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Punk bolted up in bed, but laid back quickly as a sharp pain stabbed his front temple. Wow, thought Punk, slowly attempting to rise once again. What the hell happened? And whose room is this? Punk's throbbing head swirled with questions as he crawled out of the bed and over piles of stuff, (that didn't belong to him) and onto the floor.

Punk struggled to drag himself into the bathroom, mentally replaying the previous night's events, but coming up blank. He tried spritzing his face with water in order to help himself wake up and think clearly. First things first, he thought turning back towards the door. I wonder if anyone's here. Punk began to call out, as he walked towards the front of the hotel suite. "Hey, is anyone here? Anyone at all?!" He called trying to evoke a response from the owner of the hotel room.

"Jesus, Christ!!!" a hung-over Ted DiBiasie finally answered. "Why are you always so loud?"

Punk trudged into the next room, his head now throbbing from the volume of the other man's voice. "I'm not that loud. You're the loud one. Plus I have all the right in the world to be loud, it was you and your friend who took me out and got me drunk last night against my will. Then practically kidnapped me and brought me back to your hotel room for god knows what reason."

Ted stood from the couch he had spent all night on. "First of all, I didn't want you there in the first place. Second, stop screaming, third, it's Randy and Cody's room not mine, and fourth," Ted's tone became much sweeter, "could you go see if there are any pills in their bathroom?"

"So if this is Randy's room where exactly is he?"

Ted shrugged and sat back down, rubbing his aching temples. Punk eased down beside him Just as he sat down the door to the room beeped and in walked a smiling Orton and Rhodes carrying bags of food.

"Hey guys we brought you some food," Randy grinned a bit too big, like he was compensating for something. "I hope you aren't too hung-over to enjoy it."

Punk turned towards them. "Hey, what the hell happened last night? I took one drink, went to the bathroom and can't remember anything after that."

"You got drunk, 'Mr. Straight-Edge savior'" Cody teased.

Punk stared at him in disbelief. "But I…. I'm not…"

Randy sat a bag he was carrying down. "We brought you chocolate chip cookies… I know how you like them." Randy blushed, trying not to hint at the fact that just hours ago he had been inside the man.

Punk gratefully accepted the cookies, eying Randy suspiciously, not quite sure why he was getting a strange feeling as he stared at the man. Then suddenly Punk remembered something. "The hummer!" he exclaimed. Making Cody jump, and making Ted groan as he tried to ease the pain in his head.

"What?" Randy nervously chuckled, trying to play off what Punk had just said. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Cody froze, his heart racing, as he thought he'd been found out. "Yeah, Phil what are you talking about? You slept in the bed and me and Randy both slept on the floor I swear!!" Cody broke down, raising his right hand and covering his heart with his left.

"What?" Punk looked up at them, confused. "I was talking about my car. I left my car at that stupid bar last night… What are you guys talking about?"

Cody and Randy both visibly relaxed. "Oh, we went and got that while we were out too. I drove it back here for you." Cody handed Punk his keys.

"Thanks I guess?" Punk continued to look at his friends who were acting very strangely. (Except for Ted who was often in hung-over mode.) "What exactly happened last night?"

Cody looked at Randy and began weaving a tale about him showing up at the bar, and them leaving the bar with a half passed out Ted and Punk in tow. Throughout Cody's deceitful lie, Randy wistfully glanced back and forth between Punk and Cody, silently longing to tell Punk the truth. "Are you sure?" Punk was having trouble accepting the story.

Cody nodded, "It's true. Right Randy?"

Randy looked in Punk's eyes deeply, "You really don't remember anything?"

Punk shook his head.

"Really?" Randy prompted Punk, a hint of longing in his voice. "Anything?"

Punk starred at Randy blankly, confirming that he truly remembered nothing. Cody grinned, sitting in a chair and flipping on the T.V. as Randy turned away from Punk, his eyes almost welling up. Punk sat down and began enjoying his cookies as he watched T.V. with his friends.

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