Edward didn't say anything to me on the way to my house. "What's wrong?" I asked, "Why aren't you talking to me?" He gasped and froze up."What is it?What's wrong?" I asked confused. Once we pulled into the dirt driveway a clay colored truck drove up in our driveway. "Dad,who's that?" I asked. "Billy Black." He said happily. Next, I saw Jacob Black and his long black hair. "Um. I have to go!" Edward frantically left. "I'll see you ton- ....at school, see ya Bella!" He smiled his dreamy crooked smile and ran down my street. "So. Do you like your birthday present?" My dad asked. "Huh?! Where?!" I needed to know. "It's right here." Dad pointed to the truck and I shook my head. "You don't like it?" Billy asked "No, that's not it, you- I- well- I can't- okay, you spent waaay to much!" I studdered miserably.


Tonight, after ordering a Papa John's Pizza for dinner, and eating two slices, I went upstairs and showered with my favorite scented shampoo and soap-mint. It took me about 10 minutes to shower considering that it's Fall, raining cats and dogs, and the shower felt so warm. Once I put on my grey jogging shorts and a pink tank-top I jumped into my bed hearing the springs squeak and flicked through the channels on my TV. "Ooh, here's something good to watch." I muttered to myself. I decided to watch music videos. It was 10:30 pm when I finished watching, so I decided to go to sleep. I know regular 17 year olds go to sleep around 1:00 in the morning but my first day of Forks High School was tomorrow. I finally fell asleep, but woke up around 3 am and saw a man in my room and was about to scream when he speedily ran over to me and shushed me. It was very dark so I couldn't see who it was so I turned on my lamp next to bed. It was Edward. "Hi." he whispered.