Chapter 19

Emiko: Hey all the World! Welcome to the (in eerie voice) 3rd dimension . . . . I kid I kid this is the 4th Dimension. Yes the (in eerie voice) 4th Dimension . . . any way

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Chapter 19

"Seriously where are we," Amu repeated.

"Sleeping Beauty Dream." Ami and Amu turned around, A tall beautiful lady with blond hair and her eyes closed, "Come find me and compete your purposed and you will be released."

"But where are we." Ami took a step closer.

"You of all people should know Hinamori Ami-Champion"

"What you mean Champion?" Ami took another step forward.

"Find Me, Find Sleeping Beauty and Don't forget to DREAM!" The fair maiden faded into the air.

"What." Amu said, "Before we fainted, You said Sleeping Beauty Dream! This is your attack!"

"No way I bet its a mix of the light and the key."

"Key? What Key!"

"Oh Crap."


Tadase stood over Amu, he watched her intently. That's when Ami's phone went off.

Tadase looked at it, it had d roped on the floor (which was weird sense Ami was still in transformation mode) he then picked it up.


"IF YOU KIDNAPPED MY FRIEND I'M GOING HUNT YOU DOWN!" a voice screeched on the other end.

"Whoa Erica -san?"

"How do you know my name?"

"Your Ami's friend the one with the Chara Nikki, I'm Hotori Tadase-san"

"OH! Amu-chan's boyfriend"

Tadase blushed, "Uh kind of."

"Where's Ami?"

Tadase sighed, "You better come too."

When everyone had gathered at the Tsukasa house, later that afternoon.

"Hey guys, well this is hard to explain so just fellow me." Tadase lead everyone to the house and in to a backroom.

"Amu-chan!" cried Rima and Yaya.

"and Ami-chan?" Kukai said, "What happened!"

Nagihiko took Rima's hand, as Kukai took Utau's. Tadase garbed a hold of Amu's hand a squeezed it.

"HEY! What about Ami-chan!" Erica called she was anger and in character change. "What about her? Whats going on? SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON!"

Everyone took a step back.

With a small pop Erica changed back. "OH sorry I'm just so worked up, but why are they sleeping?"

Tadase sighed as Amakawa walked in.

"Welcome to my humble abode everyone. Now lets get started. I found the girl at the observatory late last night, Ami with the key (which we can't get off her) and in chara-nair and Amu as well as a boy we fond there garbing her hand as well."

"A boy?" Erica said, she felt her heart sank.

"Yeah his over here." Tadase pulled back a sheet revealing the boy.

The young boys body lay still lmost like he was die, Erica had seen him before she couldn't remember where though. As Erica ponder, the boy started to shack violently. Everyone jumped.

"Whats going on!"

"Is it an asininity attack or a seizure?"

'I don't think you can get thoughts in your sleep!"

"What should we do Amakawa-san!"

"I think we hold his head?"


Erica garbed the boys head.

"Now move any thing a way form him!"

The rest of the group started move chairs and any other object way form the boy.

It was a few more seconds of tense silence before the boy stopped. And as he did a small prick appeared on his figure and a tiny little drop of blood came out.

"Looks like he pricked his finger."

Everyone turned around.

Ami had sat up.