Chapter Fifty-Three

Dean flicked through a newspaper, re-reading the coverage of the old man's death, as Sam tapped away on his laptop. They'd been at this for several hours. Finally, he set the newspaper down and looked across at his brother.

"Did the Davises have any kids?" He asked. Sam lifted his head.

"Yeah, weren't there about fifty framed photos in the living room?"

Dean was silent of a moment, musing. "Are they all still alive? They've gotta be pretty old by now."

Sam's face scrunched slightly as he returned to typing. "There were five Davis children, four are still alive; the youngest is in his thirties."

"When and how did the dead one die?" Dean asked, rummaging through his duffel and coming up with a bag of M&Ms. He popped several his mouth lazily. Sam grimaced, and typed something else. His eyebrows lifted in surprise a moment later.

"Their oldest son, William, died when he was a kid, back in the seventies." Frowning, he continued scanning the screen. "He drowned." Sam frowned up at Dean. "That doesn't really give us anything."

Dean leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table. "Did the kid die around here?" He asked.

Sam checked. "No, the Davises lived near Lake Michigan until William's death, and moved to Mississippi shortly after."

"A spirit wouldn't follow them that far, would it?" Dean inquired. Sam scoffed.

"I seriously doubt it. But William's death didn't exactly meet the violent requirement," he said, scrolling the computer. "It said they were out on a boat, and William fell overboard. The water was freezing, they lost sight of him, and when there was no sign of him after a week he was declared dead."

A sound from behind them made both brothers turn. Lilly shook herself awake and stretched. "What did I miss?" She asked groggily.

Dean smiled at her, glancing at his watch. "Almost three hours of nonstop fun. Sleep okay?"

She nodded and came to stand beside him, resting a hand on his arm casually. Without thinking, he covered her hand with own, protectively. If Sam noticed, he didn't comment. "Anything new?" She asked.

Sam looked up. "The oldest son died in '75; drowning."

"Yikes." Lilly said. "We sure it was an accident?"

Sam and Dean glanced at each other, both shrugging. "It's worth looking into. But there's still the issue that his body is resting in peace at the bottom of Lake Michigan." Sam stated.

"They didn't even get his body out?" Lilly said incredulously.

Sam's eyes flicked to the article. "His body was never found. I guess with water that cold, they assumed he had to be dead if he didn't get pulled up."

"Makes sense. But I still don't know what he'd be attached to, here, after that long. Or why he'd go after the father." Dean sat up. "We'll look into it in the morning."

"Turning in already?" Sam asked, surprised.

"Give me a break, I'm tired," Dean retorted. He turned to Lilly. "You coming?"

Stretching and rolling her shoulders, she nodded. "Goodnight, Sam," she said, squeezing his arm. He smiled up at her.

"Night, guys."

When Dean and Lilly reached their room, Dean immediately flopped on the bed and flipped on the TV, absently scrolling through channels. Lilly bent to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm taking a shower, you don't have to wait up."

He looked up, cupping her face and kissing her lips softly. "Take your time."

For the next thirty minutes, Dean flipped channels, finally settling on an episode of Hogan's Heroes that was halfway over. He was beginning to doze when he heard the shower turn off. Lilly stepped out, a towel around her, her long hair dripping. She pulled her hair over her shoulder, leaving her back bare, as she sat down on the edge of the bed next to Dean. He took a deep breath; she smelled like vanilla and warm spice.

She glanced over her shoulder to smile at him as she began finger-combing her hair. Dean leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her shoulder blade, right above her tattoo. She hadn't fully dried herself yet, and he got a faint taste of her soap, mixed with her body's natural scent. That small taste made him bite back a sound of pleasure, and he placed his hands on her shoulders and began peppering her back with light, feathery kisses. She arched into him, leaning back against his body. Encouraged, Dean trailed his lips up to her neck, ending just below her ear. Her breathing was heavier and her hands had moved from her hair to the bed on either side of her hips. Dean dragged his teeth across the sensitive spots of her neck, causing her to moan softly and clench the blankets in her hands.

"You like that?" He whispered in her ear. Lilly breathed out a "yes" as he started nibbling her earlobe. Slowly, he slid his hands from her shoulders to her collarbones, and then down her chest, removing her towel and letting it fall behind her, between them. He felt its damp weight on his jeans and didn't care.

Still grazing his teeth over her ear, he cupped her breasts, feeling her drop back against his chest as he teased her nipples with his fingertips. His jeans were beginning to feel tighter, and Lilly must have felt it as well, because she reached behind her for his belt buckle and started to turn around to remove it. Dean stopped her, keeping her back to his chest. She made a frustrated sound when he took one hand from her chest and managed to undo his belt and jeans one handed. To make up for the lessened contact, he increased the pressure of his remaining hand, rolling the nipple between his fingers, pulling gently. Once his pants were unzipped and he felt considerably less constricted, he brought his hand around and stroked her stomach. At the thought of his child beginning to grow inside her, he took a deep, shaky breath and laid his forehead against her back.

Lilly sensed the change in his demeanor and turned to face him, her face flushed. She met his eyes, and drew his chin up to meet her face, pressing her lips tenderly against his. Breaking the kiss but maintaining eye contact, she helped him slide out of his jeans, leaving only his boxers separating them. She lowered herself to straddle him, and Dean felt a pulse of sensation shoot through his body as her warm center pressed against him. He hardened fully as she began rocking slowly, grinding herself on him. Her green eyes hadn't left his. His mouth was slightly open, in awe of the feeling of her peaked nipples grazing over his chest through his thin t-shirt. Keeping the motion of her hips steady, Lilly peeled his shirt off, meeting his eyes again when it was over his head. She pulled her fingernails across his chest and back, causing him to hiss with pleasure. He took her hips in his hands and quickened her pace, pressing his length as close to her as he could. Her heat was radiating onto him, and he began to feel dampness seeping through the fabric of his boxers. He groaned and slipped one hand behind her, stroking the sensitive skin at the back of her thigh, before reaching farther and sliding a finger inside her. She gasped and bucked her hips forward, rubbing against him in all the right ways.

Returning his mouth to her neck, he continued to stroke her, and she continued to grind into him, her breath coming out in short gasps. His lips dropped from her neck to her chest, and he increased the movements of hand as he took her nipple in his teeth.

"Dean!" She cried out, gripping his shoulders tight. He felt her breasts begin to bounce lightly as he guided the pace of her hips. She reached a hand between them, grasped him firmly, and slid her hand with agonizingly slow strokes. Unable to wait any longer, Dean pulled his fingers from her and replaced her hand on him with his own, pumping himself hard and fast.

"I need you," His voice was gravelly. "Need to be inside you," he said, groaning as he guided himself to her entrance. His eyes rolled back and his mouth dropped into an 'o' as his head began to push past her slick folds-

"Wait," she said quietly. Her body was flushed, her pupils dilated, but her eyes were dejected. With a sigh, he pressed his forehead against her chest.

"I know," he whispered. "Not yet?"

Lilly shook her head sadly. "I can help you finish, if you want…" She trailed off, leaving it up to him.

He met her eyes and stroked her cheek. "Not unless it's with you," Her eyes dropped and he saw a guilty look cross her face. "Hey," he said softly, tilting her chin back up to look at him, "None of this is your fault, you understand me? I'll wait as long as it takes." He gently ran his fingers over her left hand, straightening her ring. "No matter what, even if it takes forever, I'll be here." He brought her hand to his lips and kissed each of her fingers.

Lilly looked deep into his eyes and touched the side of his face. All the gratitude she felt was expressed in that gesture; words weren't necessary.

"Come on, princess, let's get some sleep," Dean said. He lay back in the bed and pulled her down next to him. She didn't bother to put on a sleep shirt, just snuggled up to his side and closed her eyes. Dean closed his eyes, but was bombarded with fantasies of finishing what they had started. He opened his eyes again and stared at the ceiling until he tired enough to fall asleep.

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