The moon lights her way while she's howlin' at him - Lady GaGa

I was wandering through a mist, so thick my gray eyes could barely see through it along with being in a dense, wooded forest. My pale blonde hair lay scattered around my slender shoulders, reaching just to my shoulder blades. I was dressed in a beautiful white cotton summer dress, white ballet flats adorned my feet. Why I was in this forest, I had no idea. But all I knew was that my heart was calling out to something, someone, and something was coming. Suddenly the mist separated and there stood a figure, looming inches above my own height but covered by darkness. The moon shown on the thick forest that refused to open up. I could feel my eyes blinking as if trying to clear away the darkness that shielded his face. Stepping closer to him I could feel my heart-beat pick up pace for unknown reasons. Then came a hauntingly sweet laugh as the figure moved to step out of the forest my breath caught in my throat. As I moved to step closer to view his features, if only the darkness would disappear just for a chance to see his face..