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Chapter 21

Severus woke the next morning to the sound of sniggering. He mentally assessed his surroundings tried to figure out where he was before he opened his eyes. He felt warm and comfortable and for the most part safe. Just the incessant giggling was putting an ill ease in his mind.

"I've never thought that Severus Snape could be so cute or relaxed."

He recognised that voice. "Mr Longbottom if you wish to see another day I suggest you bugger off," Severus opened his eyes and watched the three boys drop the curtains and scatter, probably back to their own beds.

"Sorry I should have spelled the curtains not to open or something," Harry said from where he was resting on his chest. "Last night was just so manic I just needed to get you somewhere you could rest."

"Where did you put my wand?" Severus asked shifting onto his side so he could see Harry properly.

"Under the pillow."

Severus retrieved his wand and cast several privacy spells around the bed to save them from any further interruption. "I think you forgot something last night."

Harry looked confused. "I did?"

Severus lifted up Harry's hand so he could see the ring still on his finger.

Harry's face paled. "I left it in, oh god are you ok does it hurt, you're not supposed to leave them are you."

"Don't worry, if it were a Muggle toy then it might have caused me harm, but magical one's are spelled to be self-lubricating, I could leave one in for days and it would do no harm, apart from driving me insane with lust."

"Do you want me to take it out?" Harry asked shyly.

"Perhaps if we didn't have an audience outside waiting for us to emerge," Severus said reluctantly, the thought of Harry's hands over his body was intoxicating.

Harry blushed slightly. "Don't you need to, um, you know, go to the loo, or something?"

Severus cast another spell at his abdomen and then at Harry's. "There now we're both taken care of."

"I love magic," Harry beamed. "And that lot will already think we're doing, um, stuff, so you can't use that as an excuse."

Severus snorted. "You know a few days ago you were telling me you wanted to be alone before we did anything, now your encouraging me to do all sorts of naughty things while your dorm mates are on the other side of this thin peace of material," He teased his would be lover gently.

"I just wanted to help that's all," Harry said with all the innocence he could muster. Then he remembered the effect his use of crass language. "Today's going to be such a long hard day," he said emphasising the long and hard, grinning as Severus shifted his legs.

"What are you saying Harry?"

"I'm saying that one day soon, and that day is getting ever closer, I want you to fuck me, and I want to fuck you. But right now I want to bend you over so I can see that toy stretching you and I want to be the one to take it out and see your hole quivering and I want to see you cum again, you look so amazing when you cum."

Severus' eyes fluttered closed. "My god you're trying to kill me."

"No, I like you alive; I can't have a dead lover to teach me things like sucking cock."

Severus growled and in seconds Harry was pinned to the bed, Severus held both his hands in place above his head with one of his own and used the other was cupping Harry's face. "Tell me to stop," He pleaded. "Tell me now,"

"I trust you Severus and I don't want you to stop."

Severus covered Harry's mouth with his own and using his free hand pulled his own and Harry's pyjama trousers down to grasp his cock. Harry moaned, but not thinking it was right that he was getting all the pleasure, so he twisted his fingers so he could twist the ring still on his finger, the action made Severus buck his hips.

"God, do that again," Harry, begged.

Severus hips were bucking of their own accord driving both men wild with lust. "Harry, more. Fuck, more," Severus stuttered shifting his hand so he could grasp both their cocks together.

Harry twisted the ring again enjoying each and every noise that Severus made. "Sev'us, So Close, Fuck,"

Severus kissed his young lover drinking in each and every moan and noise he made, feeling the warm fluid cover his hand and knowing that he alone had done that to the younger man pushed him over the edge and he fell to the side panting. "Turn it off, please, too much."

Harry hurriedly twisted the ring off and took it off just to remove the temptation. He got unsteadily to his knees and pushed Severus to his front to take out the toy, oh he would be using that one again without doubt.

They lay together for a few minutes to get their breath back.

"That was amazing," Harry said snuggling to Severus' side wincing at the stickiness and wet patch.

"It was more than amazing, but I find I can't think of a more appropriate word."

Harry sniggered. "Aww did I break your vocabulary?" Harry teased.

"Brat," Severus countered, getting rid of the mess with a wave of his wand.

"We'd better get up," Harry said remorsefully, he'd like nothing better than to say in this bed all day with the man he loved.

"I suppose we must, would you be opposed to my using magic to get us ready? I'd rather not have to go through that pack of hyenas in my pyjamas."

Harry sniggered. "Sure, just don't dress me all in green."

Another flick of the wand and they were both perfectly groomed and dresses, Severus in his black robes and Harry in Jeans and a green jumper.

"Not bad, I might let you dress you more often."

"As long as I get to undress you too I can live with that," Severus leered leaning in for a kiss.

"Mmm, don't or I'll never want to get out of bed, and I have to go see Ron."

Severus opened the curtains and swung his legs out of the bed.

"Morning Professor," The boys said grinning at the pair of them.

"I like the new bed guys," Harry complemented; they had transfigured their three beds into one big enough for the three of them. It did mean there was enough room for an extra bed along with the bed area that was still set up for Harrison and Harry's own bed.

"You should make yours a bit bigger Harry. More room for manoeuvre," Shamus sniggered.

"Or you could come stay with me," Severus suggested. He was enjoying the fact that Harry's friends were treating him like Harry's boyfriend and not Harry's former teacher.

"Or I can do both," Harry grinned.

"Any fun plan's we can take photos of and blackmail you with?" Dean asked with a leer.

"Not sure yet, I have to go meet up with Draco and Hermione," Harry really didn't want to tell anyone about Ron yet, not until he was totally sure what was going on.

Seaming to scene his discomfort Severus glared at the three boys. "Don't you three have a potions assignment due tomorrow morning?"

They looked slightly scared, "Um, yeah, but it's done, we totally finished it. And it will be on your desk tomorrow when class starts," Neville stuttered, reaching with his foot to push his school bag under the bed.

Severus snorted. "Sure you have," He fiddled with his wand; a bag appeared at the bottom of Harry's bed. "Harry would you mind if I left that bag here, it has some books in it and I'd rather not lug them about."

Harry grinned at Severus realising he was trying to help his friends without actually doing the work for them. "Sure, I'm sure the guys will make sure nothing will happen to your books."

"Course we will, we're friends with Hermione, she would string us up by bits we like if we harmed a book."

"Then I will entrust you with them, you are responsible for whatever happens to them, no matter who does the damage. Come along then Harry; let's go find Hermione and Draco."

As soon as they closed the door they heard scrambling and arguing over who would open the bag, 'it might boobie trapped'

When they got to the hospital wing it was already crowded with people. All the Weasley's, Hermione, Draco, and Sirius were already there. Sirius even smirked at them as they entered before turning back to listen to Poppy.

"I've managed to repair all the nerve damage, the cuts were rather deep but easy enough to put right. What I'm more concerned with is the mental damage, it's going to be horrible for him to realise that all this damage has been inflicted by his own mother. Severus I have a sample of his blood I need you to identify the poison in there and find an antidote."

Severus wordlessly held out his hand for the vial of blood and quickly kissed Harry before leaving.

"Aww, who would have thought it, Severus Snape all in love and demonstrative," Sirius teased, making the group smile despite the seriousness of the situation.

"Sod off Siri, you do realise that he's gonna be like your brother in law if everything goes well right," Harry grinned.

"Huh?" Sirius said confused.

"Well, you want to marry my sister, and if I marry Severus then you and I and you and Severus will be brothers."

Sirius looked in equal parts mortified and thrilled.

"Why don't you all go and find something to do, you're not going to be able to do anything, I intend to keep Ron sedated until Severus finishes his analysis."

Lucius took Arthur's hand let him out of the room in silence, the rest of the family following too, Harry holding Draco and Hermione's hands. "Would you guys like to come down to the forest, I could introduce you to my herd, I think they'd like you."

"Sure, I'd love that,"

"Great, I can show you where I'm going to build my house," Harry said excited.

"Wait, build one. You mean like in the forest? You're going to live there? But you'll be away from us," Draco sounded so dejected at the end Harry couldn't resist hugging him.

"Don't worry Dragon, there's plenty of room for you guys to come and visit. Heck you're my brother and sister you could probably build a place of your own."

Draco stuttered in surprise.

"How about we go for breakfast and worry about life changing decisions afterwards," Hermione teased, taking their hands and pulling them towards the great hall.