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Chapter 1: A Living Nightmare

He's running.

Peoples screams. Sirens. Fire...

Metal on metal.

He runs towards the burning place.

Choking from the smoke, he yells. Yells for help as he runs towards a fallen figure on the ground.

"Dad!," he yells, grabbing his father by the sholders and gently putting his father's head on his lap, "dad, stay with me, please, don't die!" he yells, shaking his dad gently.

"It's okay, Takeshi," his dad whispers, hand reaching up towards his sons cheek. "It's fine..." Yamamoto's dad, Tsuyoshi, said with a weak voice. Yamamoto shook his head quickly, tears falling down his cheeks and landing on his dad's face, slowly rolling off and onto the splattered ground. Yamamoto felt somthing land on his temple and looked upwards.

"It's raining..." he whispered, taking in a shaky breath, watching his breath turn into vapour and dissapear into the cold air. He looked down too his dad.

"It'll be okay, dad, the ambulance is almost here. You'll be just fine..." Yamamoto said, comforting his fallen dad. Yamamoto gently put his father's head down and stood up. He stared in the direction where a trail of blood went...

He stood in the pouring rain, clothes sticking to his frame, and he clenched his fists.

Thunder sounded off in the background, lightening flashing throughout the dark sky, iluminating his features.

He can hear the ambulance pull up in the drive way, along with the fire fighters. The fire fighters rush to put out the on-going fire. The paramedics rush out with their strecher and pile his dad onto it. They wheel him onto the waiting ambulance. A paramedic walked over and gently lead him to the back of the ambulance. The one that lead him offered him a blanket. He looked down. His school uniform sticking to his body.

"Thanks..." Yamamoto nodded to the person holding out the blanket. He sniffed and started drying off hir hair, then wrapping the warm fuzzy banket around his shaking body.

Once they pulled into the hospital, they sent Yamamoto to wait in the emergency waiting room. Yamamoto watched as the doctors and nurses wheeled his dad off into a room that had an Operating sign in neon red above the door.

Again, the lightening and thunder danced wildly in the rain storm.

"Hi Tsuna, Gokudera!," Yamamoto called as he walked over to his friends in class.

"Ah, ohayoo, Yamamoto!" Tsuna greeted as he stood and walked over to meet Yamamoto half way, Gokudera following close behind with a scowl in place. "Whay's the deal, yakyuu-baka, making me and the tenth wait for you this morning..." Gokudera said, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"Haha. Sorry, I couldn't wake find my baseball bat since I was up late training yesterday." Yamamoto said, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head, smiling.

"Training?" asked Tsuna.

"Hai! for the baseball tornament coming up!" Yamamoto said, grinning widly, happy that another tounament was coming up so soon.

"Tch. Baseball...that's all you ever think about..." Gokudera mumbled, causing Yamamoto to laugh.

"Gokudera, you know that's not true!," Tsuna said, scolding Gokudera. Gokudera reacted quickly. "I-I know, Tenth, I was just teasing him!" Gokudera said, swinging his arm around Yamamoto's head, who just smiled. Tsuna shook his head at his friends, but smiling none-the-less.

"Oh my God!," a girl shouted, pointing out the window, "Look over there!!" she yelled, pointing at a house that was on fire.

Everyone gasped.

"T-that's a fire, quickly, someone call the fire department!" the Sensei yelled frantically, running out of the room and down the hall.

Tsuna's eyes widened, and looked over to Yamamoto, "Isn't that your place, Yamamoto?" he asked, looking between his friend and the blazing house.

Yamamoto didn't have time to answer because he was already out the door...

Yamamoto sighed.

He watched all the Doctors and Nurses run back and forth.

He glanced at the time,

8:41 am. (1)

He looked out the window.

Thunder booms off in the distance and the rain has finally let up a little bit.

The storm is over, but the rain still falls ever so gently.

But the thing that isn't leaving is the dark gray clouds. They cover the sky, and block out the sun.


"Tenth! The rain is letting up!" Gokudera called through the lightly falling rain.

Right now, Tsuna, Gokudera, and Hibari were running towards their friends house. When they reached their destionation, they saw two fire trucks leaving along with a police car. There was another police car there, and he was looking around the yard, for anything that might lead to who did this.

"Wh-what now, Tenth?" Gokudera stuttered, tring to catch his breath back from running the whole time. They all stood around of what used to be a family run business and home. Tsuna didn't reply quickly, because he too was out of breath. Hibari, being Hibari, wasn't out of breath from their long run.

"That herbavour must have been taken away in that ambulance that past us a while back." Hibari spoke for the first time. Hibari walked to the drive way and looked around, kicking debris out of his path. The entire house had been burnt down.

"Poor Yamamoto..." Tsuna said, finally regaining his breath back, as he walked up behind Hibari, looking at the damage the fire had done to the house, "does anyone know which Hospital he went to(2)?" Tsuna asked the two who were with him. Gokudera looked down in thought and Hibari started walking towards the police man. Suddenly, Gokudera looked up, "I know Tenth! We could ask that offiicer over there!" Gokudera shouted, pointing at the police man (that HIbari was currently walking towards). Hibari stopped mid-stride and gave Gokudera the 'Duh' look. (Yes, you read that right, HIBARI gave Gokudera the DUH look...). Gokudera deflated and looked sad because Hibari did that to him infront of Tsuna. "Great idea." Hibari said dryly. Tsuna ran up next to Hibari and up to the police officer.

"Uhm, excuse me, but do you happen to know which hospital that amblance went to?," Tsuna asked. The officer looked at him questionally, "I mean, our friend was in there and his dad was the one who got hurt...and we just want to know if our friend and his dad are okay... " Tsuna finished, the officer nodded, seeing this as a good enough excuse. Even though it wasn't an excuse. Let's just say that the police man wasn't suposed to be an police officer...he was supposed to stay in school.

"Sure, the ambulance went to the Nihon General Hospital..." he said, pointing off in the direction that the amblance left in.

"Thank you!" Tsuna said quickly, nodding to the young police officer and running down the street, Gokudera and Hibari following close behind him.

"Yamamoto!!" Tsuna and Gokudera yelled, going to run after him, but stopped by HIbari, who happened to stroll by at the moment. Hibari glared at then, taking his tonfa's out, ready to bite them to death.

"What are you herbavous doing? Skipping class will get you all bitten to death!" Hibari said, raising his tonfa's.

"Hi-Hibari! Sorry, but Yamamoto is in trouble! We saw in class that his house was on fire!," Tsuna shouted, pointing to the inside of the class, Hibari peeking in to see a firey house off in the distance. Hibari switched his gaze to Gokudera, who was holding dynamite, ready to put up a fight so they could go to Yamamoto's aid. "And Yamamoto ran out of the classroom and we want to go help him!" Tsuna finished, motioning to Gokudera and him.

HIbari hesitantly lowered his tonfa, and Tsuna and Gokudera looked at each other, then back at Hibari.

"Lead the way." Hibari said quietly, turning around and waiting for either Tsuna or Gokudera to run ahead of him, because he doesn't know the way to that herbavour's house.

Tsuna and Gokudera looked at each other again with raised eye brows and both shrugged. Tsuna ran frist, with Gokudera behind him, and Hibari coming in from the rear. (3)

(1) - Let's just say that the school time starts and 8:30 am., okay? ^.^

(2) - Where I live, I seriously don't know where the nearest hospital is....I need to find out though...

(3) - Lol, I know that sounds really wrong, and it's not meant to be like that...or is it?? No, JK!

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