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Section: 3/3

Doctors Are Patients, Too

By Jan J. (P.J.P.), Little Sister's Keepress

Chapter Three – Broken, Bears, and Birthdays

"So, Sam, did you manage to soothe Gentle Ben as yet?" the older brother asked.

Sam glanced at Dean who was cramming his mouth with potato chips.

"Did you buy those chips?" the younger inquired incredulously. A hurt expression suddenly crossed his face as he registered the other's question. "Hey, I liked the book Gentle Ben!"

"Got bag from kitchen," revealed Dean. "Of course, you did, geek. You practically cried while reading it."

"We're not here for a picnic, Dean!" Sam exclaimed, ignoring Dean's last comment.

"We're not here to save Teddy's soul by having philosophical discussions with lumps of fluff, but you don't see me complaining," countered Dean.

"Dean, I don't think I'm in the position to save anyone's soul," Sam mumbled. Brown locks barred hazel eyes from green.

"Oh, Sammy, come on," Dean pleaded. "I didn't mean it like that."

Sam refused to meet Dean's gaze. Silence suffocated the surrounding sounds.

"So what were you and the patient talking about when I knocked?" Dean plowed on.

"Birthdays," Sam murmured.

"I'm glad I wasn't part of that little chat," continued Dean. "'Cause you know my birthday is one big ole tragedy."

"You wish you were never born?" Sam choked out.

The shorter man reached out and punched Sam's shoulder lightly.

"No, man!" Dean reassured. "I'm like all of those poor people who were born on Boxing Day instead of Christmas."

"How can you compare National Pie Day to Christmas?" argued Sam.

"Bro, think of all those sweet pie fillings with those flaky, buttery crusts!" Dean drooled before resuming his lamentations. "To think I missed all those babies by one day. It's traumatic!"

"Maybe I should give you a moment alone," mused Sam aloud. "I'll return to Teddy."

"Hold on." Dean tugged on his little brother's sleeve. "I'm only going to give you another five minutes. No more than that. So say your farewell to Big Bear. Then, we are going to the well. Got it?"

"Yeah," Sam conceded.

Dean pulled Sam closer to peer into brown irises.



"I don't think teddy bears can truly have souls. Okay?"

Sam slowly exhaled. Dean's grip tightened.