Chapter Six

Prince POV:

This is embarrassing and amazing at the same time. One, she's never going to let me forget this and two, I haven't seen Ronni in a long time. I can just feel my face reddening, I smiled at her. She smiled a cute grin. Whoa, did I just say that?

"Oh! Prince, this is Emily and Keyna, but I call her Kiwi! Kiwi, Emily this is Prince Jackson!" She said. The one called Keyna was dark-skinned and black hair that ran down her back and she was very attractive, Emily has sort of a punk look, she has flaming red hair, and she wore all black leather.

"I wonder what Tori is doing. Have you talked to her since I left?" Ronni asked. I shook my head no. She looked rather disappointed.

"So, umm…Prince, you…wanna come…? To the umm…party" Keyna said awkwardly. Ronni's eyes were practically begging me to come.

"Sure, if its okay with you guys." I replied a little too quickly. Emily smirked. I got to say, that's the first time I've seen her show any emotion. Ronni beamed.

Ronni POV:

Woo-hoo! Prince is coming to the party. A little over excited there, sorry. I grabbed Prince's hand and a wave of electricity spread through my body, whoa. I shrugged it off and led him into the club. Music was blaring and it was crowded with dancing people. We sat down on a couch in a corner.

"Where's Paris and Blanket?" I asked.

"There still in California" Prince said. I nodded. After a while of simple chatter I noticed that I seemed unusually nervous and fidgety. Prince didn't seem to notice so that was good.

"Sorry, about before…"He said, his face turning ten shades of red. I chuckled.

"It's fine! I'm only going to hold it over you for the rest of your life." I said bluntly cheerful. Then, he started to look at me warmly, a little too warmly. I looked down at the floor. He started to lean in and his eyes closed. In a panic, I said "I'm thirsty" and I stood up. "Be right back." I walked over to the bartender.

I sighed. "Can I have some pepsi or something?" I asked him. The bartender got me the drink.

Prince POV:

I sighed. I think I messed up… What came over me? Gahh stupid teenage hormones! Well, in my defense she is very beautiful, yes that's true but she's just your friend. What do I do? I'll just tell her I have to go…if I knew where I was…

"Ronni! I have to get to my hotel, and I don't know where I am…"I told her. She looked at me suspiciously and nodded.

"I'll help you, what's your hotel?" She said still unconvinced.

"The, uh, Hampton." I said. She nodded and we took a taxi to my hotel. Ronni looked at me.

"How long will you be staying in New York?" She asked. I thought for a while.

"Umm…maybe 3 weeks." I told her. I didn't mean to do this but I grabbed her at the waist and I pressed my lips against hers gently. All the noises around were mute and I could hear nothing but her steady heart beat. I was pulled out of my bliss when she yanked away.

"Bye, Prince!" She exclaimed and she got back into the taxi. They drove away and they disappeared into the crowd of cars.

I chuckled to myself and I walked into my hotel room.