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Chapter 18

Privet Drive was exactly as Harry remembered it. It was self-replicating each house looked just like its neighbour. Even the flower beds were in the same places. Only what flowers they contained changed.

They had purposefully appeared at the far end of the street so they would be able to draw as much attention as possible on the walk to their destination.

They let Harry walk a step or two ahead of them making it look like they were following his lead. Harry himself walked with confidence his head held high and power almost palpable.

When they got to the right house there were two new looking cars on the driveway. Harry took a deep breath and knocked loudly.

A boy no older than Harry opened the door and gasped.

"Hello Dudley. You're looking well have you lost weight?"

Dudley grinned and nodded put didn't say a word instead he touched a finger to his lips. "Mum, I'm going out for a bit be back soon."

"Alright Duddy don't forget a coat it's nippy out there."

Harry sniggered.

Dudley closed the door behind him and started walking with Harry and the others right beside him.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked without preamble.

"Nothing I just wanted to talk to you before the screaming started. And I've lost four stone so far. I won't pretend it's been easy but I'm getting there."

"How's school?" Dudley asked.

Harry couldn't help but laugh "No one's tried to kill me yet. But the years not over yet. One of my best friends drugged the other and his Mother went nutso and we found out that she was drugging her husband which would be Arthur," Harry gestured in Arthur's direction. "He and Lucius accidentally got cured before we knew there was something wrong."

"Thanks to Harry," Lucius interjected.

"Both of them were drugged?" Dudley asked clearly amused.

Harry nodded. "Their wives were using drugs to keep them interested. Now they're drug free they are free to pursue someone they're really attracted to, which is apparently each other."

"And who's the prince of darkness?" Dudley asked causing three of the four other men to bite the inside of their cheek to stop from laughing.

Harry had to wait until he trusted his voice to speak. "That's my boyfriend Severus."

"Cool, dose he bite?" Dudley asked, showing a new talent for comedy gold.

"Well I've heard rumours but, I can't give you first-hand information, yet," Harry bantered back, enjoying this new camaraderie with his cousin.

"If you're quite finished discussing me as if I weren't here, why did you bring us away from the house?" Severus asked valiantly fighting the urge to blush, especially with Lucius and Arthur giggling like schoolgirls behind him.

"I need to get away from here, I told Dad I wanted to get a place of my own, well I wanted to move in with… with my boyfriend."

"Wow, did he hit the roof of the kitchen or the whole house?"

Dudley snorted. "You think he stopped at the house? He basically told me that if I tried to 'be a part of that lifestyle'" Dudley quoted. "That he would cut me off, and do everything in his power to make sure my life and anyone I associated with was hell."

"And I thought they could stoop no lower. What happened with the boyfriend?"

"I think Dad threatened him, he dumped me. Now Dad's threatening not to pay my school tuition if I don't comply with everything he says. I don't know what to do."

"Oh hell no, Dud, when we get back me, Severus and Luc are going to go, have some words with your parents, you and Arthur go and pack all your things. When we leave your coming with us."

"Really? You'd do that for me even after everything that's happened?" Dudley asked surprised. He knew that Harry would help him, but he didn't expect this.

"Don't sound so surprised, I've tried to kill Harry more than once, at the time he didn't know I didn't really want to hurt him. He's forgiven me. You're his family," Lucius said with a smile for Harry who blushed.

"Shall we get back to the house? We don't want to keep you out of school too long Harry, and you've already spent time in America this week," Arthur said reasonably.

Harry nodded. "Yeah, I guess. Come on then. Let's go have a bit of fun," Harry grinned.

"Harry, do you have snakes around your wrists?"

"Yep, and one around my neck."

"Mum's going to flip, that's so cool, can I stay and watch?"

"Why not, when they start screaming you and Arthur can use it as cover to go pack," Harry suggested.

Dudley unlocked the door and let the others into the house he'd once called home. Harry paused by the door to the cupboard under the stairs.

"I went in there," Dudley said sadly.

"When?" Harry asked keeping his voice low so it wouldn't be heard over the noise of the T.V.

"Last summer, when you'd gone away, Mum and Dad went away for a week, I wanted to know what it was like in there, I could only stick it for a few hours, just the thought of sleeping in there made me feel sick."

"Why would you want to?" Lucius asked curiously.

"I'll explain when we get home," Harry promised with a sigh.

"I saved all your stuff, your drawings and things, mum would have thrown them out."

"Thanks Dud."

"Shall we make our presence known?" Severus asked drawing himself up to his full height.

Harry nodded and lifted his wrists closer to his face so he could talk to his pets. "You can scare the two in the next room as much as you want to, but no biting," The three snakes hissed their agreement and the two smaller ones around his wrists started to slither around to they would be easily seen moving almost immediately.

"Mum, I'm home, and I've brought some friends." Dudley yelled.

"Bring them though Dud my boy, I want to meet them," Vernon shouted back, his voice full of distrust, making Dudley look even more unhappy.

Arthur got a look on his face that promised imminent retribution. The look was one that Severus and Lucius had seen before. This had gone beyond wanting to help someone in need, this was vengeance for two boys that should have had a better start in life.

"Right, that's quite enough of that. Luc, do you trust me?"

"With my life beloved," Lucius answered sincerity showing in his voice and his face.

"Good, follow my lead, Dudley, when you get the chance go up with Harry and get your stuff, Harry can shrink it down. When you go. Do not. Under any circumstances come back into the front room."

"Yes Sir," Dudley said meekly.

Arthur shuddered. "Please don't call me sir,"

Lucius sniggered, "Not unless you want to bound to a bed and spanked anyway."

"Not now Luc, maybe later though."

Dudley sniggered. "Whatever you say," then in a much quieter voice added. "Sir," but by the sharp intake of breath from both Arthur and Lucius they both heard just the same. Dudley opened the door to the front room and preceded the others in. "Mum, Dad, these are my friends."

As soon as the two seated adults turned their heads to see who Dudley had brought in they jumped to their feet, or in Vernon's case, dragged himself to his feet.

"What the hell is going on here?" Vernon demanded.

"I'm afraid that would be my fault, I insisted that we came and met you both properly," Arthur fabricated. "I know we met one other time, but, that was different."

Lucius nodded to agree with the story he had only just heard himself and added to it. "Severus and Harry agreed to come with us to smooth the way as it were,"

"Precisely," Arthur said not letting the couple comment on Harry's or Severus' presence. "It's not every day you introduce your lovers to your parent's," He let that sentence hang in the air in total silence taking hold of Lucius hand and pulling Dudley between them in a hug, Dudley caught Harry's eye and the counted silently to three, then the yelling started, the two young men used it as a cover to leave down stairs behind them and collect Dudley's things.

"What do you think they're going to do?" Dudley asked opening his wardrobe and putting a suitcase on the bed for Harry to fill, with a cleaver flick of his wrist and several incantations Harry put everything in the room, furnisher and all, into the waiting case.

"I don't know, but apparently it involves getting them angry, I never knew a human could go that colour of red," Harry sniggered.

Dudley looked vaguely embarrassed. "Why did he say that? Isn't he with that blond guy?"

"Arthur and Lucius got together a few days ago, before that they were both married, but they only supressed their feelings for each other because of a potion. And he said it because he knew it would be the one thing that would drive your parent's crazy. Arthur has seven kids, and is a great father, I think he takes it personally when people do less than their best when it comes to children."

"Seven children? So I should call him Capitan Von Trap then?" Dudley sniggered following Harry out of the room to his old one.

Harry couldn't help the bark of laughter that escaped him at the comparison. "I wouldn't call him Capitan if I were you, not after the reaction to sir, well, not unless you want to be bent over the nearest surface anyway."

If Harry had expected laughter or a negative reaction he was sorely disappointed. "Do you think he would?" Dudley asked hope shining in his eyes. "But he wouldn't, he's with Blondie."

"Triadic relationships aren't uncommon in our world Dud, and Arthur wouldn't do anything to jeopardise what he has with Luc, it might be new but its strong. If he does make a move on you it will be with the full knowledge and more than likely participation of Luc."

Dudley sat on Harry's old bed and watched him pack all the old broken toys. "Why are you taking all the broken stuff?"

"Arthur has a thing for all things Muggle, he has a shed full of stuff like this, if you gave him some of it, perhaps help him use the stuff he has, I'm sure he'd like that."

"Are you trying to play matchmaker Harry?" Dudley teased.

Harry shrugged. "Maybe a little, I think you would be a good balance for the two of them. Come on, we best go down and make sure they aren't killing each other."

When they got down stairs the door to the living room was closed and no sound was coming from behind it.

"No screaming, that's promising," Dudley tried to lighten the mood by joking.

"Most likely a silencing charm unfortunately," Harry bravely opened the door to find everything looking as normal as it could. The Dersleys were on the other side of the room glaring at the three angry men there with them. "We're ready when you are," Harry said cheerfully coming fully into the room and kissing Severus as passionately as he thought he could get away with.

Dudley feeling brave followed him and kissed Lucius and Arthur each very chastely on the lips. "Can you take me, home now," Dudley deliberately paused, enjoying the reaction he got from the two older men.

"NO!" Vernon yelled. "I won't have this under my roof, you're not going to be 'that' way, you're going to marry a nice girl and have a child. Like you're supposed to do."

"Dudley can do whatever he wants to," Lucius growled.

"I will cut you off, you'll never have another penny from me," Vernon threatened, all that while Petunia was silent, unwilling to cross her husband even if it cost her the only child she would ever have.

"Dudley doesn't need your money Uncle Vernon, I'll help him until he finds a job,"

"You, this is all your fault Boy. My boy was a proper boy, this must be one of your freak spells, I knew I should have beaten you harder. Should have stamped it out of you," Vernon ranted.

The snakes that were wrapped around Harry hissed at the perceived threat making Petunia shriek loudly.

Harry smirked, "I'm gay, and a wizard, possibly the most powerful wizard alive today, Dudley is gay, and if the feeling I'm getting is right then he has some magic in him, I just have to find it. Did you ever stop to think that it might not be us that's the problem, it's more likely to be you?"

Vernon snorted, as if anything could be wrong with him. "And how do you expect to help Dudley? Are you whoreing yourself out, selling that body of yours is all your worth, shame I didn't think of it, I know some people who would have paid a pretty penny for you."

In seconds Severus had Vernon pinned to the wall with his wand drawn and advancing on him, a look of pure hatred etched on his face. "If you ever speak to Harry like that again I will make sure that everyone knows this address, there are thousands of wizards across the world who would love to get their hands on you for the way you treated the boy who saved us all from death. And I even know plenty who would see you die a painful death for keeping him alive, I won't say cared for him because you plainly did no such thing. You are filth, I've known evil in my time, I've seen atrocities committed, but you, you fat disgusting slime, top the lot. If I ever, and I mean ever, hear your voice again I swear to you that it will cause you the most pain you can imagine, and it won't even be of my doing, I will make you live every ounce of pain you inflicted on Harry. See if you can survive it."

Harry put a hand on Severus' shoulder to stop him from doing something he'd regret. "Severus, he's not worth it, let's get back to Hogwarts."

Severus visibly relaxed at Harry's touch and dropped Vernon to the floor. "Whatever you wish Harry."

Harry smiled at him before turning to his relatives. "For your information, I could buy every house on this street and it wouldn't make a dent in the money I have. I make more in interest every week than you do in a year. Dudley will never need your money so you can't hold it over him. He's going to live a happy life with whoever he wants and do whatever he puts his mind to do. And as for me, well, what I do is none of your business, but you no longer have the protection that my calling this home would have given you. Think on that."

With matching looks of satisfaction the five men left the property, the protection wards crumbling as they stepped over the boundary.

They walked to the park near to the house. It was a fine night but there weren't many people around so they could apparate safely.

"Dudley I meant what I said, you can come and live with Lucius and I, we're having a BBQ in a few hours but you should have time to settle in," Arthur offered sincerely, Lucius nodding his agreement to the plan.

"I don't want to intrude," It was clear from the look Dudley gave the two men that he meant more than intruding in their home.

"You'd be welcome," Lucius promised.

Harry shared a grin with Severus. "Well you three go get settled in, just remember that you only have a few hours before people show up, including all your children," He warned teasingly.

Dudley stuck his tongue out and held on to both men as they apparated him back to his new home.

"What shall we do before we go to the Burrow?" Severus asked Harry wrapping his arms around the shorter man and pulling him close.

"I thought we could cook something to take with us. But it takes a while, so you'd be stuck with me, alone in your rooms, until it finishes cooking," Harry tilted his head in an attempt at innocence, but the lust in his eyes betrayed him.

"Oh I'm sure I'll manage," Severus responded huskily.

"I'd like to make my Carrot and Coriander soup. We'll have enough time after to meet the others coming with us in the Great Hall and floo over."

Severus nodded, "Alright, hold on nice and tight, I'll apparate us to my rooms."

Harry grinned cheekily and pushed Severus backwards until his back hit a tree, he then switched places so Severus was pushing him into the tree and wrapped his legs around Severus' body and his arms around his neck. "Is this close enough?"

"Not even close, but it will do until we're alone," Severus growled, and apparated them back to his rooms in Hogwarts.