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EagleGirl12 suggested a chapter in Unspoken Conversations where Alice and Jasper were playing chess. I might still do a silent version of chess between them but at the moment I wanted to write this.


"Okay," Jasper said as he placed his last black pawn down on the white square. "You understand all the rules?" he asked as looked at Alice sitting across from him on the floor.

Alice nodded her head eagerly with a smile as she bounced her knees in excitement.

"Okay," he nodded then gestured for her to make the first move. "White goes first."

Alice pursed her lips as her brow furrowed while her eyes darted all over the board. After examining it she reached out and let her hand flutter over the line of pawns careful to not touch any. She moved her hand back and forth several times before seemingly plucking one at random and moving it two spaces forward.

Jasper did not hesitate as he picked up the knight on his right and moved it forward two squares and one to his left.

Alice pursed her lips again and picked up her knight mirroring his movement.

As the game progressed Jasper had a pile of white pieces by him on the table while Alice only had a few pawns.

"Why are you being so mean to me," Alice pouted as she folded her arms across her chest.

"I'm not being mean," Jasper said sounding genuinely confused as he took her bishop off the board and place it on the table.

"You're taking all my pieces," Alice huffed as she flung her arm across the table at the cluster of white chess pieces.

"That's the point of the game," he said slowly.

"I know but you should be letting me win."

Jasper's brows furred as he cocked his head to the side only becoming more confused as the conversation continued. "What?"

"You're supposed to let me win," Alice stated as if it was common knowledge.

"Why?" Jasper asked as he still struggled to follow her train of thought.

"Because a gentleman would let his wife win."

"You're never going to learn if I let you win." Alice snorted at this then her eyes glossed over causing Jasper to look at her sternly. "That's cheating," he accused her.

Alice blinked her eyes a few times then grabbed her last rook and slid it across the board. "That's funny, I don't remember there being anything in the rules about looking in to the future," she said with a smug smile.

Jasper sighed in defeat and moved his queen back four spaces.

Visions moved past Alice's eyes before she reached out and grabbed one of her knights. "Tell you what, loser gets a kiss."

Jasper perked up as his eyes quickly scanned the board then settled back on his king. He reached out and pushed the king over fighting to hold back his smile "I concede; you win."

"Wow this game isn't that hard," Alice said looking very pleased with herself.

Jasper chuckled as he leaned across the board "I do believe I was promised a kiss."

Alice smiled as she leaned in and quickly pecked him on the cheek. She barely brushed his cheek feeling more like wind had blown on his face, than her lips on his skin.

"That was not a kiss," Jasper growled playfully.

Alice grinned impishly and threw him a wink before bolting out of the room. Jasper jumped up to follow her causing the chess board to slide across the floor and the pieces to scatter. But Jasper paid it no mind as all his attention was focused on his wife, who had disappeared upstairs.