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Chapter 24

Harry sat with Hermione and Draco when he got to class. He couldn't stop the smile that seemed to have taken permanent residence on his face.

"Someone's happy," Draco commented quietly.

"Someone probably got lucky," Hermione added from his other side.

Harry blushed up to the roots of his hair. "Shut up, I went to see Severus that's all."

"And how is Severus? Or didn't you get any talking done?" Draco continued to tease.

"He's fine," Harry responded shortly, this conversation was beyond embarrassing. "Can we just practice turning stuff into other stuff?"

"A fine way to describe my subject Mr Potter. Before you get back to your 'stuff' I would like a word outside."

Harry shared a look with his brother and sister before following the stern teacher out of the room.

Harry opened his mouth to as what was going on but a raised finger from Professor McGonagall stopped him. She waved her wand along the door. "To prevent unwanted audiences." She explained.

Harry grinned and cast Mufiato. "That one wards the conversation, just in case. Is something wrong Professor?"

"Not wrong really Mr Potter. However, I did need to talk to you urgently. As you are aware we've moved rapidly into December and in light of recent information I have come to a decision."

Harry waited, he knew eventually she'd get to the point.

"I spoke to the governors last night. I'm going to stand down as headmistress at the end of the school term."

To say Harry was confused was an understatement. "Um, Professor, no offence or anything, but why are you telling me?"

"Only the other day I got a letter to say you were going to take your potions exams early and via the ministry so you no longer had to be in a class with Severus. I assumed it was due to the budding relationship with him and not wanting for anyone to have a reason to cause either of you any problems."

Harry nodded, not sure where this was going.

"I thought so. Well when I step down, it will allow Severus to take his rightful place as Headmaster, when he does…"

"He'll be in a position of power again." Harry finished.


"Are you telling me to stay away from him?"

"I do try to only fight battles I think I can win Mr Potter," she smiled. "You can take as many exams early as you wish to, providing you think you can. I would give you a pack for each subject with the work you would need to do and the date of your exams. With a lot of hard work you could graduate by the beginning of next term on January 8th. You would be able to stay in the castle, especially as you have already gained a position here when you graduate. You can just has your staff rooms early, you couldn't stay in the common rooms as you would no longer be a student."

"That would be brilliant, thanks professor."

"I think you better start getting used to calling me Minerva."

Harry laughed delightedly, "Um, Minerva, I know for a fact at least three other people who will want to do this with me."

"I suppose you can have a family apartment for all of you. But, Mr Potter, you will be in charge of everything, structuring and lesson plans, ensuring they all get top marks."

"You have met Hermione and Draco right? Poor Ron doesn't stand a chance. There's one thing, what with the potions thing Ron and Hermione have been under…"

"They will be allowed to resubmit all work this year due to the circumstances."

"Fantastic. Ron will probably want to kill me with all the extra work but I think he'll prefer it really."

"Why don't you go and tell him. I will speak to Mr Malfoy and Miss Granger and send them along."

"Thanks Minerva. Wow, that's going to take some getting used to. You will stay won't you? Go back to being deputy head?"

"That will depend on Severus' wishes, he would have every right to ask me to leave considering I effectively stole his job."

"That's okay then, you'll stay, see you later." Harry ran off towards the infirmary leaving Minerva behind smiling softly after him.

"I hope you're right Harry. I would very much like to be here to see the two of you happy."