Jake bites his lip: "I can't."

"You can't walk?" She says it as though it's nonsensical and not without a touch of sarcasm.

"No." He gives a sharp inhale from the oxygen mask. He's always hated admitting it. The therapist at the VA hospital had checked it off with the supreme nonchalance of someone who's seen A Lot Worse, but Jake doesn't have that perspective, not when it's his own life.

Neytiri's brow furrows. "Then what is it that you do?" She shakes her head just a little as she speaks.

He's glad to explain. He had worried she wouldn't believe him outright and he'd have to prove it to her. "See that...that chair? It has wheels." He points, and her eyes follow.

Outside is a crash: they flinch.

"This is how you move in your world?" She looks disturbed.

"Yes." He feels as if he should clarify, and the words bubble up. "I was in an accident."

She sniffs, touching her hair. "And this is how you think you will move here? When you are not a Na'vi?" Her voice catches at the end of the sentence.

"Well, yes." His tone is confused. His fingers slacken just slightly on her cheek. Does she think less of him now? What must she think of him now that she knows he is not only human, he has other debilitations that cannot be cured?

Neytiri gives a great majestic shake of her head, the braids in her hair swinging. "You have forgotten I am your mate."

"Of course I haven't-"

She silences him, placing two fingers on his lips. They're only a little smaller than the width of his head. "For now," she says, her voice lower and more chocolaty than ever. "I will carry you."

And she did.