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The sounds of Mozart's Sonata in C cascaded throughout that stuffy room. Her beautiful voice hummed along quietly to the tune and her head seemed to sway a little as the smooth sound of the piano filled her ears.

"Beautiful," she mumbled to herself at the end of it all. Every time she heard it, since the first time she experienced the sound of that sonata at the age of four, her reaction to it was always: "Beautiful."

She herself was not playing it, though it would not be impossible.

Xaviera Matthews loves music. At three, she picked up her first instrument; a tiny viola that now was about the length of her wrist to her elbow. Whenever she hears the sound of a sweet melody, her mind seems relax and ease itself from the pains of the day.

Her profession wasn't much of a profession, more like a dream job. She made people smile and cry with the beautiful music she made at many venues and concert halls. Her name was known around the world; Xaviera Matthews: Instrumental Prodigy. She simply loved the feeling that playing instruments gave her; and how it felt to give that feeling to others.

Xaviera got up from her sofa in her large beach house in Santa Monica, California. She didn't really care that much for the state. There were too many flakes there. Almost everyone had some sort of extreme tan and unbelievably skinny "beach bodies". It all just seemed too fake. But, nonetheless, she was there, playing with the California Symphony Orchestra and many others in and out of the country. She was really here in this uncomfortable state because of the love of her life lived there.

The thirty year-old instrumentalist peered at the engagement ring on her finger. It was just so surreal. Never in her life did she imagine that she would be married. Not even when she was a little girl did she think she would be wearing a dress, walking down an aisle with the man of her dreams...or maybe her nightmares. She was a simple woman. It wouldn't kill her if she wasn't wearing a dress or drooling over a large cake. In fact, she had even suggested to her fiancé that they not have a wedding. It would be just her, him, a judge and his sister who would act as the witness. But, he wouldn't even consider it. He told her that she, like every other woman on the world, deserved to have a dream wedding with people around her that she loved. She didn't argue with him; it would be a lot more hell to go through because they both were the same in that they were very stubborn people. They both never backed down. Ever. But even acknowledging this, they didn't argue much. Even if they did argue they were always pointless, ridiculous arguments about whatever came to their minds.

"How is she even famous? She's a terrible actress!" Xaviera commented aloud one evening, watching an E! special.

"She's pretty. Beauty trumps skills in human minds, X," her fiancé replied to her as he dipped a spoon into his jar of strawberry jam.

"Well, it's ridiculous! I'm totally glad I wasn't hired just because of my looks." Xaviera complained and she was just about to let it drop until she heard a cough. It certainly wasn't her coughing.

"Getting a cold there, B?" she asked him. Her eyes were locked menacingly on his face.

"What're you talking about?"

"Do you think I was hired by all of these orchestras because of my looks? What? I don't have talent?" her eyebrow raised.

"N-no, no! Not at all, X. It's the exact opposite! Of course you need talent to be in an orchestra! You can't just fake your way through a concert." he replied defensively. Beyond Birthday was the type not to get flustered by girls. He was always his calm, collected self. Everyone woman applied except for Xaviera.

"The. Exact. Opposite?" she repeated, her eyes narrowing with each word, "So you're saying that my looks aren't even a little bit of a contributing factor?"

He hated when people were like this. His fiancé seldom was and that's another reason why he proposed to her. Maybe it was just that time of the month or something.

"Jesus X you-!"-BB sighed and started over-"No. You know I love it when you play an instrument of yours. It's one of the many reasons I fell for you. Another reason is because you are beautiful. That's why more than a quarter of the world loves you too. Those two reasons."

And that usually ended their "arguments". Either one became rational and said something the other couldn't dispute. They were both very intellectual people, seeing the world differently than others. They saw the big and the small picture. Both thought in and out of the box. Intellectual conversation and debates were not lost to them. When they were together, the only thing that entered their minds were each other. And it was good like that. Xaviera liked the feeling of them being the only two people on the Earth, even though they weren't.

Xaviera moved to the piano, checking her watch as she walked. It was 4:38. She couldn't believe she let time fly like that! She usually practiced from three to five and then seven to eight. With almost forty minutes wasted, she needed to hurry and get started. The white-blonde haired woman sat at the piano, her fingers gently curled. She inhaled softly, her eyes closed only to open to a Schumann piece that would be staring back. The England-born female was about to strike the first key when there was a ring of the bell on her door and a two quick knocks on the door. She immediately recognized that pattern and got up to answer. She completely forgot the Schumann piece that beckoned her to play. There was only one person who could make her completely forget about music.

"Hi, Beyond," she said once the door was open and the full view of her fiancé in his usual black t-shirt and blue jeans. She never questioned his choice in attire in a place where it was almost always in three digit weather. It just didn't seem important when he was around.

"Hello," he said, a smile forming on his lips, "may I come in? I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

For a second she wondered why he would say that. She hadn't played yet, he couldn't have heard anything. She didn't come charging at him like a banshee, or scream like a mandrake; like she usually did when someone interrupted her practicing. But then as she moved to the side to let Beyond Birthday in, she realized again just how observant and intelligent her fiancé of four months was. The stool in front of the piano was pushed out instead of being directly under the grand piano even she could tell, and the wooden pull-out casing that usually covered the keys was pushed inside the piano, leaving the keys visible.

"Ah, no," she said once she got over the initial amazement and shut the door, "I was...just about to finish."

"Don't lie X," he said after he took his shoes off and sat in his usual position on the sofa. He was slouched down and his legs were crossed out in front of him. His arms were crossed, rested on his chest, "I know your daily regimen. You practice from three to five and then seven to eight. You couldn't have just been finishing."

Xaviera huffed and added sarcastically, "What fun is a relationship if you can't lie to the person your with? You know me a little too well B. I don't ever remember telling you when and how long a practiced."

Beyond sighed. She'll figure out how he knew eventually.

"Anyway, I was wondering if you would like to spend the day with me. I'll go wherever you want to go," the raven haired man said to Xaviera, who was busy in her kitchen grabbing something from the fridge.

The skinny Englishwoman came back with a jar of strawberry jam and spoon. She handed it to her fiancé and sat next to him, a smile wide on her face. She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed as she reached for the remote and turned on the television. The intelligent man took the jam gratefully and began spooning it into his mouth, like he usually did. Xaviera didn't question that either. She had seen stranger.

"This is a surprise," she said, "Usually you hate the places I pick out."

"Yeah, but with your job I barely get to see you. I'd do anything just to spend a moment with you."

This was a shock to Xaviera's system. Beyond Birthday wasn't the type to show any affection towards anyone. Not even his own fiancé. The blonde-haired woman thought it a miracle that he had proposed to her months before this little surprise. (She was fully convinced that she would have to ask him herself.) Of course, she had always felt that he had felt something towards her. They wouldn't be where they were now if he didn't. But this was just...It almost made her question his motives.

"What's gotten into you? No offense my little Birthday present, but you don't usually act this...romantic," she asked him.

Xaviera looked at him after a few seconds of silence. His eyes were ones that you could not look into and immediately know what he was thinking. They never were. They almost always seemed empty, emotionless.

Beyond Birthday's appearance was one that only a mother could love. Xaviera would admit he did look creepy. It wasn't that he was ugly, not at all. He just seemed like something out of a horror movie. Like the stalking serial killer you'd see in crime shows like Criminal Minds. His hair looked like it hadn't been combed in weeks. The twenty-seven year old's eyes had large dark circles under them. He was obviously an insomniac. And that was all that really stood out.

"Fine," the blonde agreed finally, forgetting her questions about his behavior, "I want...to play chess with you."

Beyond raised his eyebrow, "Chess? I was thinking you were going to suggest a movie or something..."

"You beat me last time," she smiled, "I don't like to lose. I think I've started to figure you out. Besides, what better way to spend time with someone than trying to get into their head?"

"Hunh. Fine," he agreed and she lifted he head off of his shoulder.

And they played for a while. Both tried to anticipate the others moves, both learning something about each other's strategies along the way. In the end, Beyond Birthday won. Xaviera Matthews was certain that there were just some things she could not beat him at. Chess was one of them. She smiled after he breathed the word, "Checkmate."

The instrumental prodigy was reminded of her brother. He was the brilliant one of the two siblings. Every chance they had to play together, he would beat his elder sister at a good game of chess. A complete genius. He, like all geniuses, had his quirks. He, like her fiancé B.B, loved sweets; although, he was not limited to just jam. He ate everything that had any sort of sugar content. Cakes, cookies, and candies were all on his personal food pyramid. His posture was not the best and how he sat...oh, how he sat. Apparently, it contributed to his thought processes. Her brother had so many quirks.

Xaviera frowned. She did miss him. They didn't keep in contact that much. They both had their own professions. One was the world-famous Xaviera Matthews, one of the greatest instrumentalists to ever live. The other was now known as The World's Greatest Detective, Eraldo Coil, Deneuve, and L.

If anyone ever bothered to dig that deep into Xaviera's past, they would find that her last named had been changed when she was seventeen. Her old name, Xaviera Lawliet, had been changed to Xaviera Matthews at the beginning of her musical career.

The story of Xaviera Lawliet is just getting started...

It truly begins...

1 month later...

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