cullen was bent over his papers, so he didn't see. I got my things together and stood slowly. I unwillingly headed for the door and paused, not wanting to see Edward.

"Is there something you wanted Bella?" Mr. Cullen asked, it surprised me how much I enjoyed hearing my name flow from his beautiful lips, and I seized the chance to not have to face Edward. I turned around and walked slowly back to his desk. I wasn't really comfortable being around... men after all I have gone through with Edward and Charlie. But I didn't want to be with Edward so I had to hope he would have the decency not to hurt me. I stopped at his desk and looked down at my hands, what was going to be my excuse for staying?

"Well, no, not really." I said nervously and blushed a light pink. "I was just going to say sorry again for using that kind of language in class." I added quickly and blushed a darker pink, thinking of the real reason... to avoid my abusive ex-boyfriend.

"It's perfectly fine..." he trailed off as I nervously moved a stray piece of hair to behind my ear. He caught my hand before I let it hang back down at my side. "What happened?" he gasped as he examined my bandaged hand.

I panicked, what the hell am I going to say? "I, uh, I tripped at home and broke my hand?" I stuttered out my poor excuse, it sort of sounded like a question. Great job Bella. "I, um, have to go." I blurted, looking around nervously. "See you tomorrow Mr. Cullen!" I shouted over my shoulder as I ran from the room.

"Bella!" he called behind me but I was already out the door.

Strong arms encircled around me and I yelped in surprise as I was pushed against the wall.

"You should be telling me that you're sorry." Edward whispered darkly as he pressed his lips roughly to mine and began he knead my breasts.

I struggled beneath him, knowing it was useless but I couldn't allow him to think I was just giving in. To my great relief, Mr. Cullen stepped out of his room just as Edward's hand roamed to my pants.


"Bella!" I shouted but it was no use, she was already out of the door. For a second I just stared at the door but then, acting on a whim, I strode quickly up the stairs and to the door. I was nearly at the door when I heard struggling and I picked up the pace.

"Bella..." I trailed off as I saw that stupid Masen kid on top of Bella. She was struggling and looked to be on the verge of tears. "Mr. Masen, I suggest you move along." I snapped, completely outraged he would actually do that to such a sweet girl like Bella.

He broke off as soon as I spoke and fled the other direction, leaving Bella gasping for breath. She slid to the floor and tears overflowed her eyes.

I bent down beside her, still completely in shock and outrage. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and she allowed me to pull her shaking body towards me.

"It's OK, I'm here." I cooed soothingly as I gently rubbed soothing circles on her back. Her tears subsided a bit as we just sat there. She made no attempt of moving away and neither did I as the seconds passed on.

"Thank you," she sniffled, still not completely over the tears.

I nearly laughed, she was saying thank you for my being a decent human being. That made me wonder as to what she had gone through, and that stopped the chuckled, choking in my throat.

"Are you alright?" I questioned softly, not wanting to scare her. She shrugged as she looked down at her feet. "Does he do that a lot?" She looked up at my face and I got lost in those beautiful doe eyes as they seemed to get lost in mine. Her eyes glanced down at my lips and I suddenly felt a strain in my pants. She licked her lips as she tore her eyes from my lips to look at my face. She was so close, if just leaned forward... our lips would meet...

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