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Chapter 2: My friends

Yamamoto Takeshi was sitting in the emergency waiting room, obviously waiting for word on his father. He was sitting there wondering who that person was, who atacked his father, and why would they do it? Is it related to the Mafia Game that his friends and him always play?

He wanted to know.

Yamamoto sighed and closed his eyes, leaning back in his chair, thinking about what the person looked like, what he was wearing, how tall he was, what colour his hair was, how long his hair was.... anything that will help....

Yamamoto got up and walked to the reception desk, "May I borrow a pen and paper, please?" Yamamoto asked, giving the lady a nice smile, even though it was fake. "Sure thing, honey..." She replied, takng a piece of paper out of a binder and grabbing one of those tacky costom made pens out of a drawer and handing it to Yamamoto. "Thank you..." Yamamoto said quietly, walking back to his spot in the far corner. He sat down and started to think.

That guy who attacked dad...

He took the paper and started writing the things that the guy had on him, the colour of his hair, skin, clothes...

He was a pale man, he looked about 6 foot 3... and he had light brown hair, it was short and curly, with sky blue eyes... he seemed to be wearing a uniform, a white one...

Yamamoto clenched his fist, which ended up snapping the pen. He looks down becase he felt some warm liquid on his hand, "Blood..." Yamamoto mumbled, then his eyes widened. Flashbacks of all the blood came back to him, of when he lost his mother, and almost lost his father. Well, it's not exactly safe to say that he didn't lose his father, but... Long forgotten memories flouded into his head, he grabbed his head and fell off the chair, kneeling on the ground because of the pain.

"Juudaime!" Gokudera shouted as the three ran into the energency doors on the side of the hospital and then to the centre desk. They stopped to catch their breath before any of them started to talk to the nurse that looked surprised at the sudden entrance.

"The..The herbivore..." Hibari huffed out, the nurse looked at him weirdly. "Herbivore?" She questioned. Tsuna and Gokudera sweat dropped. Tsuna cleared his throat and began speaking, "N-no, what Hibari-san meant to say was that we were looking for our friend, his name is-"

"Baseball Idiot!!" Gokudera shouted, pointing to Yamamoto, who was staring at the three with wide eyes. The nurse looked between the four with a confused look on her face. "Baseball idiot...?" she stared at Yamamoto. Yamamoto sweat dropped. "Oh.. that's what he calls me...?.. Ahaha..." he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. The nurse yet again blinked, before realization hit her smack dab in the face. "Ooh!" She exclaimed, smiling a little. "You know, for a nurse, your pretty stupid..." Gokudera said, staring blankly at the nurse. Her eyes widened and her face got red with embaresment and anger. "Hmph!" She walked back into her office. Yamamoto stared alarmingly at Gokudera. "Hmm? What is it yakyuu-baka?" Gokudera noticed the stare and stared back at Yamamoto.

"Y-you... That was my fathers nurse..." Yamamoto mumbled, looking between the upset nurse and the wide eyed Gokudera. "Err..." Gokudera couldn't find anything to say.

What do I say? What do I say?.... Aww hell, his face looks all upset like, that yakyuu-baka better not start crying!... If he does start crying... what should I do?!... Gokudera walked up to the wall and started banging his head on it. Tsuna and Yamamoto looked at him surprised at the sudden move, while Hibari just stared at him coolly.

"Go-Gokudera-kun..!" Tsuna said, slowly walking to his friend that was inflicting pain on his head. "Gokudera! What are you doing?" Yamamoto questioned with a curious expression on his face, blinking a couple times. Gokudera turned to look at his friends, but Yamamoto cought his attention.

"I-...." Gokudera stared at Yamamoto's face, taking in every detail with his eyes. "Ara?," Yamamoto tilted his head to the side, blinking once, "Gokudera, why are you staring at me? Is there something on my face?" Yamamoto questioned, touching his cheek lightly with his fingers. Gokudera's eyes widened, I was found out!! He thought, his face going a little red. "It-it's nothing, yakyuu-baka!" Gokudera shouted, turning around so they woundn't see his blushing face. "If you say so..." said Yamamoto, he walked back to his seat and picked up the paper he was writing on.

"Eh? What's that, Yamamoto?" Tsuna questioned, getting a glimpse at the paper Yamamoto was folding and putting in his sweater pocket. "E-eh? Oh.... Uhh, I was bored, so I started drawing?... Ahaha~" He laughed awkwardly, slipping the paper in his pocket.

"Have you heard anything on your dad?" Hibari spoke quietly, arms crossed, and staring at Yamamoto, ignoring the other two. Yamamoto blinked, before anwsering Hibari, "I-iie, they haven't said anything yet..." Yamamoto said quietly, looking at the ground with sorrow filled eyes. He then glanced up at the emergency room down the hall, the room his father was in. The red light shining brightly, signaling that they were still in openation. Yamamoto sighed and sat back down. Tsuna and Gokudera came and sat with him, while Hibari leaned against the wall with his eyes close and arms folded.