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Chapter Fifty

The drive to Mississippi went faster than they expected, but it was late in the evening when Lilly pulled up to the motel they'd chosen for the night. Dean had only let her drive to keep her quiet, once she'd pointed out that it was the only thing she would be allowed to do for the foreseeable future.

The three of them sat in Sam's room, next to Dean and Lilly's, looking over the information they on their current case. Only one person had died, but the circumstances were suspicious enough that Dean felt certain it was a spirit. An older man who lived with his wife had been strangled, and the wife noted that there had been strange occurrences in the week leading up to his death. Things weren't where they had been left, and they'd both received phone calls with no one on the other end.

"What do you say we go up there tomorrow and poke around, maybe ask the old lady some questions, while Lilly checks out the library for clues on who the spirit was?" Dean asked Sam.

Lilly snorted. "Really? Library duty? Come on, I can at least handle going to ask some questions." She said, looking at Sam for help. He held his hands up and said nothing.

"Lilly," Dean said patiently, "I'm not risking you being around this thing. What if it comes out of nowhere, mad that we're trying to stop it?"

"Yes, because that often happens in broad daylight," Lilly snapped. "Using that logic, I shouldn't go to the library either in case someone decides to set it on fire."

"Fine," Dean countered, "You can stay here and work from the computer."

Lilly slammed a hand down on the table. "Dammit, Dean, that's not what I meant!"

Sam jumped in. "Dean, don't you think that's a little extreme?" He asked. "I'm sure she can handle coming with us to ask a few questions. But-" he added, turning to Lilly, "you are not allowed to come with us when we do anything dangerous."

Pouting, Lilly crossed her arms. "I know what I can handle," she said. "Do you really think I'd risk my child if I had any doubt I could?" As she spoke, her hand came to rest on her stomach, even though she showed no sign of pregnancy yet.

Dean scooted back from the table. "Whatever, I'm going to bed." He stood. "You coming?"

Lilly stood as well, pushing in her chair behind her. "Goodnight, Sam," she said.

"Night, guys." Sam responded, walking them to the door.

Back in their own room, Lilly sat down to untie her shoes as Dean pulled off his shirt and headed for the shower. She heard the water come on, and laid back in the bed.

It had been almost a month, and her wounds still ached. Most were covered in itchy scabs that she resisted the urge to pick at. The worst of her bruises were fading to green and yellow, which, in her opinion, was even less appealing than the blue and purple they'd been at first. The majority of the pain, however, was how much her wounds held her back. She hadn't been able to move properly, or sleep comfortably, or worst of all, be with Dean the way she wanted. Ever since she'd learned she was carrying his child, she'd wanted nothing more than to repeat their steamy night in the Impala. But she knew her body, and she knew it would be agony.

The sound of the shower turning off startled Lilly out of her thoughts. She turned towards the bathroom, and saw Dean step out on a roll of steam with only a towel wrapped around his waist. As she let her eyes wander over him, she felt a familiar pang below her navel and bit her lip.

"Take a picture; it'll last longer," Dean joked. Lilly blushed.

"Am I that obvious?"

He chuckled. "I gotta say, Miss Winchester, I've never had a woman look at me like that before."

She rolled her eyes as she stood as began to get undressed for bed. "I'm sure," she said sarcastically. When she turned back around, Dean had paused in drying himself and was staring at her body hungrily. "Now who's looking?"

The desire evident in his eyes, Dean moved toward her slowly. There was something primal in his body language as he knelt on bed in front of her and pulled off the rest of her clothes, letting the towel drop from his waist in the process. Lilly realized this was the first time they'd seen each other fully undressed since the night in the Impala, and she bit her lip again.

From where Dean knelt in front of her he was still close to his full height, and had to duck to lock his mouth to her shoulder, her collarbone, her breast. Lilly whimpered in pleasure, but Dean mistook it for pain. He instantly stopped and ran his hands over her cheeks, the hunger fading from his gaze as he searched her face for the source of the pain.

Instead, he saw his own desire reflected back at him.

Lilly turned off the bedside lamp and pushed Dean backwards, kneeling in front of him. His arms slowly curved around her waist, pulling her toward him. She was briefly taken aback when she felt him pressing against her stomach, but began kissing him anyway. It was tentative at first, then furious as they made up for lost time.

Without thinking, Dean pushed Lilly back on the bed underneath him.

She faltered only a second, but he noticed and pulled back, even though his face was twisted with desire.

"I'm sorry, I-" he stuttered, running a hand over his face. "I didn't think, I just…" he was at a loss for words. The raw passion in his eyes was obvious to Lilly, and she could tell he was holding himself back. He met her eyes, his burning. "I want you," he said, his voice gravelly.

Lilly reached up and touched his face. "Trust me, I know," she whispered. "I want you too…" her voice trailed off. "I just don't think I'm ready," she finished. Dean looked hurt. "Physically, I mean. I think I still need some time for everything to heal and go back to normal," she added quickly.

Dean nodded, stroking her cheek. "Take your time, princess," he said softly. He leaned closer, letting his breath tickle her neck and his lips graze her ear. "But the moment you're ready, I'm going to take you right then and there." He pulled back with a smirk.

Lilly's face was unreadable, and for a moment, Dean felt stupid and piggish. "Sorry if that's too much," he said regretfully.

"No," Lilly managed to squeak, and Dean realized her hand was clenching the sheets. Sensing her arousal, he nipped at her neck gently. Lilly moaned.

"Too much, princess?" He asked from the curve of her neck, gently sucking the skin there. The soft sound Lilly made was answer enough. "Alright, time for bed," Dean said, flopping down on the mattress. Lilly remained sitting up, frozen.

"Something wrong?" Dean asked playfully. She turned her gaze toward him, and the way she looked at him made him squirm in the best way possible. She quickly straddled him and nibbled his earlobe without saying a thing. "Lilly, seriously, we don't have to…"

Her finger on his lips silenced him. Delicately, she kissed her way down his chest, stopping just below his navel.

"You know," she said casually, "I find that some parts of my body sustained no damage at all." She touched her fingers to her lips, and her meaning wasn't lost on Dean. "What do you think?" She smirked at him.

"Umm, I think… uhh…" Dean struggled for thought as Lilly's trail of kisses traveled lower. "Who the hell cares what I think? You're the brains in this relationship."