This is an author's note chapter. They aren't allowed, but I don't really care.

I'm about to post the first chapter of the sequel! It's going to be called All That I Am. Thanks to X13 for the name suggestions, but I decided to go with this name, because it kind of goes with Miztaken Identity... But, yes, I stole it from a Parachute song.

My awesome reviewers! I don't know how many individual people reviewed, but overall I got 333 which is pretty amazing. 45 people put Miztaken Identity on their favourite's list and 49 added it to their alerts. That's madness if you ask me. There are probably people who have bigger numbers than that... But, really? I'm happy if, like, 2 people like my story. You've been the reason I keep writing and enjoy doing it.

All That I Am was originally going to have a prologue... But it sucked, so when it goes up, it will jump straight into Claire's role on NXT.

Thanks again, to everyone that read the story; the amount of hints I got was epic and I've never been more proud of a story.

And, as always, thanks to XODaniiOX, LaReinaMia, RatedrKjErIcHo, Julzi, Neurotic-Idealist and tvrox12 for reviewing the final chapter of Miztaken Identity.