Those very non-human claws inches from my neck, she hasn't pulled the covers back to know who I really am, but I already know her by her scent. I love her , I don't care what she is anymore ,I know now that nothing could change how I fell about her , but if she knew would she still fell the same about me ? That is the only question that haunts me is would she still love me if she knew the truth? I was going to tell her at our date yesterday, but I got scared and I didn't. She told me she would do anything for her family, is killing me part of that anything? … I'm afraid it might be. I close eyes tightly and think one last time the way her lips fell on mine, the silly way she pulls at her hair and the way she blushes when she says "Alexander I love you". Holding these thought and memories as close I can I wait my death by her hand? As the sheet is pulled back I think one last time" my sweet meus cattus {cat in Latin} ------ I love you" as I cry what I fear may be my last tear.

There is a legend; it states very clearly that shifter and vampires can't at any cost fall in love. It's a risk to the races and it will result in death of the both races. There is also a legend that states a female shifter. The leader of the shifters shall fall for the male leaders of the vampires. They, together shall open new doors between these races and break every law ever written. It is forbidden in both races to be with another because of the risk of which one shall be the result. The death of the races or the uprising of new life .If you fall in love with another from the other race, they kill you.

The question is how far would you go for true love?