I feel like I just seen the sun for the first time
You make my life bright cause you shine ~ LMAFO

Michael's words reached my ears and I couldn't stop myself from inwardly cringing. A 'midnight stroll' was a nice way of putting a ribbon on the fact he planned on sucking my blood. Gross. Shifting my eyes down toward Derek I settled them on the scene unfolding before us all at the dinner table. Derek looked livid, his eyes darkened to a bottomless black and his beautifully sculpted hands formed powerful fists as he sat glaring: at me.

Taken back by the loath in his gaze I fought the urge to make an obscene gesture to him. What the hell had I done to him? Turning my attention back to Michael as my mind raced with thoughts of the gorgeous vampire about to rage at the end of the table. "Why, I thought you'd never ask." Biting my tongue as I shoved out the words I couldn't help a trace of my sarcasm showing. I'd just love to be gobbled up by a vampire with blood red eyes and very possibly no heart. Taking his arm that he offered I threw a glance to the end of the table once again to see that Derek's features had relaxed as he focused on a new object: a fierce red-head named Lauren.

Catching the sight of the woman practically throwing herself and Derek's acceptance of her moves sent me over the edge. Letting Michael lead me outside the dining hall and into the gardens I ignored the heavy scents coating the air as my mind fumed at Derek. First one minute I think he actually cares about me more than just a 'human' and the next he's accepting Lauren. Glaring at nothing in particular I simply walked alongside Michael as he pulled me among the rows and rows of hyacinths, roses, and other various flower arrangements in the Kings gardens. I hardly noticed when Michael pulled us to a stop before an aged oak tree. Leading me beneath its sheltering branches and settling himself on the grass I felt my own body drop next to his as gracefully as I could.

Shifting myself in the dress I stared out at nothing in particular, wondering exactly when the mauling was going to begin, after all, I didn't have all night. "You shouldn't fear me Ryali." Fighting back a snort I turned to face him and found he was staring intently at me. Yeah, eyeing up me like I was a meal really helped to make me believe him. "And why is that." Preferring to play the vague card I watched as another strange smile spread across his lips. "Because you are my key to success." Simply stated, like I would put all the pieces together. Narrowing my gaze at him I tried to figure out what game he wanted to play, and if it was one I wanted to join in on. "You dear girl, are a sort of asset for me, very valuable. We can help each other; I can help you get what you want."

Again I found myself fighting back a comment when he mentioned me being an asset. I'd heard that line before and it really, really had its drawbacks. Then something inside of me rose in beat once he mentioned he could help me get what I wanted. I hadn't even come to full terms with what I really wanted yet and there was no way Michael could've picked up on it already. "I need to know what the King is planning, and in return for the shared knowledge I will make Derek's death as painless as it can be." Shock rang through my slender body at his words. "The King tells me nothing, I can't help you."

"Oh yes you can, Derek has begun to bond with you dear girl and in due time, it will be hard for him to deny you anything. Just ask him to inform you of the Kings plans then report back to me and when the time comes to slaughter everyone, he can be virtually pain free." Gapping at Michael I felt my instincts reacting as my body rose swiftly from the ground and began backing away. "I may be a human, but if there's one thing I've learned about your treacherous race it's not to trust a single vampire. I will most certainly not be helping you." As I spoke I methodically kept moving backwards and began toeing off my high heels. Finishing my preaching to the vampire I flung myself around and began pushing my body to the limits in a race to reach the dinner party.

Dirt kicked up by my feet slammed into my legs and rocks painfully cut the bottoms of my feet but I ignored it as my mind focused on survival. My refusal would enrage the vampire and as I'd also learned, they weren't a very forgiving race. Barreling down the rows of flowers I cringed as Michael's laughed echoed behind me. I knew he could out run me but if I could just reach—

My thought process came to an abrupt halt as my body slammed into a brick wall. Gravity fought against me as my body was flung backwards but caught before smashing into the ground. Hands and powerful arms held me dangling before the ground and helped to right me. Dazed and confused I glanced up to see that the brick wall was actually a very dangerous looking vampire with lofty hair and smooth cheekbones. "Derek." The words left my lips in a rush as his eyes assessed me, obviously looking for damage. "Ry, are you okay? Did he hurt you what happened?" His tones were calm yet held certain urgency in them though he clearly saw that I was fine, for the moment.

"I'm fine just a little bruise. Michael is-"As I spoke to try and inform him of Michael's treachery and plans another, unpleasant voice joined us. "Oh Derek! What a nuisance this little girl is, really, running barefoot in the Kings' garden like a banshee? She certainly has absolutely no manners nor class!" Gritting my teeth and turning a harsh glance to the owner of the screechy voice I silently asked for patience. Lauren's retched voice continued on, even insulting me but I chose to ignore it and focused back on the important topic at hand. Lauren could have Derek later.

"We need to speak, alone." My words were clipped as I fought back frustration and anger. Glancing down I realized Derek's hands were firmly plastered onto my hips and I forcefully pulled myself from his grasp. "Meet me in my room in ten minutes." Keeping my words short so as not to begin screaming insults at Lauren and Derek I pushed past the duo and calmly opened the door into the dinner room, knowing full well all eyes tuned into me as I appeared.

Cringing as the room dropped all conversation I ignored all the vampires and few humans scattered around the tables and began limping towards the grand stair case as a presence filled my side. Craning my neck I saw a very welcome sight, Kat. A concerned look was on her gentle face as she gently grasped my arm and led me up the stairs to my room, not speaking or commenting until we were within the comforting walls of my chambers. "Ooch Ryali yer in a terrible state ye are!" Kat began to slam questions on me and I merely offered soft answers.

It felt like I was in a box, trapped. I had no escape from this place or the vampire; there was no hope for me especially here. I'd fooled myself into thinking I loved Derek which was impossible because I'd been unable to love anything since my parents' death. But I wasn't alone in the world. Attempting to ignore the heart-wrenching feeling in my stomach and chest as I persuaded myself that I indeed didn't love the gorgeous vampire I allowed Kat to place my battered feet in salted warm water.

Hissing and drawing in a breath Kat withdrew from my room as Derek entered the space.

His presence seemed to suffocate me as my heart jumped several beats and seemed to pick up a quicker pace. Watching him with guarded eyes the splay of emotions over his features were amazing. He looked pained, or worried. Before I could utter a word Derek was in front of me and his muscular arms snaking around my middle and crushing me to him. "Ryali.." His words filled the air in-between us that was heavily coated in static. "Ryali I, we-"Derek's words were spoken quickly as he released me but still grasped my middle before the wooden door opened again and an unwanted figure entered.

"Now now Derek dearest, don't toddle with a blood bank, more important matters are at hand." And then the magic was broken by a red-head with several alter egos. Glaring harshly at her I could barely halt my reaction to Lauren. "Lauren did you ever stop to think for a minute that the world doesn't revolve around you? Have you not realized the going on in your very environment?" Anger radiated through me as I took on a defensive stance as Derek's beautiful eyes widened at my outburst. Without notice a flash of red hair and a hundred pounds of severely angered was throwing itself at me with bared teeth.

My lilac eyes widened as Lauren crashed into me bumping Derek away and plunged her fangs deep into my neck. The world went black.

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