Chapter 2: The blood in Russia is always red


The sound of metal hitting bone was lost in the sounds of the blizzard, typical of the climate in this area. A deep red liquid seeped out something, staining the pure white snow a dark pink color. A woman stood over the thing, a body, with a some what cruel smile adorning her face. She picked up a metal pipe, a gift from her brother, and starting hitting the body tremendously once again. The persons muffled screams were drowned out with the sounds of the blizzard and the wind.

A laugh the woman laughed, tears spreading across her eyes. She snuck a look at the person. She smiled, taking the others shirt collar in her hands. The body was still warm, but the heart beat no longer. She made the blood covered face come closer to her, an almost pleasant smile on her face now.

"You silly, silly man," She smiled clenching at the fabric, her hand becoming sticky with blood. "No one betrays Mother Russia, da?" She slammed the dead body on the ground, bringing her hands to her face and started licking the blood off.

"Idiot…. This could of all been avoided…"

She then walked away.

"Brat, I am home…" The woman sighed, walking into the house she shared with her brother.

No, she quietly said to her self, not my brother. This man was not her brother, Turkey was! She still refused in her mind to call Russia her brother.

"Siberia, welcome home!" Came a female voice. Siberia turned around, beginning to brush her pale blond hair free of lose snow. Her smile brightened at the sight of her sister.

"Ukraine!" She smiled, immediately hiding her hands. The were still covered in the betrayers blood, and she did not want her sister to see. Though she had some suspicions that the other knew her line of work, she didn't want to prove it right for the other. Plus, well, it would crush her to find Russia as the person who gave Siberia these jobs, so she stayed quiet.

"Is Brat home?" Siberia asked quietly, taking off her jacket, completely identical to Russia's, off. She snuck a look at Ukraine, a sad expression flitting across her face.

"Brat? Yes, Ivan is home…" She frowned. "But he is in a terrible mood… Iva, be careful?" Siberia stiffened at the human name Russia had given her. It stuck with her family. It wasn't like she hated the name but, in a world where she was practically kidnapped and forced into this life… She snapped out of her musing, nodding her head, reassuring her sister.

"Da, of course I will sestra…" She smiled. But in the end she knew she was probably not going to be okay. After all, it was Ivan Braginsky, Country of Russia they were talking about.

"Brat…" Siberia called, quietly walking into Russia's room. She looked around. It was quiet, too quiet for her. She looked around a little more before her body going rigid at the touch of someone's hands over her eyes, there hand pulling roughly on her hair. She gave a quiet squeak, the sound clocked in her throat, along with her heart.

"Ivan…?" She asked, regaining her voice.


"W-What are you doing?" She asked, feeling his breath on her cheek and smelling the smell of vodka as well. He gave a low chuckle, moving his hand from her hair to her waist.

"Iva~" He grinned from behind her. She turned around, looking straight into his eyes, brown met with violet.


"I want you…~" He laughed out. She stared at him, eyes going wide.


"I want you…" He repeated. She tried to get away, she struggled. He was drunk. Her brother was drunk. And she had no means to protect herself with.

"Ivan! Ostanovka!" She screamed, his hand moving to clench at hers. She backed here up to a wall. And then he smirked as he brought his face ever so closer to hers.

"Brat!" Tears were streaming down her face. He crushed his face to hers, forcing her mouth to open as his tongue roamed her mouth.

And this, it seems, is what she got for being Siberia, Iva Annan-Braginsky. And she hated this fact, but couldn't bring herself to hate her brother.

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