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Title: The Talk

Her legs shook as she leaned against the chain link fence panting for breath. She was going to be late again. She removed her bag from her back and threw it over the fence with all her might. Wiping her hands on her jeans she quickly followed her possessions over the rusted steel. She leapt off the top of the seven foot fence landing on the dry fall grass. Wiping the sweat off her brow she grabbed her bag and resumed her trek through the forest.

The sun was sinking faster then she could run and she relied on her memory to get her home. She leapt over roots and freezing streams. She ducked under low branches and dogged and poisonous leaves. She sighed as she reached the leg of her journey. Prince Manor. She pulled her bushy hair back into a pony tail and squared her shoulders. She walked this path every day. She couldn't stop now.

The solid walls around the abandoned manor stretched over two miles each way. Leaving her with one option, go straight through. She pushed the iron gate open and closed it behind her. The path to the door was cracked and crumbling. Ravens nested in the clogged gargoyle fountains. They watched her as she skirted around them.

She looked up to the windows that over looked her All of them were shuttered but one. He was watching her again, he always watched her. She climbed the stairs to the massive front door and made her way in. the wood floors creaked under her feet, thousand year old dust tickled her nose. A door from the upper floors closed and she started to run.

She threw doors open before her, jumped over broken furniture, as she reached the last room, she slipped. She caught herself on the tattered table cloth that hid the back door. The kitchen was flooded again, it always was when he wanted to talk. She tore off the hangings and tried the door. He'd locked it tight tonight. The medieval lock rattled at her persistent pushing and tug but prevailed. She sighed and put her back to the door. There was nothing left but to hear him out now. She was going to be real late tonight.


He watched her as she pushed open the iron gate to his land. He could smell her sweat an hour beforehand. She's been coming everyday for the last three summers. She always closed the gates and doors behind her, never took something that wasn't hers. A perfect woman in his eyes.

Her sweet vanilla scent filled his halls. And his feet followed her steps of their own accord. She wasn't escaping him tonight he made sure of it. The beast inside him roared with pleasure, She would he his tonight. Her scent led him to his kitchen where she stood against the back door, waiting for him her face flushed.

"You didn't have to lock me in." she said softly opening her arms for him.

He stalked across the room and pulled her to him, burying his face into her pale neck, "Have you reconsidered?"

"You could have met me at the door." She retorted, her hands crawling up her back.

"Hermione." He breathed taking in her vanilla body wash and lavender shampoo. His hands caressed her hip bones, "Let me love you." His claws ripped through her leather belt and her jeans slipped from her hips to her thighs. "I'll take care of you." He pressed his aching need against her and nibbled her jaw.

"Severus." She pushed away from him and looked into his endless black eyes. "I love going to Hogwarts. I'm not read to be a wife.'

"I'll hunt you down until you say yes." He said his gaze dipping from her eyes to her baby blue cotton panties. "No matter what."

She fixed her jeans and smiled her beautiful smile, "I'm counting on it." She slipped his wand from the holster on his wrist, repaired the damage to her belt, unlocked the door, and was gone again.