Chapter one: Past

"Sadiq…!" A young child's voice rang out. A young man frantically ran around a cobbled square many young ladies and men looked at him. His people. These were his people. But they were not important right now, she was important. She was taken. Taken by those… those bastards! How could he be so stupid?! He was supposed to watch her. He promised her that nothing was going to happen to her. Ever. He shook his head, continuing his search.

"Big brother…! Help me! Please!" Her voice pleaded, her voice getting louder and louder. At last he arrived in a dark alleyway. He looked at the kidnapper. A young boy, 16 at the most was smiling at him. Her glared at the other, the other just kept smiling in return to the glare. This boy was not… not human. He knew that. He also looked familiar. Was he a nation? His eyes widened behind his mask.

"Bastard, give her back!" He screamed at the other.

"No…" He smirked out. "She is mine, and mine alone now…" The little girl reached one of her hands out to Sadiq, tears running down her cheeks.

"Kardesim … [brother]" She plead in Turkish. "Brother… save me.." The boy just hugged her closer.

"Siberia!" He screamed, starting to run to her, but the boy just glared, positioning the young girl to his hip so he could take the sword on his hip out.

"Daleko! [Away]" The boy screamed, Sadiq just stared at him. Oh god no, he said to himself, he forgot his own sword at home. It was supposed to be just a simple outing with his little sister, he didn't expect this. The boy looked at him. "Sibir' teper' moi, i vy ne mozhete poluchit' yee!" [Siberia is mine now and you can not get her!] He screamed, almost in hysterics. "Mine mine mine…"

After all, the young boy thought to himself, everyone was going to become one with Russia. And with this young girl he would be huge, such a big country he will be. And just the thought of that brought chills through his body. One day, everyone will be with him. One big happy family.

"No, giver her back..!" Sadiq said, inching ever so closer to the Russian.

"No.. no no no…" He smiled, starting to run towards the turk and then pass him, into the square at which Sadiq had previously been at. Sadiq was yelling, running closer to him.

But it was to late. Russia was gone already, along with Siberia.

"Die… die… die…" A creepy giggle. The snow stained blood red. A young girl looked up at the sky, a pipe in her hand. "I am so sorry… brother…"

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