Emmett snored from Bella's couch. He had the new book form Debra Anastasia on his chest. The whore porn writer had forced new copies of her latest on everyone in the apartment building. The last thing any tree needed to die for was the epic tale of a yeast-infected cooter. But the woman had no shame, and last time Bella checked—no pants. He snored so hard, the book fell off his chest and hit the floor.

"Fuck you up the ding hole!" He snorted and wiped the drool from his mouth.

"You wake up like a princess." Bella returned to the casserole she was trying to make. Her iPad kept going black when she tried to read the next direction.

"Anytime I wake up, I call that a win. What're we eating?" He got off the couch and scratched his nuts.

"Tuna casserole. I think." Bella stuck her tongue out as she added more cheese.

"That reminds me of that fucking book. Just burn it on the edges." Duke pointed at the book on the floor.

"I can't believe you're actually reading it." She slipped the dish into the oven.

"I felt kind of bad for her. She's so old and really thinks it's okay to write about her pussy." Emmett shrugged.

Both watched as Steve the Cat waddled over to the discarded book. The cover had a pair of legs with the panties around the knees. Just awful.

Steve growled at the book as if it had just insulted his ancestors. Then, he grasped the front cover in his horrible jaws and dragged it like a dead body towards his litter box.

"My cat is going to take a shit on that book." Bella tilted her head as Steve the Cat yanked the book into his covered litter pan.

"I think that'll be the best review that book will get." Emmett let out a gentle fart, a fitting tribute to the desecration of Debra Anastasia's written word.

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