Ah! A Goddess abandons her charge?!

"Sousuke?" groaned the blue haired women as she sat up in bed. A bed side lamp flicked on as she leaned over with an outstretched arm. "This is getting old."

"I'm sorry Kaname." Sousuke spoke through labored breaths. "It was another..."

"Nightmare. I know." Kaname Chidori spat. The bed creaked as she threw back the sheets. "You need to do something about all of this." She continued.

"I know." Sousuke whispered.

"What?" Kaname growled as she walked towards the bathroom.

"I know." the young soldier spoke louder. "I don't know what is wrong with me."

"Well find out." came the angry voice from the bathroom over the sound of liquids splashing together. "I'm tired of you acting so... weird. Weirder then usual."

Kaname and Sousuke had moved in together just after graduating from High School. Sousuke had recently been promoted to Staff Sergeant and Kaname was preparing to begin an internship to become an elementary school teacher.

The bed creaked again as Kaname snatched a handful of covers and wrapped herself up with her back turned to Sousuke. "I just think that if you can't get these problems under control... then maybe we need to rethink living together."

"I see." Sousuke replied with little trace of feeling in his voice. "Good night Kaname."

"Night." Kaname replied gruffly.

Without a sound, Sousuke lifted himself up from the bed. A smirk played across his lips as he looked down at the bunny slippers tucked under the bed next to his boots. The slippers had been a gift from Kaname. The smirk slowly turned into a grimace as he thought of all the pain he had been causing the one woman he ever loved.

The cell phone in his hand glowed with a sickly green in the darkness as he dialed the number that had been given to him by Mithril. "Mental Health" flashed across the small screen of the phone before "dialing" replaced it and the sound of a ringer began to emanate from the phone.

"Mithril Mental Health Institute." A friendly feminine voice spoke.

Sousuke hesitated before speaking "This is Staff Sergeant Sousuke Sagara."

"Yes sir?"

"I would like to make an appointment.... to see a specialist." He continued.

"Of course sir. I need to ask you a few questions first. Please try to answer as truthfully as possible." The voice continued.

"Affirmative." Sousuke replied.

"Are you having suicidal thoughts?"


"Have you had any suicidal thoughts within the past five years?"


"Are you thinking about harming yourself or someone else?"


"Will you please contact us or dial 911 if you do feel suicidal?"


"All right Sergeant. Your appointment is tomorrow at 1000 hours. We will be looking forward to seeing you."

"Thank you." Sousuke sighed before hanging up the phone.