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Harry Potter looked at the snickering blond in something like shock. Well, that wasn't the reaction he thought the three would have at hearing about Voldemort, but he hadn't really had to tell anyone who didn't already know a bit about the situation already.

"So, there's a creepy old guy, with an affinity for snakes after you. To kill you?" The blond asked.

Harry's eyebrows lowered. "Yes, Naruto."

Naruto glanced at the stoic Uchiha to his right and busted into laughter. "If only he wanted in your pants. You and Sasuke would be twins! Sounds almost like Orochimaru, eh Sasuke?"

Naruto went flying through a wall.

Unlike all the other times when Naruto went flying after saying something completely idiotic, Sakura wasn't the one with a fist in the air. It was Sasuke, eyes closed, arm extended towards the hole in the wall.

Sakura and Harry blinked.

"Sensitive subject?" Harry asked.

Well, that's it! It's short, and a bit cracky, but well... what ev. I'm almost for sure this had been done before, but not the whole Sasuke being the one to punch Naruto through a wall thing. Oh well. I hope people like it! :D