A/N: This takes place after the end of the series. I just wanted to give Leo a little love, since everyone is always making fun of him. Do your best, Leo!

The Best Day of Leo's Life

"Live from the Capital, here's "The Daily News Show of Chivalry" with me, Sir Leo!" Leo said in a voice that sounded suspiciously like a late-night television host's. He had a microphone, though how he got one remained unclear.

"What are you doing, Leo?" Pacifica asked as he approached her.

"I'm asking everyone this question: What makes a good knight?" Leo replied.

Pacifica thought for a moment. "I dunno. I guess a good knight would have to be someone who's not like you, Leo."

"What!?" Leo exclaimed

"I mean, you're clumsy and you barely know what you're doing," Pacifica explained. "And, you wear that Mr. Soupy costume way too much."

"Mr. Soupy is a classic!" Leo protested.

"No, he's weird!" Pacifica argued.

Raquel walked past. "Is anything wrong?" she asked.

"No, Miss Raquel," Leo said.

Raquel wasn't sure she believed him, considering that he currently looked like a deflated balloon.

"What do you think makes a good knight, Raquel?" Pacifica asked.

Raquel thought about it. "Hmm…I would think someone like Leo would make the best knight," she said.

Leo's face lit up. "Really, Miss Raquel?"

"Yes," she said. "You're very determined, and you always do your best. I think those are very good qualities for a knight."

"Hmm…" Pacifica murmurred. "I guess you're right, Raquel."

"Really, Miss Pacifica?" Leo asked.

"Yeah," Pacifica said.

"Yes! This is the happiest day of my life!" Leo exclaimed, running off to who-knows-where.

"What's he so excited about?" Pacifica asked.

Raquel smiled at her clueless sister. "Don't worry about it too much."

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