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2 A.M.

It's that time again.

The time that I wake from these nightmares, suppressing terrified screams that build up to the point that I feel that my chest might explode. If you hadn't left, then maybe I would be ok right now. Fast asleep, possibly even in your arms. But I guess neither of us had that option, did we? You were so torn on revenge, and I was only your shadow, an almost transparent friend, always on your heels.

The alarm clock seems to mock me, the red, block-shaped numbers blinking, and I wonder…Are you as anxious as I am? Do you stare at the time as well, sleep tempting your eyelids to shut, but fear persuading them to stay open? I doubt it. You've never been the one to lose control over something so frivolous as the girl you left behind. I wish you would though. The mere thought of that possibility is the only thing keeping me standing. The only thing that keeps me loving you.

I know I'm not pretty. I'm not that special, either. I guess I've tricked myself into thinking that you're not a man, that maybe you're only looking for someone's devotion. That's impossible, as I've realized. In fact, I've even decided that you probably have a beautiful girlfriend or something… She'd be so lucky to hold what I could never have…

Finally, sleepiness wins the fight over my mind, the nightmares swearing their revenge once my mind becomes vulnerable once more.

And the numbers continue to blink…

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