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Full Summary: What happens when you've been gone for seven months? You disappeared without warning. Only three people knew the real reason you were gone. Seven months away from home, seven months with your cell phone turned off. A whole new look, an attitude change… But in the end things weren't as different as they seemed. Claire Bonnet changed in more ways than one. But deep down, she was the same miserable girl looking for love.

*Claire's Point of View*

"Oh my lord! Thank you so much!" I hugged the Raw guest host, Mike Tyson, "You're amazing! You are by far the best guest host yet! You are so smart! Thank you!" I was doing the whole, 'surprised bring my hand to my mouth thing' that I seemed to have picked up in my seven month absence.

"Not a problem. You have a match later, go get ready." he laughed and I smiled more,

"Thank you, again." I said, walking away, then blew him some kisses before I left the room. The camera followed me as I made my way to Legacy's locker room. I knocked impatiently and Cody opened the door. Not a word was said, I just walked in and the camera's shut off. This would confuse a lot of people. Who was I? Why was I hanging with Legacy? What was I thanking Mike for? All that would be explained later in the broadcast.

My new entrance theme was Money Honey by Lady GaGa. It's awesome. I walked out onto the ramp. A bag in my hands. My hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail, I was wearing a pair of dark high-waisted jeans, a frilly white top, a grey cardigan and a pair of gold Jimmy Choo heels. Seven months ago I would have been wearing my ring attire, not anymore. I had the cockiest smile you've ever seen on my face. I didn't go near the fans, it was weird. Before I left, I would have been high-fiving them, paying them all the attention. Not now. I was heel. I was arrogant. I was better.

"Hi." I said into a microphone, sounding very careless, like I didn't want to be addressing them. 'Who are you?' chants started and I just smirked further, "The name's Claire Bonnet. The girl who was your idol, your hero. Understand that I don't care if you change your mind. I have more important things on my mind to worry about." I stated, the smirk never leaving my face. "In this bag holds something amazing. I'm going to open it, and you are going to hate me." I opened the bag slowly, and then put my hand in. The object I pulled out made the crowd gasp. It was purple, and pink. It was shaped like a butterfly. It had my name on it. It was the WWE Divas Championship. "This is what Mike Tyson gave to me at the beginning of the show. This championship was mine before I left, I never lost it. So I get it back. Now, I have to scout some possible opponents for my title. Maryse and Gail have already passed the first round… Let's see if anyone has improved." I laughed, as if it wasn't possible. I let the microphone fall to the ground as I exited the ring, joining Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler on commentary. I watched Eve defeat Katie Lee, not saying much at all. I wanted more than anything to get back inside that ring… But I guess I'd have to wait my turn.

*Third Person*

"No. Fucking. Way." Mike cursed, "Vince is mad." Miz was in disbelief, it was her. She'd never been like this. Seven months ago Claire wore black. A black midriff baring top and a pair of black shorts that actually came down to her knee. Her hair was out and all over the place. She wore padded gloves. Now she looked proper, and as though she was too good for everyone else. Seven months ago Claire would have been hanging out with him and John. She was always joking, and often helped them come up with gags for the Dirt Sheet. The three of them were best friends, now he didn't know who she was.

"Vince is giving people what they want." Kofi stated,

"And what's that?" Mike asked confused,

"Change. A different storyline." Kofi told him and Michael shook his head,

"They don't want this. Claire's not who they thought she was. They all think this is as dumb as giving Sheamus the god damn championship. They'll think it's unfair."

"But it's different, and that's what they were complaining about originally."

"She's back…" Mike stated, still in disbelief.

*Claire's Point of View*

I hadn't changed out of my clothes from when I as on commentary, and when Cody saw me after Raw he gave me a little twirl,

"I really do like this look." he laughed and I smiled, "What are you doing right now?"

"I'm going out for a late dinner." I smiled and he nodded,

"Who you going out to dinner with?"

"That was the surprise Cody." Randy laughed, "We're going out to celebrate her return."

"And we couldn't go clubbing?"

"You know very well I hate clubs. I haven't changed that much." I giggled. He put his arm around my shoulder. I was with Ted on-screen, but I couldn't really hang off of him in real life because he was married, and it would cause a lot of rumors, even if he had been my best friend for years. So I stayed with Cody most of the time. We walked out to the waiting car, which Ted had started. "Guess what boys?"

"What?" they asked in unison.

"I call shot gun." I winked and skipped over to the car. I opened the door, and stepped in, waiting for the guys to join me.