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Author's Notes: Yes folks this is the end of the story. I hope to have something else to offer up in this universe soon, but I have several Supernatural stories I have been working on. Also I wrote some lyrics for this chapter and let me forewarn you lyrics/poetry is something I'm not good at.

Thanks Muffy for letting me play in your universe.

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It was October 30th and the group had gotten together that evening above the Apothecary. The Urban Werewolves were scheduled to play at the Rat's Nest the next night and they were celebrating Galen and Rob's birthday. The Thai food had been cleaned up and the leftovers put away. A few silly gifts had been opened and put aside.

There was quiet conversation, lots of laughs and a general sense of contentment.

Flash fingered his Celtic amulet for a moment feeling a little nervous about the gift he wanted to give his friends. After everything that had happened a few weeks back with the amulet and Rob leaving for almost two weeks, he felt that he had to give back something. He wasn't talented at much, but he had a guitar and could write decent music, the lyrics always left something to be desired. But he liked to write songs and knew it was something he could give back with. As the conversation lulled he knew it was the right time. He cleared his throat uncomfortably.

"Um, ok, so I know it isn't Galen and Rob's birthday until tomorrow, and I could do this then," Flash said as he looked at his friends around the Emry's living room. "But, um, I'd like to give you my gift now," he said softly as he opened his guitar case. He played a few chords and then a few single notes to make sure it was still in tune.

"Dude, you gonna serenade us?" Rob asked.

Flash ignored him and everyone's chuckles. He took a breath as he settled his fingers on the frets and started with rocking individual notes before he took to chords.

Broken hearts, tears and sorrow
Left to wonder, feeling hollow
Family shattered and split apart
Young and lost, but eager to start

Family and friends, here and gone
Always responding to the call
Will faith hold or will it shatter
fight for the good, because it matters

Family asunder, future unsure,
Friends fill void, strong and sure
Never home, never gone, always here
Fighting off the dark and fears

Family and friends, here and gone
Always responding to the call
Will faith hold or will it shatter
fight for the good, because it matters

Links to the past gone, future unsure
light comes from the least expected place
Never home, never gone, never doubt
Will it keep or will faith hold out

Flash closed his eyes as he continued to play and sang his questionable lyrics. As he got to the end he rocked out the last of the song before he stilled the strings and looked hesitantly up at Galen and Rob.

The room was completely quiet. No one moved, talked or barely breathed. They just sat there staring at him.

Flash swallowed heavily and fingered his amulet. He waited for some kind of response, and he blushed when they just continued to stare.

"Uh, well, um, it still kinda needs a bit of, um, work, maybe? The lyrics could use a lot more, um, work, I, ah, I think. … Oh god, say something! Even that it sucked. I can rework it."

Galen shook his head, the lyrics and the notes still ringing in his head. Every once in a while his friend did this. Pull a song out he'd been working on and played it for him, or for him and Rob. But it had never been for him and Rob before, they had just been undedicated songs. But this…. "Flash it was…"

"Incredible," Rob said softly before he ducked his head slightly and shook it. "I'll never get how you come up with these songs and then never play them in front of anyone."

Flash gently put his guitar back into his case. "Yeah, well," he said and shrugged. "It's easier in front of you guys. I'd hate us to be booed off stage at one of the few places we get to play. Besides, when we get that record deal we'll have several to choose from," he said with a bit of a twinkle in his eye.

Galen chuckled. "Yeah, one day, man. One day," he said.

"Thanks," Rob said.

They all started talking about the song, well Mike, Rhiannon, Sarah and Becci all chimed in how much they liked it. Flash, Rob and Galen stayed silent and just listened. The pleased looks on their faces told Flash all he needed to know. They had liked it and that was all that really mattered.

With no threats in the near future, they silently toasted each other before smiling and joining in with the conversation.

The end.

Talisman 1. Magical object: an object believed to give magical powers to somebody who carries or wears it, e.g. a stone or jewel

Talisman 2. Something with magical power: something believed to have magical properties