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Prison, Rescue and Life

Chapter 1

Toph was lucky in a way. Her small cage had one wall on the outer part of the prison, which meant that her cell had a very tiny, barred window in the top right hand corner. This meant that during the day she could feel the temperature rise and then fall during the night, semi giving her the ability to count days. So far she had counted the days of her imprisonment to be around 82, but there could have been up to a week more or less from when she was ever taken to a cell where there was no window and she couldn't tell the difference between day and night.

Her cell was made of wood of course; the people who had brought her hear had known that she could use both earth and metal to see. Whenever she was being taken to another part of the prison, guards would tie her hands and feet and carry her, one to stop her from seeing and two because she couldn't walk now anyway. The reason for this was that some time ago they had inserted little splinters of wood into her feet and hands. It had hurt terribly at first but she had learnt to block out most of the pain now.

She was in her wooden cell now. She knew it was night because her skin had goose bumps from the cold and the air smelt different from when it did during the day, slightly fresher. Sleeping didn't come easy to her these days, though she wished that it would. Toph sat in one corner of the cell with her legs out straight and her back against the wall, even though it hurt it was the most comfortable position she could find.

To pass time Toph was going over the events that had happened after they had defeated the Fire Lord. About a year after Zuko had become the new ruler of the fire nation he and Mai had married, the party after the wedding had been one of the biggest Toph had ever attended. Around the same time Sokka and Suki had split up but they where still friends. Then two years after that, just before Toph's capture, Aang and Katara announced their engagement. She had been surprised that it had taken Aang that long to propose, but at least he had gotten there eventually.

Toph was on her way to a shipping dock, to board a boat that would take her to the southern water tribe for their wedding, when she was captured. She didn't really remember much of it, only that she had been hit hard in the back of the head by some sort of flying missile, and then she had lost consciousness. Toph had woken up in this wooden cell with a male voice telling her that she was in The Boiling Rock prison. Toph found out a little later on that that voice had belonged to the warden. She hated that man; he was the one who had ordered her capture.

Toph didn't really know why the warden had ordered her to be captured; she only knew that he was one of the 'rebels' who opposed Lord Zuko and his new way of ruling. He came into her cell almost every day, always asking her questions about the Fire Nation. Asking for information she didn't have. When she wouldn't tell him anything he would order for her to be taken to one of the 'chambers' where they would do things like put splinters of wood in her feet, to try and get her to talk.

She stopped her remembering then, not wanting to recall what they did to her in there. So she pulled herself out of her memories and concentrated on her breathing instead. Taking deep breaths in through her mouth and letting the air slowly out of her nose and for the first time in days she managed to fall into a fitful sleep.

Toph awoke to an annoying scraping noise in her head. She sat herself up and tried to locate where the noise was coming from. After a few minutes she worked out that it was coming from the little barred window. Listening closely, Toph realized that someone was cutting at the bars. She tried to call out to them, but her mouth and throat where so dry that she could not find her voice. So she shuffled away from the wall where the window was, afraid of getting hurt and waited to see what would happen. After what seemed to her like hours she heard the frame of the window being removed and then the sound of wood being cut. Toph guessed that whoever this person was, they where trying to make a hole big enough to get in. She wasn't sure if she liked this or not. On one hand it could be someone trying to rescue her and on the other hand this might be some crazy new way of getting her to talk.

At least if it was someone trying to rescue her they wouldn't be heard by the guards. They had been coming past her cell less and less these days. When she had first arrived, Toph had been under permanent guard, but they had slowly realized that she wasn't much of a threat anymore. I mean she couldn't even walk now. But if her day count was right then the next guard would not come by her cell until tomorrow night, when she would be given a piece of stale bread and a jug of dirty water.

After a time, the sawing of wood stopped. It was quiet for a few minutes. Toph shifted when she felt the thud of someone landing on the ground across from where she was sitting. She stayed still as the figure moved closer to her. She put her arms up in front of her face in an effort to protect herself. The person grabbed Toph's shoulders and whispered.

"Toph, are you alright?"

"Sokka?" Toph managed to croak.

Well there you go, hope you liked it. Sorry it's not that long really.