"Are you packed, Bella?" My loving mother mother-had reddish brownish hair and was 42 years old. I was going to Forks,Washington, a very rainy place. I was going to visit my dad who lived there. I lived in Mobile, Alabama, so basically I was very used to rain."Yeah!" I almost screamed. I hadn't seen my dad in almost two years!


Once we got to the airport we had to go through endless baggage check and that wasn't all! It was a very rainy day, so our flight was delayed! There was a huge crowd in the waiting area so before even more people could come, I jammed through the almost unbeatable bunch to go to the restroom so I could add very light pink lipstick to my near-chapped lips. While rushing through, my favorite pink tie-die scarf fell right from my neck. "Oh! Heres your scarf!"said the smoothest voice ever. "Umm, thanks," I muttered once I'd walked up to him, not yet looking."I dropped that. So-" I couldn't finish my sentence once I looked at his face, I was completely mesmerized. "Um, yeah, thanks, I'm Bella." Was what I managed to get out. When I was finally going to ask what his name was he, zoomed before my eyes into one of the seats. "Come sit over here." He said. He looked about my age so I figured,why not? The first thing I asked was "Whats your name". "Edward Cullen" He said "So, do you live here?" I asked him. He stared at me, so I looked away. "No, I live in Forks, Washington, you've probably never heard of it though, real small town." He finally said. "That's where I'm going!" I choked out. After about 2 hours of asking questions the entercom finally came on and said,"Flight 231 can now board." In unison we said "Thats me!" I walked over to my mom who was on the phone with her new boyfriend."I gotta go, babe. See you in a while."she said. "Oh, I'll miss you, Bella!" She blurted out loud, and gave me the biggest hug ever. I had to go so I quickly pecked her on the cheek and as I was dashing away I said, "Love you, Mom. I'll call you!" I met up with Edward again and asked if he knew how long the flight will be. "I'd say we'd get there about Twilight." He said. And before I knew it I was on the plane sitting next to him. He was quietly staring at me so I asked an attendant for a glass of water. I waited about 2 minutes until my ice filled cup of water was here. The blonde attendant smile and said, "That is one dollar."And before I could pull out my purse, Edward finally spoke up and said,"Oh, I'll pay for that." So he took out his leather wallet and handed her one dollar. She nodded her head as if to say thanks and left.