A/N: I'm going back and fixing some minor issues in the earlier chapters. If you've already read them, there are no major changes, just some typo fixes, tightening up some of the writing, hopefully improving clarity. The plot/takeaway point is still the same.

Chapter One

This was supposed to be easy. Vampires. They knew what to do, and it was a simple matter of proper planning and execution.


But this was not turning out to be easy. In fact, it was just the opposite. The job had gotten harder every step of the way. It began when the Impala's engine didn't sound quite right, but Dean had decided they could worry about it later. It was still gnawing at his mind that he'd simply left the car without at least looking under the hood.

When he and Sam had arrived at where they believed the vampires were nesting, they had found it guarded by humans- the type who wanted to be turned, who thought vampires were cool and sexy and hadn't actually seen the damage they inflicted. They had been quickly taken care of by a fake distraction down the road from the abandoned barn they were stationed at, but it confirmed Sam and Dean's suspicions that there were many more vampires than they originally counted. Vampires typically didn't bother with letting humans guard them unless there were more than ten or fifteen in a group.

They had heard screams not long after they pulled in. Clearly human screams, and coming from more than one person. The screams persisted as they sat in the bushes outside the barn window. The fact that there were still survivors was concerning, and would make cleaning up the scene more problematic, providing that there were still survivors at the end of the night.

Dean leaned his head closer to the window, and risked a quick glance. There were at least twenty people not tied up, and he assumed they were all vampires. He could see an older man tied by his wrists to a low-hanging beam, and a woman about the same age tied in a similar manner a few feet away. Dean couldn't see anyone else, but he guessed from the screams that there was at least one other person being held captive.

Sam pulled him quickly back down into the bushes as one of the vampires looked in their direction. "What are we going to do? We can't take on that many by ourselves."

Dean glared. "Do I look like I have a clue? I'm in the same boat as you, Sammy." He was irritated, tired, and more than anything, wanted this job to be over. "I don't think there's any way we can get those people out alive."

"I know. Just… We have to try. It's what we do." Sam sighed. "What if I cause a distraction out here, get some of them to come out, and deal with them while you go inside? You know, split them up some." Dean nodded slowly. It still wasn't ideal, or smart, but it was the best they had. Sam quickly ran off into the woods beyond, and a few moments later he heard loud crashing. He looked cautiously over the window, and came face to face with a grinning vampire, his fangs dripping with blood.

"Holy-! I hate this job!" Dean yelled as he hit the creature in the face with the butt of his gun, catching it off guard. He quickly wrapped a piece of barbed wire around its neck, and pulled in opposite directions. The head made a sick squishing sound that Dean found oddly amusing as it rolled off into the bushes where he had been hiding. He hopped in the window, and found most of the vampires gone, except for a few feeding on the older couple. He shook his head. He had known they wouldn't be able to save them. Suddenly, the head of one of the feeding vampires disappeared, and splattered onto the wall behind it. He fleetingly wondered what Sam was doing back in the barn.

"You son of a bitch, get away from them!" A loud female voice cried. Dean whirled around and saw a dark-haired girl emerging from a separate room behind him. Hers must have been the third voice he and Sam had heard.

She was tall and athletic looking, wearing a black button-up shirt with several of the buttons missing, leaving gaps, and holding a very large gun. Her face was set with an indignant scowl, though there were tears streaming down her face. There was a lot of blood coming from a slash in her shirt.

"Are you ok?" Dean asked tentatively. There was a dangerous glint in her eyes that he wasn't used to seeing in civilians.

She stuck out her chin. "I just shot something, didn't I?" Suddenly her eyes widened and she shot the gun again, and Dean turned back around to see a vampire headed toward him, intent on killing him. Like the one before it, its head took on the appearance of a broken melon.

"Thanks," Dean said breathlessly. There were more vampires coming toward them from the back of the barn; he cocked his gun and held the barbed wire tighter. He tried to focus solely on the creatures, but heard the girl behind him whisper Mom, then Dad in a choked voice. He felt a pang of sympathy for her. The next instant vampires surrounded him, and he swung the gun and wire as best he could. He heard several more loud shots, and saw the girl fighting beside him. One of the vampires grabbed her gun, flung it across the room, and hit her hard in the stomach as she tried to follow where the gun went. She groaned, and hit the floor as the vampire descended on her. Another one down, Dean thought harshly as he removed the heads from two more vampires.

He glanced one more time at the girl as she lay bleeding on the floor. If she wasn't dead now, she would be soon. Her eyes fluttered open, and for a split second, Dean saw something in her eyes he doubted he'd ever forget- though he couldn't place exactly what it was. It was something wild, uncontrollable, and unwilling to give in to anything. He quickly decapitated the last vampire in the old barn just as Sam ran in through the main door. Dean slumped down onto his heels, and looked out at the carnage that covered the floor of the barn. There had been maybe five or six, and the rest had gone after Sam. He looked like he'd emerged from a blood bath.

"Dean, we have to go, now. I only killed about four or five, and the rest are still in the woods. They'll be back here in no time." Sam said breathlessly. Dean nodded, and saw Sam's expression when he saw the dark-haired girl lying on the ground. Dean suddenly realized there had been a vampire attacking her, but he didn't remember it ever getting up and coming after him.

He saw it a few feet away, its throat slit almost all the way through. A bloody knife was in the girl's hand. He shook his head again. She had gone down fighting. He briefly wondered if she had been partially turned to have that much strength, and with that crazed look in her eyes. It didn't matter.

"Dean." Sam was looking at him expectantly. He was kneeling by the girl, his fingers to her neck. "She still has a pulse."

"So? She'll be dead before the other vampires get back. We need to leave." He gathered his gun and what was left of the wire.

Sam stared at him. "We have to take her with us. She'll die otherwise, or they could turn her."

"Yeah, if they haven't already!" Dean was frustrated. Sam wanting to save everyone was nothing new, but Dean was beginning to recognize that it was a foolish hope. He turned in the direction of the car.

Sam picked the girl up gently, and he thought he saw her eyes flutter for a moment. He picked up his gun and her knife, and hurried after Dean.