Authors Note: SPOILERS for all of Glee (through Sectionals) and the ENTIRE Harry Potter series. But I figure you all have probably figured that out by now. :) Still, mentioning it to be better safe than sorry.

Whoa, they're at the beginning this time. A quick note, before we dive in. Timeline-wise, this takes place early in Artie and Tina's junior year, right before the release of the first half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Pre-established relationship fic. It's fluffy, a little cracky, and it should be fun. If only for the massive amounts of geeking out involved. ;)


It starts off as a simple idea. The first part of the last Harry Potter movie is going to be released in a week. Artie suggests watching one movie a day at his house after school, "to sufficiently prepare us for the beginning of the end." I agree, because it sounds like fun.

We waste no time racing to his house after Glee.

"Is the coast clear?" I whisper in an overly-exaggerated fashion, my eyes scanning around the house quickly, checking every nook and cranny for signs of its other inhabitants. Artie laughs at my antics before giving me a thumbs-up sign.

"Good," I say. "If you're going to make me watch these movies, I don't need everyone else making fun of me."

"I just said I couldn't believe you hadn't seen any of the movies yet, Tee." Artie's giving me that mischievous smile, the one that lets me know in a second he's not finished yet.

"You said, and I quote: Tee! You haven't seen the Harry Potter movies yet? That's sacrilege." I roll my eyes at him, even as he's pulling out the first movie from the DVD stand.

He wags the case at me in a scolding manner. "I said that you couldn't see the seventh movie until you've seen the rest of them."

I just shake my head and comfortably flop on the sofa, grabbing the remote control. "I've read the books! I liked the books. It's not like I'm living under a rock, Artie."

"Think fast." Artie grins at me before he tosses the DVD case in my direction.

I catch it and grin back at him, even as I'm studying the DVD cover. "You're in charge of popcorn."

"What am I, your waiter now?"

"I agree to spend …how long is this movie anyway?" I stare at the cover, converting the minutes into hours in my head. "Two and a half hours watching this movie with you. Times seven. Over a week. You can make the popcorn."

"Fine." Artie tries to look annoyed, but he's smiling at me. He's laughing under his breath as he wheels himself into the kitchen to get popcorn.

"And soda! Bring soda too!" I yell absent-mindedly over my shoulder in the direction of the kitchen. He yells back something about "only having one lap to carry it all on" but I can't quite hear because I'm fighting with the DVD player, trying to get the menu screen to appear. It takes longer than I want to admit it to (technology and I really don't get along very well), but before long it's set up and I'm wandering back into the kitchen to give Artie a hand.

"Did the DVD player defeat you again this time?" greets Artie, even as he's staring at the microwave.

"…almost," I say, under my breath. I stick my tongue out at his back when he starts laughing at me, then, feeling completely at home, I rummage through the Abrams' fridge until I come up with two cans of soda.

Artie's busy pouring the popcorn into a big bowl when I close the fridge door and turn around toward him. "That's a lot of popcorn," I say, slightly impressed.

"You did say I owed you, and I always repay my debts."

"At least you didn't burn it this time."

Artie's glaring at me, albeit playfully. "That was one time, Tee!"

"One time last week. Two times the week before that, and three times last month."

"You're keeping count of how many times I burn the popcorn?" Artie raises an eyebrow at me, amused. "And here I thought I was the nerd."

I just reach over silently to grab glasses and ice for the soda before heading back to the living room. Artie rolls in behind me a few minutes later and I let him settle in on the sofa first, because I'm planning to watch the movie while using him as a pillow. (I'm not sure he realizes that yet.)

Once he's comfortable, I settle in on my side, letting my head rest in his lap. If Artie minds this, he's not saying anything about it. I feel his arm rest on my shoulder as the movie begins.

"How did I know you'd be doing that, Tee?"

"Because I'm getting predictable?"

"You? Maybe."

I reach up to squeeze the hand resting on my shoulder playfully before settling down to watch the movie. The orchestration is really, really pretty, and soon I find myself quietly entranced in the visuals.

I look up twenty minutes later to see Artie staring down at me. "Um, do I have something on my face?"

Artie chuckles. "I knew you'd like the movie."

"How do you know I like the movie?"

"Well for one, you're quiet." Artie smiles down at me. "I know you're usually quiet, but not with me and never during movies. And two, you haven't moved an inch, except to take popcorn. Normally you're all over the place."

"You mean normally I'm all over you." I smirk mischievously up at him, and the smile grows wider when I notice he's turning red.

"I don't mind that," he finally stammers out, and I blink and quickly reach up to kiss his cheek before turning back to the movie as I'm starting to turn pink.

Ten minutes after that exchange, Artie's rubbing his arm up and down my bare shoulder. I'm wearing a tank top today, and he seems to appreciate my decision. I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing before refocusing my attention back to Harry's first meeting with Ron on the screen.

The first flying lesson has me sitting upright for the first time all afternoon. I'm leaning out, staring at the screen, trying to take in the visual and study every last brilliant detail. Artie, who had moved his hand to rest on my hip, just under the hem of my shirt, nearly gets hit by my head because I'm moving so fast.

"Everything all right?" Artie's voice is concerned, but I pay it no mind, because I'm so entranced in the movie.

"It's so pretty," I breathe, letting the rest of the lesson wash over me visually. When the scene is over, I'm half tempted to tell Artie to rewind the film so I can watch it again. (Maybe later.) Instead, I settle my head comfortably back in Artie's lap, and his hand comes back to rest on the bare skin revealed by my tank top. Because it feels good, I resist the urge to comment on it (although I can feel myself blush a little bit as I force my eyes to stay firmly affixed on the screen.)

We remain like that for the rest of the movie, although Artie's hand does slowly inch up along my hip until it's resting along my ribcage. That is, until the movie's climax, featuring the infamous maze of puzzles and traps and other generally unpleasant things. I'm moving upright again so I can watch more closely, but this time I remember to move Artie's hand before I almost give him a black eye again.

Artie chuckles indulgently as I remain sitting up, intently absorbing the rest of the film. When it's finally over, I start humming along to the orchestration as the credits roll. Leaning back against his chest, I move my head back so I'm grinning happily at him.

"So, you liked the movie?" Artie's smiling down at me, looking completely amused. (He already knows the answer.)

Instead of answering, I twist myself around to give him a gentle kiss. When we part, I gently poke him in the chest and grin. "Can we watch the flying part again? You know, when they're first learning to use the broomsticks."

Artie lifts one of his hands and wraps it comfortably in my hair before reaching for the remote. "If you let me watch the DVD extras."

"Not the included documentaries," I say. "I liked the movie, but I can think of more interesting ways to spend the next two and a half hours instead of watching those."

"We could get started on the second movie, Tee."

"I said more interesting ways."

"Like—" Before Artie can finish his sentence, I'm leaning forward to give him another kiss. (This one isn't gentle.) When I pull away, feeling proud of myself, Artie's looking a little dazed.


Before his brain cells can restart, I've swiftly taken hold of the remote control and am re-watching my favorite scene in the movie. When it's over, I smirk and rewind it to watch one more time.

"There was an ulterior motive." Artie's tone is dry, but he's still got one of his hands wrapped up in my hair, so I'm really not too bothered by his sarcasm in the slightest.

"Okay, now we can watch some of your precious special features now," I say with a grin as I hand the remote back over to him. I lean back again comfortably against his chest as we settle in to watch behind-the-scenes featurettes for a little while.

When they're over, a contented silence settles over us. Artie's hand is now massaging my scalp as he plays with my hair, and it feels really, really good.

"I'm glad you liked the movie." Artie breaks the silence, his voice quiet and thoughtful. I'm taken aback slightly by the seriousness in is tone.

"Of course I liked the movie. We have really similar tastes in movies. Besides, what's not to like about magic and mayhem?" I reach out to take his free hand and squeeze it between my own hands. "Were you really worried I was going to hate it? Because you've mentioned this like three times already."

"No," admits Artie. "But it was kinda cute watching you get all into the flying scenes and stuff. Have you always wanted to fly?"

I shrug against his chest. His scalp massage is making it hard for me to think. "It was pretty. I like pretty. Don't call me cute."

"Tee, it was cute." Artie laughs softly and leans down to kiss the top of my head. "So, looking forward to movie two tomorrow?"

"Maybe," I mumble this with my eyes closed, because his hands in my hair is now getting to absurdly distracting levels. "Can't think right now."

Artie laughs a lot more loudly now. "Oh, so the infallible Tina Cohen-Chang apparently goes weak in the knees when someone plays with her hair. I'll have to keep this in mind."

I sigh, utterly content. "I should be worried, but right now, I really don't care."

Artie smirks this time. "Call it payback for your little remote stealing prank from earlier."

"Like you were complaining."

"And you're complaining right now, Tee?"

I laugh and shake my head. "Nope, definitely not." Under my breath, I mutter something about him really liking my hair. He must have heard it, because he immediately pulls his hand out of my hair.

I make a discontented sound in the back of my throat, but then he moves his hands to the sides of my face. I smile at the contact, and twist myself around in his lap so he can kiss me.

When he pulls away, he lets his forehead rest on mine, and our quiet breathing is the only sound in the room. It's sweet, and kind of romantic.

"Can I watch one of the behind the scenes documentaries now, Tee?"

I groan and laugh hysterically as I pull away settle in next to him. "You're impossible, Artie."

Artie winks at me and grabs my hands before I move too far away. "I was kidding." He pulls me into a hug, resting his hands on my hips before reaching over to kiss me again. I'm smiling against his mouth, still laughing at his joke before I happily return the gesture. That shuts the both of us up for a little while, and trust me, there are no complaints on either side.

And yes, later we did watch the documentaries together. (They were pretty interesting, but I'm not going to tell Artie that.)