Hi, everyone.

Yeah, I hate these notes too but I thought it best to say something. I won't be continuing with this fic anymore. Why? Well, several reasons. One, obviously, is that the real Book 5 is out now and I wouldn't feel comfortable writing a story with a completely different plot where Sirius is still alive. Another is the fact that I have left it very late to update. The main reason for this was GCSEs and they're over now but the book is still out.

It is a pity. I had a lot of great ideas in the works and I was really looking forward to writing the last few chapters (there was something really spectacular coming) but there would have been at least eight chapters before then and I don't think I would have had the patience to write those as well.

I know I promised I would finish the fic but that was before the release date for OotP was confirmed. I'm truly sorry to anyone who was really following this and I want to thank all c200 of my reviewers.

BUT, do not despair. I've had a great idea for a Book 6 and I'm already jumping with the chance to write it. The tone of the books has now changed but I want to try and do them justice and I've had a true brainwave. I suspect that quite a few ideas from this fic will migrate into that one so don't worry too much. I might, in the future (mind you, a *long* way into the future) write an entire AU series where this fic will feature but that's about bottom of my list of things to write right now.

So goodbye for now. I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did whilst it lasted. Thanks to all reviewers again. Look out for Book 6 in the near future (with better writing-I'm cringing looking at the opening chapters of this one. Please don't read them!)

Luv baasheep xx