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Chapter 20

Pain, so much pain. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. The darkness called him and he begged for the comfort if its embrace it was the only comfort he'd been afforded in recent days. They blamed him although he didn't know why, finally darkness took him to her breast, his last thought was that hopefully she would keep him there forever.

"Okay, who wants to go first?" Arthur asked looking around the table.

Everyone looked sheepish not wanting to be the first one to break the silence.

"How about you go first Dad, I thought you were in love with Mr Malfoy now you've got some boy toy living with you. No offence," Bill said as an afterthought to Dudley.

"None taken. I can only guess what went through your head, must have been weird I'm younger than all of you," Dudley laughed.

Harry grinned glad that his cousin really had grown up over the last year since they'd spent any time together.

"Have you spoken about it? Did you tell them what we talked about," Harry asked a twinkle in his eye reminiscent of his late mentor.

Dudley blushed. "Yeah, we talked. It turns out I just need parents who give a shit. And I have a thing for bossy men with red hair."

The assembled company on mass looked at Percy, who blushed. "Shut up the lot if you," He stammered.

Arthur laughed at his son's discomfort. "Okay who's next?"

"We asked to court Draco." The twins said in unison. "But he hasn't responded."

"Neither has Hermione to my courtship request," Sirius added dejectedly.

All eyes turned to Draco and Hermione who were holding hands and virtually sitting on each other they were so close. They were dressed in what looked to be brand new and very stylish clothes. Hermione in a red gipsy outfit, a long flowing skert and off the shoulder top that had Sirius drooling and you could almost see the tail he only occasionally had wagging.

Draco was dressed in skinny jeans that looked like they'd been painted on and a silk shirt of the same red colour Hermione wore. Any time he had left a room the twins eyes had been trained to his arse.

Hermione looked at Draco who nodded without looking away from the unhappy glare of the three people they had been punishing all the time they had been here. The pair had virtually been inseparable since they'd arrived, holding hands the whole time and sitting close, they even whispered and giggled together, making sure that Sirius, George and Fred didn't try to approach them.

Hermione cleared her throat. "Well we bumped into each other in the library just after we got the letters. We got kicked out for being too loud," the pair sniggered remembering the look on the Librarians face.

"She took me to the room of requirement, Hermione being the observant witch she is could see something was wrong, she managed to get me to talk and we realised that we were both worried about the same thing," Draco paused for dramatic effect, until Hermione slapped his shoulder. "We'd each gotten a letter and didn't know what do to. So we just sat there and looked at each other's letter and talked," Draco continued. "Then there was this book and we both said we wished we'd been born brother and sister."

"When this happened," They said together, very reminiscing of the twins, and twirled a finger in the new hair colouring.

"That's spooky," Bill said quietly.

"You've sibling bonded haven't you. That's what the highlighted streaks in your hair mean," Percy asked leaning forward enthusiastically.

Hermione nodded.

Harry, who had been sitting on the sofa with the pair, leant across Draco to touch the strands in Hermione's hair. "I always rather considered you a sister. How come this never happened to us?" He asked the longing for a real family shinning bright in his eyes.

Hermione clasped Harry's hand and with a strength that only comes when you burn with a need to protect the people you love, she pulled him over so he was rest in in her lap and part of Draco's.

"You are my brother too, nothing will change that," She asserted.

"Any brother of miones is a brother of mine. I can't say we won't fight but I hear brothers often do," Draco said adding his own opinion to the mix.

"Brothers have to fight sometimes. But we fight together to protect our sister," Harry said with a hesitant smile in Draco's direction. They may have been enemies in the past, hell they openly hated each other. But the soul was a funny thing; it often had wars with different parts of itself.

A flash of white light surrounded the three young people, when it dissipated they were each a thick chunk of different coloured hair richer. Or in Harry's case two.

"Well shit!" Sirius said, shocked at the turn of events.

The three of them giggled, each beaming in the joy they found in the bond.

"But you still haven't given us an answer," Sirius said petulantly, but he was relieved that his suspicions that the pair had become a couple had been false.

"Yes we would both agree to enter a formal courtship with you," Draco answered for the both of them, Hermione nodding her agreement smiling at Sirius.

"But, if all goes well we need to live near each other," Hermione said firmly.

"Anywhere you like," Fred said pulling Draco out of the mass of siblings into his and George's laps instead.

Sirius, climbed onto the sofa to sit with Hermione, beaming still more when she climbed into his lap.

Harry who was still vibrating with happiness virtually jumped onto Severus' lap and snuggled there.

"Well that was unexpected," Lucius said with a smirk.

"Indeed," agreed Severus.

Harry frown at his boyfriends cheek, then remembered the ring on his finger. He shifted until he was more comfortable and by a strange coincidence, that was purely coincidental directly over Severus' crotch. Harry placed his hands in his lap and started to fiddle with the ring on his little finger. Severus held his breath, not willing to gasp, moan or heaven forbid beg for more, in the presence of so many people.

"You will pay for this brat," He promised in a whisper.

It sent shivers down Harry's spine. "I look forward to it."

"Anyone else have news?" Arthur asked looking around the room filled with people he could now officially call family. He silently thanked the gods for magic so he didn't have to work out the convoluted family tree he was now a part of. It reminded him of a saying his grandmother used to use proudly every time one of the children or grandchildren married. 'Welcome to the family tree, we're full of nuts.'

"Nope I think we're all caught up," George grinned.

"Well Remus gave me permission to tell you his news as he's not coming back for a while. He's found and bonded with his mate. And as a result he now has a son and a sin in law who's a vampire," Sirius told them.

Severus snorted remembering their few hours in America. Harry twisted the ring again, he watched Severus' reaction closely deciding he liked seeing Severus this close to losing control, but, he turned off the ring after a few seconds. What was to follow was for his eyes only.

"So we just have to wait for you three to find significant others and we have a full set," Fred teased his older siblings.

"Yes imagine if all your youngest brothers and your sister married before you. You'd never live down the shame," Ginny teased. She was sitting in a chair by the fire with Colin who blushed at the implication.

"Life is never boring in your world is it Harry," Dudley sniggered.

"You have no idea," Harry agreed. "We have to see if you can come see Hogwarts. I'd really like to show it to you. And you have to meet Harrison.

Dudley nodded but didn't have time to say anything when there was a loud crack and Dobby appeared in the centre of the room with a bundle of dirty clothes which looked to be covered with blood.

"What's going in Dobby!" Harry asked jumping to his feet.

"Dobby is bring Mr Harry Potter's Weasy, his Weasy is hurting. You is bringing him back when he was taken before. But you is not knowing this time so Dobby is bring him for you before it is too late."

Harry took a moment to work out what Dobby was talking about. But at the same moment he and Hermione gave a cry of distress and rushed to the pile on the floor turning it over to reveal the bloody and bruised face of Ron.

There was a second where the family seamed to processes what they were seeing and then they jumped into action. Severus and Lucius who had seen this kind of injury during their days in The Dark Lord's inner circle rushed to Ron's side and started casting healing spells to stabilize the dying boy.

Bill rushed to the fire and flooed Poppy to come and help. Harry herded everyone else into the kitchen and di the very British thing to do in a time if upset or worry, he made tea.

It took over an hour of pacing before they got any news. A drained looking Severus came into the kitchen and was ushered into a chair by Harry who pressed a cup into his hand, which was gratefully accepted. "We managed to get him stable and things are looking very promising. But the boy is still very injured and from some of the spells we've cast we can tell he's been under some powerful hexes and curses. And we found traces of compulsion spells. He's sleeping now, you can see him tomorrow. Poppy is going to take him to the hospital wing, Luc's gone with them."

"Can't we see him now?" Ginny asked tearfully.

"Not tonight. He needs to rest. Arthur you can see him for a little while."

"Do you think Professor McGonagall will let us all stay tonight so we can be near him?" Arthur asked.

Ron might have done wrong in the past but he was still his son, and now it looked like he had little control over his actions.

"I'll Floo her now," Sirius offered heading for the fire.

Everyone apart from Harry, Severus and Dudley rushed away to pack some things either for themselves or for Dudley.

"I guess I get to see your school sooner than we thought. Was he a friend of yours?"

"Until recently we were best friends, we did everything together, including fight a war. But he changed recently, he started to act up and be horrible to everyone. But now he might have been forced to act like that it might not have been him that feed Hermione the potion," Harry started shaking.

Severus stood and wrapped his arms around Harry kissing him gently on the tip of the mess he called hair. "He well live Harry, we will do all in our power to make sure he lives and whoever did this is brought to justice," Severus promised.

Harry nodded. "I know, thank you Sev. I better clean this kitchen up I don't want Arthur to be worried about it."

Dudley leant forward eager to see Harry perform some magic. He'd never seen any before. Since he'd gotten here Luc and Arthur had made sure not to use any, as if they were scared to frighten him.

Harry cast some basic cleaning spells and in munities the kitchen was spotless and everything was in his place.

"That was very cool."

Harry snorted tiredly, "Magic is the coolest thing ever. I promise I'll show you some more when we're at school."

"I'd like that. I think your boyfriends sleeping."

They looked at Severus who was slumped in his seat snoring softly. "He's used a lot of magic in the past few days his core is probably depleted," Harry explained transfiguring the chair into a small cot and a hand towel into a soft blanket. "He should be fine after a good sleep."

"What about your core, is that depleting too?"

Harry shrugged, "I've used a lot of powerful magic over the years, I've been in battle and I've never come close to the end of my magic. But according to Poppy that just means I'm more powerful than most."

"I figured you were, all the stuff you did when you were a kid. I always wanted to be able to do magic tricks when I was younger, I really hated that you could do real magic," Dudley admitted. "I was so jealous, but then when that anti happiness thing attacked us, I realised that you were in danger all the time because you could do magic, and it didn't seem appealing anymore. But I can do some very cool card tricks."

Harry laughed, "I can't do anything with cards, and I probably couldn't even if I used real magic. I'll have to Floo back with him, its better that he sleeps to get back his energy. You can Floo in with one of the others if that's ok with you. Percy, perhaps."

"I would be happy to escort you to the school," Percy offered entering the kitchen.

"You better take good care of my cousin, come sit down, I have no clue what the others are doing," Harry made fresh tea for the three of them. "How are you getting on with the joke shop?"

"I'm working there part time, there's not enough office work to keep me busy full time, I'd be bored and god knows I can't think up pranks like my brothers can. I've transferred to a small department in the ministry. I'm actually going to be the only one working there from next week. But apparently we won't get a lot of work."

"What's the department?" Dudley asked, he never heard about a ministry where wizards work.

"Department of child services."

"Cool, I've been doing some work with children in school."

Harry looked surprised. "You have? I thought you were doing A-levels or something."

"That's what I wanted Dad to think, I took an apprenticeship style course. It has modules towards all sorts of child care and education for younger years."

"That's great. What will you do with it?" Harry asked. Percy leaned forward he was interested in how things were done in the Muggle world, they had nothing education wise in the wizarding world for children under 11, it was done at home by parents or family members.

"I don't know, I was thinking about teaching primary school. I don't want anyone to have to have the school life that we did, I got away with murder, and you were ignored. That kind of discrepancy just shouldn't happen. And what my parents did, no one ever bothered to check or help you, it shouldn't be that way."

Harry nodded. "If there's anything I can do to help, let me know."

"What do you mean what your parents did?" Percy asked his lack of tact born out of the fact someone he considered a brother appeared to have been hurt.

"They abused him," Dudley said not letting Harry deflect the question.

"I don't understand, why would anyone harm a child?"

"Because some people see nothing wrong with slapping or hitting a child, even starving them and beating them for minor or imagined offences," Dudley answered a hint of steal in his voice, he truly had grown up to see the wrongness of his home life. "And I'm not talking to discipline every child needs discipline, but not to the extent of bruising a child or making them flinch at the slightest noise."

"People don't do that do they?" Percy asked his face pale.

"They really do, it's more common than it should be."

"But not in our world."

"Percy I hate to be the one to tell you, but if you're going to work in child services you're going to be a life line for all the children in the wizarding world. Only today I met a young boy who had been left to fend for himself on the streets. He lived with other abandoned children begging for scraps. And you remember Neville don't you; he told me he was dropped out of a window when he was a child to see if he had magic."

"But that's not right," Percy wined

"No, it's not," Harry agreed.

"Don't you have a school for young kids?" Dudley asked incredulously.

"The first time our children go to formal school is when they go to Hogwarts."

Harry and Dudley both shook their heads. "But by doing that by the time they get to school they've already been taught whatever the parents think about many things and any grudges the parents have will carry though, and what about fairness, those who can teach, well their kids will do great but for the one's that can't, their kids will be held back."

Harry looked from Dudley to Percy; they were both so passionate about things they cared about. "When they put us in rooms back at Hogwarts, you two should room together, I bet between the two of you, you could come up with a plan. And if you're in charge of the department Percy, then it's going to be passed and you can enforce it."

Percy's face lit up. You could see ideas literally flying past the back of his eyes as he thought of things, looking at Dudley; he wore the exact same expression.

Finally everyone was ready and they Flooed back to the school, Arthur heading straight for the hospital wing and the others to their respective designated rooms for their stay. Harry came through last floating Severus with him.

"Shouldn't he go up to the hospital wing?" Minerva asked on seeing him.

Harry shook his head. "Can you imagine his reaction waking up there? He'd kill us."

"True enough, I'll open his private rooms for you."

"No need, I'll take him up to the tower."

Minerva looked uncomfortable, "I'm not sure of everyone else's reaction on seeing him come the morning."

"They were fine the other day after the race, I think I'll be in trouble if I ever hurt him."

They smiled together; lions were protective of their own.

Minerva reached out and tucked the different strands of colours from Harry's eyes. "You bonded with them." It wasn't a question.

"Yeah, it was really strange. Can I ask who your sibling is?" Harry asked looking directly at the different strand of colour in Minerva's own hair.

Minerva blushed, "He was in my year in school, we were best friends, we still spend a lot of time together, he lives in Hogsmead, in fact he's the mayor there. I'll introduce you one day."

"I'd like that; I'd better go, see you tomorrow."

Harry took Severus carefully up to the tower and settled him in bed, transfiguring his clothes into pyjamas before closing the hangings and climbing in beside him, wondering what tomorrow would bring.

He didn't know that tomorrow he would be woken by his dorm mates pulling back the hangings to find them both there.