I never knew that my dream would come true… in school! My life and my friend Becky Rowell changed forever on a boring typical Tuesday. At least… we thought it was.

I was listening to my IPod and trying to open my locker when Becky grabbed my it and chose "Shadow of the Day" by Linkin Park, and put the earbuds in her ears. She started dancing around me, trying to distract me. It failed, however. I got my locker open and glanced at Becky.

I giggled as she started spinning around, and doing silly hand motions. I grabbed my geometry book and my English book and shoved them in my bag. I snatched my IPod from her hands, pulling the ear buds out.

"HEY! Do you mind? I was jamming to Linkin Park!" Becky said, making me laugh.

"Yeah, but using MY IPod hmm?" I replied and she laughed.

"Yeah, that is basically it! Come on Winship, have some fun once in awhile!" I laughed and grabbed her arm heading us to Geometry.

(Author (my) POV

Darren walked up to the front steps of Midland East. He heard the mutter of students talking, and the shuffling of feet. He felt Sterling stop right besides him. Darren glanced at Sterling, and Darren nodded. They both began their journey to find Rebecca Rowell, and Johanna Henderson.

I started doodling on my notes, while Mr. Greggs was lecturing on about Triangles. I started drawing my tattoo that I got a couple weeks ago, a Swallow, located on the upper part of my arm. Becky got a pink star with a ribbon sorta wrapped around it. It looked really great on her, and I loved my little Swallow. It always gave me some hope.

Just as I was I was finishing my Swallows' wing, the door to the class opened. I lifted my head up and my face fell into shock.

Two insanely hot guys were standing in front of Mr. Gregg's classroom. One had dark brownish black hair, dark green eyes, and a nose and lip stud in. He was wearing a black t-shirt and black skinny jeans. The other guy had midnight black hair, dark brown eyes and he was wearing an Aiden t-shirt and some red skinny jeans. That is my favorite band! I instantly fell in love with the stranger in the black Aiden t-shirt.

Mr. Greggs looked at the note get got from the one boy in all black. He coughed, looked at them, and then stared at us.

"Okay class. We have two new students, Darren Shan and Sterling Damson. Can someone get them two textbooks from the back?" I raised my hand, "Okay, Johanna, please get the books."

"My name is Winship." I mumbled, but he ignored me. I saw the dude, Sterling, I think his name was, stare at me. I ignored his glare, and headed towards the extra textbooks in the back of the class.

How I loathed my name. I despised it, hated it, and wished it would burn in hell, but that didn't change the fact that, Johanna is the name on my birth certificate. My full name is Johanna Winship Henderson. My mother is an alcoholic, and my father is a full time Judge, so he is barley home. I usually hang out at Becky's house and stay the night over on the weekends. But most of the time I have to come home to my mother, drunk, passed out, or hung over.

I headed to the front of the class, with the two textbooks in my hands. I handed them to Mr. Gregg. I turned around and headed towards my desk.

I glanced at Becky and saw that she was staring at that kid Darren. I sighed and continued finishing my Swallow.

Darren's POV

Sterling kept looking at Johanna. He can barley stand the feeling of wanting to pull her in an abrasive hug, and never let her go.

I remember why we even got involved and decided to go to Midland East. One word, Mr. Tiny



Sterling and I were hanging in our tent, feeding Madam Octa, when Evra came to the entrance.

"Hey guys, um, well…" he stared of with a sad look on his face.

I glanced at Evra to see if he was okay, but he suddenly snapped out of it. "Well, M-Mr. T-t-Tiny wants to talk you both. He says it is important."

M body locked in shock. Mr. Tiny? This means something bad is gonna happen. I just know it.

I looked at Sterling. He stood perfectly still, not letting his emotions show for the whole world to see. I sighed as started walking out towards Mr. Tall's trailer.

Mr. Crepsley was standing outside with a grim look on his face. I gave him a look but Sterling pulled me into the trailer.

The door closed as I stepped into the trailer. I looked ahead, and saw Mr. Tiny sitting down, holding that pocket watch that looked like a human heart. He smiled at me and then at Sterling.

Sterling nodded and stood stiff again. I knew he had more experience with Mr. Tiny then me. Of course, he is thirty five years older then me.

[Short intermission- sorta like a flashback, flashback. You- is that even possible? Me- It is now. XD]

Sterling had a rough past. He was a teen growing up in the seventies. His parents were pot heads, and he was some of the only kids in his school that didn't do drugs. When his parents went on 'drug trips' they would leave for weeks at a time. Sterling would have work for 50 cents an hour being a bust boy in a diner. One day when he was finishing up his shift, Mr. Crepsley asked him if he could buy him a burger. Sterling agreed.

"So, what is you name Lad?" Mr. Crepsley asked.

"Sterling Damson, sir."

"And how old are you?" he inquired.

"Just turned sixteen a week ago, sir."

"And tell me, why you are working so late this evening, and not hanging out with your friends or family?

Sterling looked down. "All my friends are druggies, so I don't hang out with them anymore. My parents are druggies also. They are on one of their 'drug trips'. All they care about is getting their high. So I'm left alone at home, working this job and feeding myself. And soon my house is going to foreclose because I can't pay the bills." He still looked down. He just confessed almost his whole life story to a guy he just met! Isn't that just… wrong?

He looked up to see the man (Mr. Crepsley) looking at him seriously. Sterling saw that the whole diner was empty. Great. He had to lock up again.

"Sterling, what would you say if I could take you away from this life you have and you wouldn't have to this anymore?"

He glanced at Mr. Crepsley like he was crazy, but one look at his expression made Sterling face change. "You can really do that?" he asked.

Mr. Crepsley nodded, "You will come with me and be my assistant. We will travel the world and you will look after me. You will be a half vampire for a while. I will teach you the ways of being a vampire. Do you accept this Sterling Damson?"

I didn't have anything left for me being a human. "I accept."

He smiled and scratched the scar running down the one side of his face. "Give me your hands…"


I came out of the memory Sterling shared with me one night. I looked at Sterling asking silently if I missed anything.

He shook his head and I heard Mr. Tiny speak.

"Long time no see, Sterling. Sun still doesn't have an effect on you?" He asked. Sterling shook his head no. Mr. Tiny chuckled. "You are a mystery you know Sterling? When Larten blooded you fully, we didn't know why you could resist the sun, and we still don't know why. But this is old matters and now why I am here anyways."

"Then why are you here?" I asked. I fiddled with my fingers, nervous about why he was here.

"Well Master Shan, as you all know, there is a saying that everyone has a soul mate, another half of them somewhere else in the world. If they find that one person, their love will be the strongest of all. Very few have even met their soul mate. And here is why I come to you both." He glanced at his pocket watch, then placed it in his pocket.

"Are you saying you think our soul mates are somewhere in the world, right now?" Sterling asked.

"I'm not saying Sterling, I know they are out there. I know the terrible fate vampires will have if you both don't find them." He looked at us with a emotionless expression.

"And what would that be exactly?" I got the guts to ask.

"I can not tell you that. But when… if they get turned, they will be one of most powerful vampires, and you both will have your loves. And they are a key to keep the peace between the vampaneze and the vampires. So that is why I am going to help you both."


Written by vampsydney

Edited by INVADERZIM12