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"Hey Phil," Called Randy stepping in front of Punk, "there are a few of us heading out to the bar down the street, you in?" Randy had been urging and pestering Punk to come out with him and the boys for months now. Every night after the show it was the same thing, them all asking punk to come out drinking with them, and as usual the same response.

"You know I have morals unlike some people," Punk joked.

"Ha ha" Randy said in an overly sarcastic voice.

"Seriously you know I don't drink."

"But I neeeeeedd you!" begged Randy. "I mean… uh...we need you," he corrected himself. "We need a designated driver."

"Really? Is that it? You could get someone else I'm sure. I mean not that I don't want to hang out with you guys," Punk said backpedaling, "I'm just tired and-…"

Randy cut off Punk, "But you know any other superstar here would get drunk off their ass if they came within two feet of alcohol. You're straight-edge, you won't be tempted. Come on Phil."
Punk thought about it, "Well I suppose that's true…"

"Please?" Randy begged, batting his eyelashes mockingly like a flirty schoolgirl.
Punk sighed, discreetly gazing at Randy's muscles bulging underneath his skin-tight gas mask t-shirt, and finally gave in, "Ok, who all's coming?"

Randy smiled, pure joy flooding his face. "Me, Teddy, Miz ..."

"Oh not your little fuck buddy Cody?" Punk teased. Randy blushed a bright crimson red. "Oh...uh, dude you know I was kidding right? But...um... let's go."
As they pushed their way through superstars and ring-rats, Randy eyed Punk thinking of how perfectly his plan was going so far.

* * *

"Having fun Phil?" Randy asked slipping onto a stool next to Punk.

"Well as much fun as a guy can have drinking Pepsi while all his friends act like drunken idiots around him." Punk responded sarcastically. "Can we go now?"

"What? Phil, it's only eleven! We're just getting started, man! The fun has just begun!" Randy enthused, "Plus... I'm not even drunk yet."

"Well that's great for you. Why am I here again?"
Randy sighed, "Phil you need to lighten up. Sometimes you're just so…so…"

"So sober?" Punk tried, "So straight-edge?" The disapproval palpable in his voice.

"You should drink a little, you'll have some fun, and you'll be a lot less annoying." Randy joked, raising his beer to emphasize his point.

"I thought I was the driver?" Punk asked, an agitated look on his face.

"Well," confessed Randy, averting his eyes away from Punk and down to his drink, "I really just wanted you to come out and have some fun with us. I mean you never come out, you're always in your room alone..."

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" Punk cursed, jumping off of his stool. "I could be in a warm bed or a hot-tub right now! What the hell Orton?!" Randy listened to the outburst quietly, waiting for Punk to calm down. "Come on Phil, one drink can't hurt right?"

"Dammit Orton…." Punk began.

"Please Phil?"

Punk was pulled into Randy's ice cold blue eyes, as they searched his face longingly. His soft dark-pink lips uttering his name was just too much for him to bear, he gave into Randy's allure for the second time that night. "Just one light beer. Ok?" Punk said easing back onto his stool.
Randy practically exploded from excitement. "Cool," he said feigning a nonchalant attitude, "I got you covered. One Blue Moon Belgium White Ale, please," he told the bartender.

"Uhhh, Randy? That won't be too strong for me will it?"

"Don't worry Phil; I'll take care of you." Randy tried to reassure Punk. "Could you go get Ted and tell him to come here please?"

"Sure thing," Punk stood to go get Ted.

"Your drink." The bartender handed Randy the beer. Randy reached into his pocket quickly, looking over his shoulder and pulled out a small capsule. Making sure no one was watching, he broke the capsule over Punk's drink and emptied the contents into the glass.
Ted and Punk came toward Randy just as he finished. "...Hey Randy...what'dya want?" Ted slurred in a southern drawl, clearly a lightweight drinker.

"I just needed to see if you were drunk," snickered Randy.

"Drunk?" slurred Ted, "I'm-i'msnotdrunk!"
Randy and Punk burst out laughing as Ted staggered away still claiming soberness. As their chuckles began to die down, an abrupt lustful leer came across Randy's face. His eyes bore into Punk's eyes sensually. Punk could feel the unbridled lust seeping out of Randy's every pore. He averted his eyes down to his untouched drink and settled into his seat, beginning to sip his drink slowly. Randy fidgeted nervously just as Punk swallowed the last of his beer.

"You good?" asked Randy studying Punk's expression.

"Yeah…Yeah!" Punk said standing. "I feel great! Just a little light-headed and kinda weird, but uhh... good… I got to go to the pee room, but...uh... I'll be right back." Punk walked to the bathroom. Randy grinned; it was going to be a great night.