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" I woke uuuuuuuuuuuup" Ashley drawled from in her room down the hall. Magnus groggily hoisted herself out of bed and headed down to Ashley's room. And a good morning to you too, Ashley. When she got there Ashley was already playing with toys on the floor.

" You look satisfied, why did you wake me up?"

" I can't reach the Lucky Charms by myself."

" No Lucky Charms today."

" Why Mummy?"

" Because they make you hyper, and I am not in the mood right now."

" I love you Mummy."

" I love you to, but you still can't have any Lucky Charms."

That was the typical morning discussion for the Magnus girls. Honestly, the way Ashley moved on sugar, she could be used as a training exercise for new recruits. Huh. That wasn't a bad idea.

And so, she picked Ashley up and carried her to the kitchen where Big Guy was making breakfast.

" Morning." He grunted, and turned back to the stove, where something delicious smelling was wafting. Ashley pushed up the stool to see his lasted culinary creation and announced loudly,

" I don't want eggs."

" Well, you're going to eat them anyway."

" Only if I can put whipped cream on them. And sprinkles."

Magnus was to tired to argue.

" Fine, but get a glass of milk."

Ashley grimaced, but obligingly poured herself a glass of milk.

Soon she was happily eating her egg creation. Just looking at it made Magnus nauseous.

Henry shuffled in and made himself some Cheerios and orange juice. It was a surprisingly quiet morning, better then that time Ashley had figured out how to use her spoon as a catapult....

Ashley finished and quickly brought her dishes to the sink. Something was up, usually she had to force Ashley to clean up after herself.

" Ashley, don't you dare dump that milk out."

The glass had been poised over the edge of the sink.

" But Moooooom, milk tastes funny without chocolate!"

" No arguing young lady. Get back to this table and drink the milk immediately."

Henry snickered into his orange juice. Honestly, they could be so immature sometimes.

Ashley put the cup on the table and began to stare at it.

" Henry is drinking the milk from his cereal." Magnus said, trying anything to get Ashley to drink her milk

" Yeah, well Henry's a boob."

" Am not!"

"Are to!

" Ashley, please , just drink your milk."

" No."

She officially hated the 'fearsome fours.'

" Milk helps you grow big and strong." she wheedled

Ashley smirked before saying innocently.

" So I can shoot people like you Mummy?"

Ugh. The girl was smart, she had to give her that. Ashley had hit a nerve and she knew it.

" Fine. Want some fruit ?"

Ashley giggled, grabbed the entire container of raspberries and announced dramatically,

" I will now retire to my nickels, if you wish to reach me, do it there."

And she swept out of the room.

" It's quarters honey, not nickels."

" Same difference!" sounded from down the hall.

Magnus shook her head and took another sip of tea. Forget DNA tests, Ashley was definitely her kid.

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