Love is Forever Part 7

Johanna POV

You would think that getting a car would be easy. If it was just me and Becky, we would have had the car in less than thirty minutes, but with the guys…

"It should be neon green!" Sterling yelled at Darren.

"No way! It should be yellow! Everyone knows yellow is the best color!" Darren shouted back.

"Is not!" Sterling hissed, getting in Darren's face.

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"


"Shut up! You're BOTH giving me a headache!" Becky screamed. "Besides, is it really THAT important? It's just a fricking car! Why can't you two agree already?!?!"

Sterling and Darren growled at each other.

"This is going to take a while," I sighed. I looked over at Becky. "At least we agreed on a Camaro without argument."

"Maybe they'll tire themselves out," Becky scoffed. "Or maybe they'll just agree with each other,"

"I doubt it…"

They continued to argue over the color, until I decided to put an end to it.

"We'll flip a coin."

I tossed it up into the air.

"Tails!" Darren called.

"Head!" Sterling said just as the coin hit the blacktop.


"Yes!" Darren smiled.

"No fair," Sterling snapped. "Best two out of three,"

Becky POV

I thought it was hopeless. We'd be here for the next week deciding and agreeing on a color. Then I saw it. Across the lot was a hot pink Camaro. I pointed it out to Winship.

"Alright," Winship began. "Since it's tied, the next toss will decide the color."

She threw the coin one last time and, as soon as it landed, she put her foot over it.

"Well? Who won?" Darren asked.

"It doesn't matter because Becky and I have decided on a color."

"Johanna, I knew you'd see it my way," Sterling said, hugging her. "I love you,"

"We, uh, didn't pick you, Sterling,"

"Johanna," Sterling moaned. "How could you?"

"I win!" Darren said happily. "I knew you would pick me!"

"We didn't," I told Darren.

"Oh," Darren frowned. "So, if you didn't pick me or Sterling, then who…"

I grinned. "We're getting the pink one."

"No," Sterling groaned. "Anything but pink."

Darren shuddered. "Please, don't make us get the pink one, please!"

"Sorry, but you two can't agree and we want a pink one, so…"

Darren sighed. "If we agree, we won't have to get a pink one?"

"Maybe, maybe not, you'll have to find out," I told him.

"Fine, we can get a green one," Darren glared at Sterling. "But don't expect me to like it."

"Now that that's settled," Sterling began. "How are we going to pay for it? We couldn't even buy a God damned pizza!"

"Sterling's right," Darren sighed. "We're broke."

"So that's why you stole my pizza," That made sense now.

"You're not going to let that go, are you Becky?"

"No, I'm not," I paused. "So, if we're going to live with you forever, will we go to college?"


Sterling and Darren looked at each other.

"Unless you want to do it a hundred times over, no,"

I thought about it for a minute. I realized that if I wasn't going to college, I'd have a TON of extra money just waiting in the bank. So did Winship, hopefully.

"Hey, Win, you have a college fund?"

"Yeah, 5th national bank. Why?"

"We're not going to college." I smiled. "Come on."

"We can't drive." She reminded me. "Sterling will have to go."

Sterling moaned. "Do I have to?"

"Yes," I turned towards Darren. "Can you handle being alone?"

"Yes, I'll behave myself,"

"Good," I got into the van with Sterling and Winship and it drove off.

~ * ~

When we got back, we noticed that one of the salespeople was showing Darren the Camaro they had out front. He was sitting in the front seat, both hands on the wheel. He looked good in the front of a Camaro. As we parked, Darren came over to us. "Well? How'd it go? Did you get the money?"

I shut the van's passenger door and walked around the front. I leaned back against the hood.

"Yes, we should have enough for the car and maybe a few extra things." Sterling answered.

I don't know how Darren and Sterling could have possibly gotten past all that legal paperwork to buy it, but they got the car. It was neon green with black leather seats. Luckily for us, it wasn't summer. The back windows were tinted so all of us could travel during the day. Sterling and Johanna sat up front and Darren and I sat in the back. I wasn't exactly sure how we were going to comfortably fit six people in a five passenger car, but we'd have to. Sterling dropped me and Johanna off at the mall.

"4:30." Sterling told us. "Be waiting for us at the door."

"Yes, Sterling," Johanna smiled.

"Take this with you," Darren said, handing me a wad of cash.

"Gee, have enough for yourselves?" I asked flipping through the bills. That was a lot of money he just handed me.

"We have plenty." He reassured me.

"So where are you two going?"

Sterling had already driven off.

Johanna POV

I split the money evenly with Becky–a 1,000 for me, 1,000 for her, and there was some left over. Since we plan ahead (unlike guys) we agreed to use the left over money to buy other supplies for our "trip". Out of common sense I knew the boys hadn't even once considered buying food for us.

We hit just about every store in the mall, keeping in mind that we couldn't bring a lot with us. Unlike other people, Becky and I thought about practicality instead of beauty. No high heels and only comfortable clothes. But we did get some cute outfits. We were in a fitting room and she was trying on a black and red striped sweater.

"Remember when we were younger and we took those self defense classes, Becky?"

"Yeah, I remember that," She said, pulling her arms through. "We were pretty good as a team,"

"Something tells me that those classes are gonna pay off,"

"Me too," She pulled it off and put it back on the hanger.

"Keeping this one?" I asked as she handed it to me.

"Yeah," Becky answered as she put her own shirt on. "If it gets cold, I don't want to freeze."

I pulled out my cell phone. 4:27.

"Sterling's gonna kill us. We're late,"

~ * ~

We waited….and waited….and waited….I pulled out my phone again. 4:52. Becky sighed and put her bags of clothes and stuff down.

Becky sighed. "They said 4:30, so where are they?"

"They're late," I scoffed. "Go figure,"

"Is that….the Camaro?" Becky gasped.

A neon green Camaro pulled up to the curb.

I saw spinning rims and a cool racing stripe down the center of the car. The door opened in the back and we saw a small mini fridge and a set of screens that had a movie showing on them.

"What the fuck!" I shouted as Darren stepped out of the car.

"Hear that Sterling? I told you they would like it!" Darren exclaimed, grabbing Becky's bags. I walked towards the back of the car and sat down. I felt the leather seats, and moved over to the other side of the car. Becky sat down next to me, frowning.

"How much do you think this cost them?" She whispered to me, while Darren was loading Becky and my shopping bags into the trunk.

"Well at least I say about how much Darren? Three or four thousand at the least," Sterling said obnoxiously, chuckling. I snorted and turned my head and stared out the window.

"Aww Jojo baby, I'm sorry for interrupting your conversation with Becky. Will you forgive me?" He asked in a sweet voice. I just ignored him. I hope he knew how much I hated my name.

"Charna's guts girls, you must have bought a lot of clothes!" Darren said as he sat down in the front seat of the car.

Sterling started driving, eying me from the mirror. I just ignored him and continued staring out the window.

Soon we pulled up to where the Cirque Du Freak was at. Sterling parked the car, and Mr. Crepsley walked towards us.

He glanced at the car. "Nice job boys. Although, I do prefer the color red better than green…"

Darren snickered at opened the trunk, grabbing our bags.

"Okay girls, we leave in three hours. Pack up everything you want to take, and then meet us at the car." Sterling stated, turning off the car.

Beck and I started walking off towards our tent when we heard Mr. Crepsley talk to the boys.

"Where in the world is my coffin going to fit?"

"We can't drag your bloody coffin everywhere! If we got a hearse it would be even more noticeable than this!" I heard Sterling exclaim, making Becky and me chuckle as we walked off towards our tent.

Darren POV

Sterling and I headed back to our tent to pack. To be honest, I was a bit nervous. Is it a good idea to involve humans in the affairs of the undead? I mean, they ARE our soulmates and everything, but what if they get hurt? Or killed? I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something happened to Becky.

"Hey guys," Evra greeted. "You came to pack?"

"Yeah," I answered.

"I'm ready when you are,"

"What?" I was surprised. "You're coming with?"

"Of course I am," Evra smiled. "You're my best friend. I'm not going to let you go without me."

"I guess I can't argue with that," I sighed.

"No, no you can't," He punched me lightly on the shoulder.